March and April 2006



OLC pictorial Review

OLC Review

By Diane Mettler & Kurt Glaeseman


Log Max promotes products for healthy forests with a continued focus on providing harvesting and processing solutions. This year’s new product was the Log Mate 402 with enhanced functionality plus capability. The Log Mate 402’s CANbus design and more powerful controller provide significantly enhanced automated head functions as well as 20 times more programmable preset lengths with 2.5 times more programmable species names than the former 25 wire Log Mate 400. Log Max continues to provide products designed for the unique conditions of the North American market.


VP-SERIES- Cleanfix Reversible Fan; reverses airflow automatically at full engine rpm to provide maximum radiator cleaning. The fan blades also automatically adjust airflow with temperature optimizing the cooling performance. This means that the fan blades increase airflow for the hot summer months and decrease the airflow for the cold winter months. The VP-SERIES fan provides substantial fuel savings and allows for more usable engine power, while greatly increasing your machines daily productivity. Learn more at



Brutus Truck Bodies by Nor-Mar Industries Ltd. showcased its new partnership with Service Trucks International of Iowa during this year’s OLC show. Brutus has been distributing STI's Tiger cranes for almost 25 years and has now expanded this relationship to include a new product called the Eagle Pro service body. The Eagle Pro body will augment Brutus's custom steel and aluminum service truck bodies to provide faster delivery times and a U.S. supply and service network. Brutus is STI's largest North American crane distributor and hopes to extend this to the service body division as well. Visit


Vulcan On-Board Scales manufactures on-board weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers in the timber and other industries that require tough and reliable equipment. Solutions are available for a wide range of on-board applications including spring, air and mixed suspensions. Thank you for helping us celebrate more than 25 years in business, and for being one of more than 30,000 systems installed worldwide. Contact us at 1-800-237-0022 or visit our website at


Triad Machinery continues to be a dominate force in the forestry-related equipment business with the Link-Belt LXTL, DL, HP, and RB series. Triad also offers Kawaski front-end loaders, articulated and rigid off highway trucks, in addition to Terex log loaders, stroke delimbers, road builders, and processors. Triad also offers a variety of other forestry related equipment including: the Prentice feller bunchers and processors, skidders, Hydro-Ax clearing units, stationary rubber mounted log loaders, chippers, grinders and screening equipment. Visit our website at


The superior design of our Titan 22 Processor allows for easy harvesting at the stump or processing from a log deck. An independent measuring wheel circuit and superior pulse signal resolution offer unprecedented accuracy and maximum log utilization.

At the stump, the Titan 22’s heavyduty hanging bracket, butt saw system and 320° rotation capability make felling faster and more efficient. Export quality delimbing knives, powerful feed rollers and the .404 pitch top saw make final delimbing and bucking simpler, too.

Delimbing knives are extended at the tips to make for easy picking from any log deck.


When it comes to moving logs, the machine you can count on is the LeTourneau Log Stacker. Whether it’s unloading trucks, sorting, decking, or loading the in-feed at the mill, this machine does it all. Totally electric (with no chance of hydraulic spills) the 45-ton lift capacity LeTourneau was designed from the ground up to provide quick response, precise maneuverability, fast travel speed, and rapid hoist speeds. The LeTourneau 4592/4, with a 24’ lift height, low fuel costs, and low maintenance costs, is carving an impressive mark in the log-handling world. Visit us at for more.


QMI® Industrial is dedicated to the people who matter most – OUR CUSTOMERS.

We believe in providing Superior Products to OUR customers. This means products that are BEST in their class, affordable and proven performers.

We believe in managing QMI® Industrial in the spirit of continual improvement.

Fred Hill
Phone (800) 255-8138;
Fax (863) 667-0848
E-mail: [email protected];
Web site:


We Cut Too – Insurance Costs that Is.

We specialize in handling commercial Insurance programs for logging contractors and manufactures in Wash.– Ore. and Calif.

Our staff of 15 insurance professionals know and understand your business needs.

You can contact us at 1-800-936-9898 for immediate service. You will not be greeted with voice mail or transferred to voice mail.


Risley Equipment offers a full line of timber harvesting and processing attachments that are designed for cut-to-length, long log, and tree length timber applications ranging from 3” to 40”diameter.

Risley's controlled head processors, Cobra and Sidewinder, process wood up to 31” dia. Their Limmit stroke delimbers process wood up to 36” dia. The harvester line includes the Rolly controlled head harvester and the Premio dangle head harvester line, handling wood up to 40” dia. They offer two lines of saw head. The Rotosaw comes in both high-speed “hotsaw” and intermittent models, felling timber up to 30” diameter.


White Mountain Chain of Bonners Ferry is the largest importer of the Trygg line in the United States. We carry a vast array of tire chains for pickups, loaders, motor graders, skidders and just about anything with a rubber tire. Depending on what the application is and what your needs are, we work with you to recommend what will be the most economical chain for your. Now that you have played with the rest, get the best. Call Ed at 800-439-9073 or visit


Brake Systems Inc. displayed their Blue Ox Exhaust Brake and Air Cylinder line. The well known product line has been enlarged to include 3 sizes of inline Butterfly units plus a 4” flange unit. This is in addition to the original two Guillotine type brakes.

