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November 2000 - Volume 25 Number 11

November 2000
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Association News 

ALC President's Award 
The ALC presented two President's Awards for Commitment to Excellence at the American Loggers Council. The recipients were Mike Miller, newly retired executive vice president of the Associated Oregon Loggers, and Allen Ribelin, ALC director from the Northern Arizona Loggers Association. At the presentation of the awards the recipients were thanked for their many accomplishments in working for the ALC, particularly in helping form the association in writing the bylaws, and to Ribelin for creating the logo. 

American Loggers Council 2000 
Left Outgoing President Joe Cherry. Right - 2000/2001 President Kerry Charlton. Over 240 loggers, manufacturers, suppliers and forest industry representatives from 24 states met for five days in East Texas to review their progress and set their course for the 21st century. Several key events took place, including: The ALC unanimously endorsed the ALC Master Logger Certification Program. The ALC and the Pulp and Paperworkers Resource Council drafted a joint resolution on fuel prices that calls on Energy Secretary Richardson to petition the President and Congress to suspend all federal fuel taxes until there is an adequate policy in place. This policy should focus on domestic production, create distribution efficiencies to alleviate regional price differences and offer incentives for development of renewable and sustainable alternative energy sources, such as biomass fuel. The ALC formed a committee to examine what action the group should take in response to government mismanagement of national forests. The ALC Double Clutchin' Sponsorship Program/ Award was introduced. The Timber Harvesting Magazine 2000 Logging Business of the Year Award was given to John and Sherri Hansen of Hansen Logging LLC, Chewelah, Wash. The ALC/Husqvarna National Logging Safety and Innovations Award went to logger Tim Goodbar Jr. of Two Brothers Logging in Goshen, Va. Northeast Region winner was Richard Worster of Hanington Brothers, Kingman, Maine. The Western Region winners were Joseph Crouch and Todd Carline of Sun Mountain Logging, Deer Lodge, Mont. In his farewell address, outgoing President Cherry challenged loggers to fight for the timber industry, and passed the gavel to Kerry Charlton of Redding, Calif. 

Association Merger 
After almost four months of discussion, the members of the Northwest Forestry Association and the Independent Forest Products Association voted to merge into one, more powerful organization. The new association will be called "The New Forestry Association" until a new name is picked out. The New Forestry Association now represents nearly 100 member companies from 12 states west of the Mississippi. The membership spans the entire spectrum of solid wood forest product firms and will focus on issues affecting public and private timber supply, including federal regulations and private and public forests. 

Truck Drivers Need More Flexibility 
The Department of Transportation (DOT) has proposed a change in the hours of service regulation for commercial truck drivers. This will negatively impact loggers, truckers and mill operations. Under the proposed regulation, haulers of forest products will be limited to work 12 hours per day for a maximum of 60 hours onduty per week in any consecutive seven-day period. In addition, a mandatory weekend provision requires 32 to 36 consecutive hours of off duty time, every seven days. The problem with the proposal is that there are no allowances for normal interruptions such as weather, mill shutdowns and road use restrictions. Previously, forest products fell under the agriculture exemption and allowed variances. With the new rules, they will no longer fall under those protective provisions. The public comment period has been extended to December 15. Regional and national associations are working together to meet the deadlines. They are making available comment postcards, sample letters and electronic comments if your company is willing to assist in giving support. 

Forest Engineering Training Schedule 
Whether you're interested in cable logging, basic road design or unit planning and layout, Forest Engineering Inc. has a workshop to fit your interest. Throughout 20002001 you can attend a workshop nearest you. For more information visit their website at /www.forestengineer.com or contact them at [email protected], phone (541) 7547558 or fax (541) 754 7559. 

ACL Elects New President 
The Associated California Loggers (ALC) elected a new president this fall - Kerry Charlton, owner of Flying Eagle Logging out of Redding, Calif. As president, part of Kerry's duties will include directing the council staff, coordinating ALC's legislative efforts in Washington D.C., as well as coordinate ALC negotiations with timber industry associations and projects. In the coming year, Kerry hopes to reenergize national efforts to generate more work on federal lands and set standards for the science used by federal agencies to justify planning and management decisions. 

AOL Receives Grant 
Associated Oregon Loggers (AOL) was named a recipient of one of seven Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) communication grants awarded by thee American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA). The $50,000 grant will added to AOL's $30,000 budgeted to conduct a communications program promoting the SFI and the role of AOL's Oregon Professional Logger program. 

2001 Pacific Logging Congress (PLC) "INTHEWOODS" Active Equipment Show 
The largest live demonstration of mechanized harvesting and wood processing equipment in the Untied States - the Pacific Logging Congress "INTHEWOODS" Active Equipment Show - has gotten off to an early start. On November 3rd, ten months before the event scheduled for September 19-22, 2001, the exhibitor inspection and site selection was held at the Longview Fibre woodland operations just outside Portland, Ore. Manufacturer and distributor representatives from all of the major state-of-the-art equipment suppliers came out to walk the Longview Fibre show site and stake out their spot in the 20 active and numerous additional static sites. "They were pleased with the ample room to demonstrate their equipment," says Dave Bowden, senior VP, Longview Fibre Co. "Each site has up to 10 acres and we have room to expand." Rikki Wellman, PLC's Executive Director agrees, "We wanted to make sure there was enough acreage and standing timber for representatives to process throughout the entire show. 

At this Longview Fibre woodlands site, it won't be a problem." Each of the past three PLC "INTHEWOODS" Shows, in 1989, 1993 and 1997, were held in the state of Washington. 2001 will be the first to be held in Oregon. The Longview Fibre site is ideally situated 35 miles west of Portland. With plenty of accommodations available nearby, it will be easily accessible to an anticipated 4,000 plus loggers from the six top Western timber producing states and Western provinces of Canada. Founded in 1909, the PLC has sought to educate politicians, educators, their students and the general public about the need for sound, responsible forestry to supply global needs for wood fibre. "Not only do we get to show foresters the latest and greatest equipment," says Joel Olson, 2001 PLC President, "We get to tell the positive side of the forestry industry to the public, student and teachers." 

Even though the event is in the early stages of organization, every body involved is very excited by the tremendous turnout and interest in the 2001 show. "Even after the initial exhibitor inspection and site selection, we're continually getting contacted by exhibitors who want to become involved," says Rikki. For more information on the PLC "INTHEWOODS" Active Equipment Show, you can contact the PLC office at (425) 4132808, email them directly at [email protected], or you can log on to their website at www.pacificloggingconference.com

Dave Bowden, senior VP, Longview Fibre and Craig Olson, Nehalem Tree Farm outline the site selection procedure for supplier representatives.


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