May/June, 2002





TOP LOGGERS in the West

The media constantly reports on the downsizing of companies, the closing of mills, and the few trees being harvested. They rarely speak to the men and women succeeding in the industry or the companies that have taken harvesting to the next level and define forest stewardship. 

Last year Timber/West featured the top contractors in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Northern California and Montana. We are doing it again to point to just a few of the individuals and companies that are taking the industry to the next level. 

As no records are kept of logging contractors' total annual volumes - except by the contractors themselves - we went out and called on the contractors to obtain the information. We discovered there were many companies out there not only surviving in these difficult times, but thriving. And there was no "high producing" location. 

The top producers were spread across the map. Even if your company wasn't listed, you're still winners. It takes an exceptional company to not only weather the constant changes, but stay productive and profitable in today's economy. Hat's off to you all! For various reasons, some contractors whose companies should appear on this list asked to be excluded from this feature. In view of that, the list is as complete as we can make it. We look forward to your feedback. If you have information you think should be included, please contact us.


Steve Henderson Logging, Inc.
Owner: Steve Henderson. Head Office: Lewiston,
Idaho. Established in 1972.
Harvest information: 100% softwood, 93% tree-length
and 7% cut-to-length.Volume: 87.67 mmbf

Huffman & Wright Logging Co.
Roger Wright, Pres.; Ralph Huffman,Vice Pres.; Harold
Huffman,V.P. Head office: Canyonville, Oregon.
Established in 1958. Harvest information:
95% softwood/conifer, 5% hardwood, 70% tree-length
and 5-10% cut-to-length. hardwood.Volume: 62 mmbf

Robinson Enterprises, Inc.
Lowell Robinson, President. Head Office: Nevada City,
California. Established in 1947. Harvest information:
100% softwood.Volume: 59.2 mmbf

Bighorn Logging, Corp.
Owner: Harve Dethlefs. Head Office: Banks, Oregon.
Established in 1981. Havest information:
95% softwood, 5% hardwood, 65% tree-length
and 35% cut-to-length.Volume: 56 mmbf

Owner: Jerry Hammer. Head Office: Deming,
Washington. Established in 1990. Harvest information:
80% softwood, 20% hardwood, 60% tree-length,
40% cut-to-length.Volume: 52 mmbf

C&C Logging Company
Owner: Frank and Lee Chandler. Head Office:
Longview,Washington. Established in 1967.
Harvest information: 80% softwood, 20% hardwood,
tree-length and cut-to-length.Volume: 49 mmbf

Nielsen Brothers Inc.
Owner: Robert and David Nielsen. Head Office:
Bellingham,Washington. Established in 1979.
Havest information: 70% softwood, 30% hardwood, 80%
tree-length and 20% cut-to-length.Volume: 47 mmbf

Whitestone Logging Inc.
Owner: Keith Walker. Head Office: Hoonah, Alaska.
Established in 1950. Havest information: 100%
softwood, 100% cut-to-length.Volume: 45+ mmbf

Wimer Logging Co.
Owner: Weyerhaeuser/Wimer, Head Office: Albany,
Oregon. Established: 1948. Harvest information:
95% softwood, 5% hardwood, 100% cut-to-length.
Volume: 45 mmbf.

Honorable Mention
We want to give special recognition to contract cutters
who also brought down a staggering number of board
feet this past year.

Burer's Contract Cutting
Owner: Michael J. Bruer's a cutting contractor.
Head office: Dallas, Oregon. Established in 1980.
Harvest information: 90% softwood, 10% hardwood,
90% tree-length and 10% cut-to-length.
Volume: 240 mmbf.

DeBriae Logging Company, Inc.
Owner: Jerry DeBriae. Head Office: Kathlamet,
Washington. Established 1974. Harvest information:
Primarily softwood, 100% tree-length.
Volume: 132 mmbf.

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