May/June, 2002





Log Loader & Feller Buncher

In today's dynamic forest industry, the challenge is to put the wood on the ground, to the landing, and on the truck bound for the mill as cost effectively and safely as possible. Answering that challenge is a pair of ever-evolving technologies - the log loader and feller-buncher. 

In assembling this annual Log Loader & Feller-Buncher Specification Chart, TIMBER/WEST attempts to share with its readers the range and capacities of the various classes of these impressive forestry machines. Machines are arranged by class and by weight within the class, allowing you to focus on the particular brands and models that appear to meet the requirements of a specific size of machine or a range of operations. 

Think of the chart as a sketch map which can lead you to the detailed specifications of a range of forestry machines, rather than the basis for a direct apples-to-apples comparison of the capabilities and virtues of any particular piece of iron. Specifications were provided by the manufacturers or their authorized representatives and are current as of May 2002, and while every effort is made in the assembly and presentation of the information, errors may occur or specifications may change. 

The inclusion or exclusion of any particular manufacturer or model is not meant in any way as an endorsement or comment on suitability. Interested parties should contact an authorized dealer or distributor, or the manufacturer, for detailed and exact final data. For the most complete and comprehensive list of manufacturers and distributors serving the Western forestry market, look for the annual Buyer's Guide & Directory coming in the July/August 2002 issue of TIMBER/WEST.

The information is available as a pdf download.  (approx 135 k).  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.

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