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Tigercat 5702
Tigercat's new addition to the felling head lineup is the 5702 saw. This "big timber" single post saw has been available on track feller bunchers for a number of months and is performing well. The 5702 is lighter than the original 5700 and includes such enhancements for big timber felling as a full 23" cut and a 52" throat opening. Strength to weight ratio has been optimized. The 5702 is suited to tall and oversized trees, natural stand felling, swamp timber and top heavy hardwood. It can be fitted to the 822/L830 series machines in addition to the 860/870 series bunchers. It is best suited to the 724D and 726 series drive-to-tree models. The 5702 is available with three wrist options when equipped on track feller bunchers: 30 degree single cylinder, 110 degree dual cylinder, or 340 degree motor drive. For more information log on to

Pacbrake Tune-up Kit
The P14013 tune-up kit is designed to meet the engine brake maintenance needs of Cummins N-14 and N-14 Plus engine owners. Any engine brake with 300,000 miles has likely lost 20 to 25 percent of its retarding horsepower. The driver doesn’t realize how much retarding the engine brake has lost because it has deteriorated gradually. Overhauling the engine brake with a Pacbrake tune-up kit will restore the RHP and the driver will definitely notice the improved performance. The ideal time for a tune-up is when a customer is in for engine work, such as a fuel injector or valve set. The customer gets the advantage of improved retarding and reliability, while both the dealer and the customer benefit from the easy to order kits, which eliminate missing parts and are provided with easy to follow schematics. For more information or to order, please call (800) 663-0096.

New Engine Available on Select Wood-Mizer Equipment
Two of Wood-Mizer’s popular portable model sawmills, along with their Twin-Blade Edger, are now available with a new engine selection. The 28HP fuel-injected Kohler gas engine is available now as an upgrade on the LT40 manual sawmill, and as an option on the LT40 hydraulic professional model sawmill. The engine features built-in engine diagnostics, higher torque, and more fuel efficiency. In addition, the 28HP power option features better performance in higher altitudes and in colder weather. Because the 28HP Kohler is not carbureted, there will be less of a tendency for the engine to ice over in cold weather. These two mill models are also available with a 25HP twin-cylinder gas engine with electric start, a 33HP diesel, and a 36HP gas engine For more, log on to

Caterpillar“ 247B and 257B
The Caterpillar 247B and 257B Multi Terrain Loaders replace the original 247 and 257. They feature new turbocharged engines, improved hydraulic forces, redesigned operator station components, and design changes that improve reliability and serviceability. The loaders are compact, rubber-tracked machines designed for exceptional versatility, flotation, traction, stability and ride quality, combing the technology of the Cat“ Skid Steer Loaders and a suspended track undercarriage. The suspended undercarriage transfers machine weight to the ground through 24-wheeled contact points bearing against 59" (1499 mm) of track on ground for very low ground pressure. The 247B is the smallest, with an operating capacity of 1,950 lbs (885 kg) when defined as 50 percent of tipping load. The 257B operating capacity is 2,310 lbs (1047 kg) at 50 percent tipping load. Both loaders feature the Cat 3024C T engine and net power is 57 horsepower (42 kW) in each machine. Both models offer significantly greater breakout forces than their predecessors for aggressive digging capabilities. The 247B has radial lift linkage, and the 257B features vertical lift linkage for improved loading and materials handling capabilities. For more information ask your local Cat dealer, or log on to

New Line of Rotators and MPB Swing Dampers
Hultdins is introducing a complete new line of Indexator Rotators and MPB Swing Dampers for Forwarders and Harvesters. The MPB Multi Plate Brake system features a large disc brake assembly with high braking power, long life, and extended service intervals. The new MPB Swing Dampers are very service friendly with long periods between adjustments, and very simple to maintain. With smoother and more accurate attachment control, users also report increased productivity. More information can be found at

New Reduced-Weight Bars
Oregon Cutting Systems has introduced a new, patented reduced-weight version on its popular Power Match® guide bar. Currently available in 32", .063 gauge, 3/8"pitch, the new Oregon® bar offers the timber cutter a significant 26 percent weight reduction. Reduced-weight bars can be adapted for .404-inch pitch chains with a simple tip replacement. Additional long-bar selections to the Oregon® reducedweight bar offering are currently in development. These additions will be in the 28" to 37" categories. Users will notice a dramatic improvement in saw balance. Less weight helps to limit the risks associated with user fatigue. Cutters will also notice productivity gains. For more information call (503) 653-8881 or log on to

Hearing Protection
The recent consolidation of Howard Leight and Bilsom hearing protection products is already generating new products and innovations, a company spokesman claimed. Under the consolidation, which took effect in mid-2003, the companies have developed dozens of new products and are changing the direction of the industry. "This consolidation is really about moving the technology forward," said Bill Sokol, VP Strategic Marketing for Howard Leight and Bilsom parent company, Bacou-Dalloz. "Hearing protection is rapidly evolving beyond just blocking noise. We're moving to a more sophisticated approach using devices that are more comfortable and user-friendly, offer multiple attenuation levels, and are targeted to specific work environments." Several examples including Howard Leight's new Matrix(TM) earplugs and Bilsom's new Clarity(TM) Noise Filtering acoustic technology which screens harmful noise while allowing the human voice through. Matrix plugs, based on a revolutionary new dual-density foam construction process, also provide selective screening, are easier to insert and more comfortable to wear than traditional plug designs, and are available in three attenuation levels for different applications. For additional information call (800) 327-1110, e-mail [email protected],  or log on to  or


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