November and December 2006






Oregon Logging Conference Show Guide

Humble Beginnings:
A-1 goes from chain saw to 20 million board feet, By Bob Bruce

Finesse on the Ground:
Bill Nelson develops a successful siviculture operation, By Chelan David

Restarting a Family Business:
Iron Triangle Logging successful after the ups and downs of the ‘90s By Barbara Coyner

Harvesting Sunken Treasure:
Underwater Timber Salvage Corporation harvests and processes logs from the Columbia River, By Cary Clayton

Mixing it up:
Dean L. Rowan, Inc., stays productive by cutting across three state and thinking outside the box. By Diane Mettler

Guest Column:
Reducing the risk of hand-arm vibration, By James M. Meyers



Big Dreams Require Big Equipment:
L&L banks on cut-to-length for the future, By Barbara Coyner

High Voltage Alert:
Important safety information about Highline Logging and Highline Power By Kurt Glaeseman

Back in Business:
An old abandoned Oregon sawmill roars back to life as a reman plant, By Alan Froome

Working Side by Side:
Edrick Logging keeps its Northern California operation small and efficient, By Kurt Glaeseman

Forwarder Updates

Specialty Cutting:
Mike Hurley builds on second career, Wetset Enterprises, By Clay Clayton

A Logger’s Family Album

Oregon Logging Conference Review

Guest Column:
Last August my friend Jim Hurst auctioned his sawmill By Jim Peterson




Creating Shaded Fuel Breaks:
Shaded fuel break system shields west coast forestland from wildfire, By Amie Dunn

Going Outdoors:
With a very mild climate, Sierra Pacific’s Terra Bella sawmill in California — said to be the west coast’s most southern mill — is able to take advantage of the balmy
weather, By Alan Froome

New Era for Logyards:
Teevin Brothers facilitates costefficient transport, By Bob Bruce

A Transition to Thinning:
Tower Timber Services Inc. turns to thinning for better returns, By Jeff Mullins

Ramco Mechanical Cutting, Ltd. By Jeff Mullins

Review of Brushcutters & Mulchers

Guest Column:
Log Truck Drivers Face Extremely Dangerous Work Conditions, By Jim Nielson



The New Frontier:
Alaska looking for investors and developers for Tanana Valley, By Kurt Glaeseman

Sawmill Fire Sparks an Interest in Fire Brigade Bennett Lumber Products, Princeton, Idaho By Barbara Coyner

Creating a Contractor:
Bruer Contract Logging carves out a successful business in the Northwest By Bob Bruce

Hit Hard by Gas Prices:
Increase in surcharges may be the only way to keep trucking companies afloat with escalating gas prices, By Chelan David

Capitalizing on Forestry Consultants:
Pacific Forest Consultants utilizes logging contractors to harvest and implement its forest management plans By Jeff Mullins

2006/2007 Buyer’s Guide & Directory

Map of Northwest Mill Locations

Guest Column:
Fuel Management Shackled by Environmental Doctrine, By Ed Ehlers



Pacific Logging Congress Show Guide

Specialized Shoveling:
Pellham Logging makes the most of shovel logging on small tracks By Jeff Mullins

Accept No Limits:
Responding to a changing market and a strong will to survive are the keys to Dan D. Company’s success, By Bob Bruce

Focus on Quality:
Attention to Detail keeps Hofenbredl Logging going strong, By Bob Bruce

Salvage Logging in the Buscuit Fire By Tim Jewett

An Answer to Slash:
Craig Thomas find one answer to chipping slash that was once inaccessible By Roy Anderson

Guest Column:
Balancing Act By Sheldon Zakreski



Doing One Thing Right:
LBA Contract Cutting, Inc. focuses on felling timber — 500,000 board feet a day, By Jeff Mullins

Good Steward:
Timber Harvesting Inc., is a big producer with a solid reputation as a conscientious steward By Jeff Mullins

Heli-claws to Websites:
New Additions to the Slash Management Toolbox By Barbara Coyner

Filling Prescriptions:
How One Colorado Company Helps Stop Forest Fires By Bob Lawrence

Getting the Shakes:
Larry Katon finds a niche market in cedar shakes By Jeff Mullins

2006 Yearly Review

Pacific Logging Congress:
Live In-The-Woods Pictorial Review

Guest Columnist: Forester’s Log: Habitat Typing By Mary Stuever



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