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New Products

Wireless Winch Controller
Push Button Systems has announced the availability of Winch Chief™ – a wireless control system for winches installed on skidders or other forest equipment. It was developed as a result of several studies by forest research organizations that reported significant improvements in productivity during harvesting operations when using remote control technology. Winch Chief works with all makes and models of forestry winches, all dual drum winches and three point hitch winches. The unit consists of a light weight and compact, yet rugged, hand held unit, which the operator uses to transmit signals to control the winch through a receiver located in the skidder or bulldozer cab. Benefits include less fatigue due to reduced trips on-andoff the vehicle, the ability to maintain safe distance from a load, and greater visibility of the hitch as it moves through the stand, less residual tree damage, greatly reduced mineral soil exposure, as well as increased access to areas near wetlands and bodies of water. For further information, contact Steven J. Beeferman at (404) 255-7175 or [email protected].

New Hydro-Ax Feller Buncher
The Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division of Blount Inc. has introduced the newest feller buncher in the Hydro-Ax line, the Hydro-Ax 470. The 470 is packaged with a new Hydro-Ax 20" high capacity saw for optimum productivity in softwood thinning on pine plantations. The Hydro-Ax 470 tractor has a new hydraulic system that runs accumulating arm, lift, tilt, and steering functions simultaneously. The roller bearing center joint is a rugged design that improves wear life and enhances reliability. Visibility is exceptional with a wide view curved windshield and large skylight, allowing the operator to see the full tree from stump to treetop. The design of the felling head also provides good see-through visibility. The new Hydro-Ax 20HC saw has a compact design for tight thinning stands and the capability of bunching 6 sq. ft. of wood. The saw’s pocket design allows for bundles to be held tightly, keeping stems straight. To locate your dealer or for more information, log onto

Deere 753G / 753GL
John Deere announces their new 753G / 753GL tracked feller bunchers and harvesters, excellent for regeneration felling, selective cuts or thinnings. The 753G / 753GL get into tight places with near-zero tailswing and 360-degree continuous rotation with no swing stops and no unwinding. The new Deere 6081H turbocharged diesel engine has the high torque and solid power through the entire working range to improve production in any operation. Tier II emissions certified, the engine puts out a mighty 241 horsepower with 907 lb-ft of torque @ 1,400 rpm. The 753G / 753GL have a heavy-duty, one-piece forestry undercarriage frame. They also have a full 30-inch ground clearance, and the open center of the carbody keeps the units moving in deep snow and on soft ground without losing traction. They feature box construction on the boom and arm for more strength and longer life, with specialized geometry for maximum cutting sweep. Large, tinted polycarbonate windows, including a sliding rear window with insect screen, provide visibility to the head and the treetops. The 753GL's ShiftTilt leveling system shifts the turntable mount (along with the center of gravity) into the hillside as it tilts for enhanced stability all the way around, allowing it to handle wood formerly reserved for much larger machines. For more information contact Dorothy Torbush at [email protected]

Daewoo Solar V Excavator Series
Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corporation recently introduced an entire new lineup of 11 powerful crawler and wheel excavators. Daewoo's new "Green" line of Tier II engines has been awarded Tier II certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These highly efficient, turbocharged and aftercooled engines utilize high pressure injection designs to obtain compliance while offering high displacement and higher horsepower for excellent power versus fuel economy ratios. In addition, a new preheat duty cycle decreases initial start-up smoke for a cleaner environment. Visibility has been increased by a slightly larger cab size, glass areas to the front and side windows and a sunroof. Unique fluid-filled shock isolators support the cab while substantially reducing noise, shock and vibration. A revamped hydraulic system is guided by new, easy-touse joystick controls with design modifications focusing on speed and smoothness modes. And swing torque is increased 14 percent across the line while redesigned undercarriage components improve reliability. For more information call your local Daewoo dealer or log onto

Expander System
Pivot wear is a common problem in all machinery and equipment. Over time, wear accelerates and lug holes become oval. Conventional repairs are complicated, expensive and time consuming, yet only temporary – wear will occur again. The Expander System solves the problem. Its sleeves expand and lock into the worn pivot lugs. When the fasteners are tightened, the pressure washers press the slotted sleeves down over the tapered ends of the pin axle and lock the System in the pivot lugs. Wear is permanently eliminated. For more information log onto

Timberjack FD45 Disc Saw Felling Head
The new Timberjack FD45 disc saw felling head is a high accumulation disc saw felling head designed specifically for machines like the Timberjack 740 wheeled feller buncher, operating primarily in first and second thinning applications. The FD45 features Best-In-Class size with a 990 sq. in. accumulation, offset pocket for gathering multiple small stems. With the capacity to cut and hold single stems up to 20 inches in diameter, the FD45 lets the operator choose which trees to remove on the go. The head can accumulate 10-15 stems in the 8"-12" diameter range. The FD45 weighs in at 4,900 pounds. It has a 53-inch diameter Series 4000 blade with narrow kerf design. The twin post design provides maximum visibility to the cutting zone. All lubrication points are accessible from the side of the head. Hard to reach lubrication points are equipped with grease lines to allow remote access. And a new three-piece bolton lower guard makes replacement of wear plates easy, too. For more information contact Dorothy Torbush at [email protected].


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