TREKLOS Grapple Systems

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Supplier Newsline

Wood-Mizer ManagerThis grapple system is designed to utilize the maneuverability and functions of an excavator, (whether it’s a large or mini) to easily handle trees, brush, boulders, logs or any other hard to handle item.

The engineers at TREKLOS have developed a mechanical rotator that is designed to give the operator full 360 degree grapple rotation control without a traditional hydraulic rotator. That means you only need 1 hydraulic circuit, (such as the thumb circuit, choosing either the thumb or the grapple) to operate the open and close of the grapple and keep the full functional use of the thumb, using the heel bar rake for the thumbs gripping surface for items that are to big or awkward to grab with the grapple.

This system uses a separate mounting plate that’s designed to fit any of the multitude of excavators on the market then bolts into place on the grapple body.

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Gem Chain Bar Focused on Innovation

Gem Chain Bar Focused on Innovation

Gem Chain Bar supplies global customers with harvester bars, replacement tips, sprockets, chain, and chain loops. The company is based in Grangeville, which is located in the lower half of the Idaho panhandle, just below the southeast corner of the Nez Perce Reservation. Gem Chain Bar employs 30 people working in two buildings with about 10,000 square feet under roof. Annual sales are in the range of multi-millions.

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