Logging and Sawmilling Information for the Western United States  

November 2000 - Volume 25 Number 11


New Products 

Top New Horizontal Wood Hogs 
Jeffrey Specialty Equipment Corp. has announced that its new WBH line of horizontal wood hogs is now available for distribution in North America. Engineered for high output and easy maintenance, the new horizontal wood hogs feature a power feed roll with an integral drive. The drive is directly coupled with a gear motor; therefore, no high maintenance chains are required. The new power feed roll and integral drive is available on all new WBH models, or it can be retrofitted on existing horizontal models. In addition, the horizontal wood hog line has easier access to hammers and screen grates. The back of the unit is designed to open up and down, making access easier and saving considerable time during maintenance. For more information call (800) 6159296, fax them at (864) 4767510, or log onto their website at www.jeffreycorp.com

If you're looking for a video on a subject related to the wood products industry, you're in luck. The International Productivity Center for the wood products industry has a number of videos including subjects like "Troubleshooting the Dry Kiln and Its Controller," and "Use and Abuse of Tooling." Many of the videos come in Spanish as well as English. If you'd like to take a look at their selection, either visit their website, call them at (413) 5685797 or fax them at (413) 5721042. 

ATV Forestry Tool 
It might look like something you'd take offroad for fun, but it's part of a new product line for private woodland owners. Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) - ATV division, and NovaJack, a subsidiary of Denharco Inc., have finished up a cobranding agreement to sell the NovaJack product line in the ATV dealerships of BRP. Both companies will join forces to initiate a solution adapted to the exact need of approximately seven million private woodland owners throughout North America. "From now on...all private woodland owners in North America will have easy and fast access to the entire forestry tool line offered by the NovaJack banner," says Yves Sicotte, General Manager of NovaJack. The NovaJack product line includes forestry trailers, skidding arches, skidding cones, and a variety of logging accessories designed for sustainable woodland development. "When we realized that more than 30 percent of ATV owners use their vehicle for utility purposes, it became easy to explain this agreement," says Alain Burnelle, general manager of BRP ATV. "It will benefit those who have the sustainability of their private wood lots at heart." 

Hillard Clutch 
Hillard is introducing a new Hand Disconnect Clutch. The clutch features adjustable torque settings, a simplified no linkage design and is interchangeable with the Rockford clutch. The input side of the clutch is designed to mount to the engine or motor shaft, allowing the driving power source to transmit full torque to the driven device. The clutch can be engaged and disengaged either by hand or remotely by a cylinder or solenoid. The operator has full control of the engagement speed. For more information contact the Hillard Corporation, 100 West Fourth Street, Elmira, N.Y. 149021504, phone: (607) 7337121, fax: (607) 7371108. Or visit their website at www.hilliardcorp.com. 

DA Lubricant Company introduced the addition of Synergy in SAE 80W140. Synergy synthetic lubricants are transportation industry oriented gear oils, which focus on the needs of heavy-duty truck transmissions and differentials. DA Synergy contains extreme pressure additives as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide superior gear and bearing protection under a wide range of operating conditions. Its synthetic properties offer high film strength under extreme conditions to significantly extend equipment life. For more information call 1800 OILLUBE {(800) 6355823} or visit their website at www.dalube.com

Komatsu Winches 
Komatsu announced that Allied winches are now available as a factory option. Komatsu and Dressta dealers may now order Allied winches to match their tractor orders directly with Komatsu. Allied is now the only fullline winch manufacturer covering all Komatsu tractor models from D31 through D375 and Dressta tractors from TD7 through TD40. For more information visit the Komatsu website at www.KomatsuAmerica.com

Bandit‚ Safety Additions 
Performance First, Inc. is offering a series of safety update kits free of charge for all Brush Bandit chippers not already equipped with the devices. The offer includes the following: 
• weldon infeed extension plan 
• wooden pushpaddle and mount 
• spring lock for hood pin 
• chipper hood engine disable switch 
• infeed chute pull cord stop 
• hood lock pin with attaching chain. 
If you would like to take advantage of this offer, contact your Bandit dealer or write Performance First, Inc. Attn: Data Dept. - J.H., 6750 Millbrook Road, Remus, Mich. 49340. 

Kobelco Introduces SK160LC 
Kobelco has made available the new SK160LC hydraulic excavator - an extension of their dynamic Acrea line. At 36,800 lbs. and 8'6" wide you won't need road permits in most states to tow the excavator. It has a bucket capacity of .451.36 cubic yards and can lift 15,120 lbs. over the front and 8,100 lbs. over the side. Accessories are easy to install and operators will appreciate the three operating modes. The excavator provides 111 SAE net horsepower (at 2,200 RPM) and also features the NeuralNet Company System. The NeuralNet works much like the technology that makes advanced military aircraft ultra-responsive to a pilot's wishes. It analyzes a simple hand movement and translates it into a series of coordinated control messages. For more information call (281) 2404800 or visit their website at www.kobelcoamerica.com

Komatsu Wheel Loader 
Komatsu has introduced the latest addition to its small sized wheel loader line - the Komatsu WA1803 Avance Plus. "The WA1803 Avance Plus has improvements that make it bigger, better and tougher for the road building markets," says Steve Moore, Komatsu wheel loader product manager. Horsepower has been increased from 110 hp to 120 hp, and the bucket size ranges from 2.1 cu. yd. to 2.9 cu. yd. The new automatic four speed transmission reduces operator fatigue and four forward and four reverse speeds of the electronically controlled automatic transmission permit travel speeds up to 21.4 mph, which significantly decreases cycle time in load and carry operations. If you're interested in more information, you can visit their website at www.KomatsuAmerica.com
or the funds Congress has given us to do excellent things on the ground." 

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