September October, 2004





  North to Alaska
- Spotted owl concerns caused sawmilling family the Dahlstroms to move north to Alaska, where they have set a large/small log mill that has thrived.

  Bush Rally Highlight at ALC Annual Meeting
  Mulching toward Healthier Forests
Rotary disc mulchers used to decrease fires and improve habitat
 2004 Annual Feller-Buncher Specification Chart
-  In This year's Feller-Buncher Specification Chart you'll find basic specification on over 70 swing to tree machines
  Tire Data Fuels Savings
- Everett Fuel & Lumber Distributors uses Good year tracking system to save dollars
The Urban Timber Crusade
-Pacific Coast Lumber is just one example of sawmill owners cashing in on waste wood
Innovation Keeps Erickson Air-Crane Flying High
It's cut-to-length from the air
 GUEST COLUMNIST: Workers' Comp Premium Rate directly Tied to Injuries/Claims
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