November and December 2006




Cat Safety Guide

Safety is more important than ever for loggers. The need to maintain a healthy, satisfied workforce, rising costs of workers’ compensation insurance, and required safety meetings have all moved to the forefront in today’s fast paced forestry industry operations. With these needs in mind, the Cat Forest Products Consulting Services Group has put together a comprehensive manual and poster to increase safety awareness in all aspects of logging operations and forestry equipment operations. These materials are available in English, French, and Spanish.


FECON Stump Grinding Attachment

FECON, Inc. recently introduced the Stump Hog, SH340, for reaching up and down slopes and other areas that can’t be reached by traditional stump grinding equipment.

The SH340 has 90 cutting tools with large, thick, carbide tips that are patterned for maximum cutting action, while protecting the wheel and each other from wear and foreign materials. The 33” x 4-1/2” wide tip-to-tip cutting wheel utilizes the SANDVIK DURA DiskTM II Stump Cutting System. And tools are easily independently changed with an impact wrench.

The SH340 requires as little as 40 gpm when powered by a 20-ton excavator and can accommodate up to 100 gpm when powered by FECON’s selfcontained Power Pack. It also features complete plumbing with built-in hydraulic motor protection for plug-andgo installation.


Prentice 2384 loader

The Prentice 2384 loader, an enhanced version of the 384 model, has a bigger cab that is easier to get in and out of, improved air conditioning, a larger tank (100 gallons) for less refueling, a power boost mode for maximum productivity, and a run mode with significant fuel savings. Introduced by the Forestry Division of Blount, Inc., the Prentice 2384 also sports the new Prentice red, black, and white trade dress.

A new feature allows the operator to choose, with the flip of a switch, between two work modes. The run mode for normal operation yields optimum fuel economy and productivity, and the power boost mode for extra engine power for demanding applications.

The Prentice 2384 comes equipped with the 160 HP Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 3 engine. The 173 HP Cummins engine is optional and recommended for circle sawslasher 72-inch disc applications.


Lightweight Power Match® Bars

Oregon Cutting Systems, a Division of Blount Inc., recently expanded its line of professional solid lightweight Power Match® bars. They are now available in lengths from 28” to 37” supporting two of the most popular chainsaw bar mounting applications. These bars are fabricated from high-strength, alloy steel material using advanced laser cut technology and durable, bonded, lightweight aluminum inserts.

The bars come equipped with a replaceable sprocket nose, Lubri-Dam® and Lubri-Jet® oiling enhancement, and Cradle™ nose-sprocket design. These features improve cutting performance and extend the life of the bar.


Remote Machine Monitoring Alliance

John Deere Construction & Forestry Company and QUALCOMM, a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise platforms, announced an alliance to create an equipment and machine monitoring and information delivery system to be sold across NorthAmerica by certified John Deere dealers.

Beginning this fall, customers can order factory or dealer-installed JDLink™ on select John Deere equipment. JDLink automatically collects, transmits, and manages information about where and how construction and forestry equipment is being used, aswell as critical machine health data for improved equipment utilization, productivity, and revenue.




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