May/June, 2002





New Products

Rototilt Line Expansion 
Rototilt, the side tilt rotator for excavator and loader attachments, is now available in three models to match the machine and the job. In addition to the RT60, the lighter RT40 is designed for 10- to 15-ton carriers and the RT80 handles loads for 23- to 30-ton carriers. The Rototilt has unlimited rotation and 40-degree side-to-side tilt, allowing the bucket, grapple or other attachment to be placed in any position without moving the machine. The hydraulic quick coupler allows the operator to change buckets without leaving the cab. Compact in size with low overall height, the 750-lb RT40 and the 1,500-lb RT80 feature robust drives and heavy bearings to handle the stresses of non-stop productivity. For more information call (519) 754-0044, or log onto 

New Tigercat Feller-Buncher 
Tigercat has introduced the 822 feller-buncher, capable of minimal impact in pine plantation thinning and other selective- cut applications. The zero tail-swing machine also features a power-operated retracting roof enclosure for walk-up access to the engine area. The pumps, valves, filters and heat exchangers are accessed easily through swing-out doors in the rear of the machine. With 253 hp, tight-tuck boom geometry and Tigercat's new ER boom system, the 822 is ideal for intensive thinning applications. The "patent pending" ER boom allows the machine operator to easily extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane with a single joystick. For more information call (519) 442-1529 x-314, or log onto

Fabtek Clam Bunk Forwarder 
Blount Inc. has come out with the Fabtek FT 546C-CB clam bunk forwarder, a tree-length skidder with forwarder capability. The six-wheel drive machine has more load capacity than a conventional skidder, with a 28-sq.-ft. clam volume and a 26,000-lb. gross load capacity. "Customer requests for alternative methods of skidding wood long distances and out of wet sites led to the development of this product," says Gerry Kirkland, senior vice-president of operations. "This configuration allows you to transport a large number of bundles with good traction and minimal ground disturbance. And fuel savings will be realized with fewer trips from the woods to the landing." A low center of gravity gives the machine a balanced weight-to-load ratio and self-cleaning bogie tracks provide excellent traction, minimizing tire wear and related maintenance. The clam has a simplified hydraulic lock mechanism, which allows the clam to maintain a secure grip on the load without the use of cables or accumulators. The operator just flicks a switch to lock the load. Left and right side arms can be controlled individually. For more information call (919) 783-5559. 

Big Grapple Saws from Hultdins 
The two largest Hultdins tree length grapples - the TL580 and TL520 - are now available with factory installed SuperSaw 750S and 650S grapple saws. Also available for dealer retrofit, the saws feature automatic chain tensioning, fast replacement bar and chain, and proportional tensioning. The 58-inch TL580 grapple weighs 2,800 lbs., complete with rotator and link, and has a rated load capacity of 22,000 lbs. The 52-inch TL520 grapple weighs in at 1,562 lbs., complete with rotator and link, and has a load rating of 15,400 lbs. For more information call (519) 754-0044, log onto their website at or e-mail them at [email protected] 

John Deere's 2054 Logger 
John Deere recently introduced its 2054 Logger. Available as a log loader, harvester, road builder or delimber, the 2054 features more fuel capacity, larger storage compartment and better cab visibility, as well as an improved mainframe area. The 140-hp 2054 can be ordered with the standard or high-wide undercarriage. The road builder/harvester version can be equipped with either undercarriage operation, as well as different cab/riser combinations and attachment to fit the intended application. Maximum lift capacity for the log loader is 23,300 lbs. at 20 feet out at ground level, with a reach of 36 feet. The road builder/harvester configuration arm force with general-purpose bucket is 27,680 lbs. with a 7'3" arm length. For more information call (800) 503-3373 or visit their website at

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