Pipe installation kits and brakes cover all pipe sizes from 58mm up to 5”. Engine applications from 2.8 to 30.5 liter are currently in use as of this writing. Amyriad of control kits including various 12VDC air supply components are available. Throttle interlock kits (idle validation) have been developed for most throttle pedals and ECU modules. Email: [email protected] for details.


FAE USA, Inc. located in Atlanta, Ga., is the United States distributor for FAE products. FAE offers a full array of forestry and construction equipment including: skid steer heads; excavators; prime movers; pto tractors; soil stabilizers; and rock crushers. For more information, please visit our website at or call the Atlanta office for a catalog and DVD at 1-877- FAE-USA.1. You may also contact your local sales representative Des Trent at (360) 608-6903.


Quadco proudly unveiled its largest high speed disc saw head ever produced, model 28", equipped with a new extreme-duty 360° rotator. Also on display was the 2900 Intermittent. Model 2900, with its 29” single- pass capacity, is a true "Big Wood" /Steep Country saw head. An improved dual-motor hydraulic system provides 56% more cutting power than the 2800 and saw speed is 855 rpm. As with all Quadco felling heads, the 2900 is available with optional 40°, 360° or heavy duty 360-VI tilt system for added buncher versatility. Over 200 retractable disc attachments have already been produced, either as a felling head only or controlled-fall harvester head.


There is a new yellow in town - JCB!

JCB, a 60 year old privately owned multiline industrial and construction equipment company, has partnered with Fisher Implement Co. forming Fisher JCB.

Fisher JCB brings you the best parts and service support in the state with over 60 service trucks and 90 years in the light construction and agriculture equipment business.

JCB brings a full line of industrial and construction equipment from the side-entry ROBOT skid steer to the 101,000-pound excavator. For more information visit us at


When it comes to accurate and reliable harvesting and processing heads, Waratah is the only choice. Once again, Waratah Forestry Attachments brought their big hitters to the show and displayed the HTH470, 616, 622B, 624, and 626 Bigwood models. Ed Mc- Daid, Branch Manager, WDC Kelso, said, “We had a great turnout this year at the booth and customer feedback was very positive. We heard several times that Waratah is the head of choice, with the best reputation in the industry.” Waratah has been a part of the OLC show for many years and continues to lead the way in the industry.


Rotochopper's mission is to supply you with machines that will help you succeed in your business. We do this by first giving you the best advice that we can from our many years of experience in the forestry industry. (Call Denny
Hansard Rotochopper's Western Representative at 661-619-2929.) Next we offer machines that are intelligently designed to perform reliably, efficiently and profitably. Then we follow up every sale with first class service. If you own a
Rotochopper we will be there when and where you need us. That's our promise to you. Visit


Our in-motion variable pitch systems effectively purge debris from the radiator and engine compartment. No other fan can help warm engines more quickly and keep them at optimal running temperatures in low ambient conditions. This feature is exclusive to Flexxaire, as our fan blades rotate through the zero, or neutral position. The end user will experience increased productivity, less downtime, unparalleled engine temperature control, extended engine life, savings in fuel and horsepower.


SUPERTRAK, Inc. engineers and manufactures a complete product line of custom mulching machinery ranging from 97 to 400 horsepower; providing unique technologies to the vegetation management and land clearing industries since 1986. As an OEM, our tracked, excavator and rubbertired carriers utilize Caterpillar® components to provide maximum efficiency and productivity. SUPERTRAK’S custom machinery provides exceptional means to shred, mulch, and cut, brush, under story, trees, stumps, and logging scrap/slash. Our equipment is durable, reliable, and does it ALL; land clearing, fuel breaks, and urban interface fuel load reductions. Visit us at


Forest First Financial was founded in 2004, bringing 20 years of personal experience in the business. We specialize in creatively structuring a transaction that fits the client’s financial picture. In 2003 I had the opportunity to come to Oregon to call on local vendors and clientele interested in lease financing. I climbed up in a big truck and went off with a few loggers so I could see what and how the equipment operated that I was financing, showing that at Forest First Financial we go the extra mile to make it work for our clients to get it done.


Rotobec is the North American leader in continuous rotation forestry attachments (grapples). We manufacture reliable attachments for wood and material handling which are available worldwide. Committed to providing satisfaction to its customers, Rotobec has built its reputation in the attachment business through attentive consideration of and response to its customers comments. Rotobec is dedicated to providing its clients with competitive, value-added products specific to their needs. Visit us at for more information.


Loggers were in good company in the Komatsu Forest/Modern Machinery exhibit area this year. Forest machine innovations on display were ProTec - Valmet's unique crane soulition. It’s a hose protection and dampening system that reduces breaks and increases productivity up to 10 percent. Also on display, Valmet’s aftermarket log grapple with integrated saw units and news of Valmet's new .3 series forwarders. These forwarders feature more power, new ergonomic cab interior for more comfort and efficiency. Valmet's global forestry experience and Komatsu's world renowned quality look to be a powerful force in North American forests.


Madill is putting the final touches on their new 1200 Series Medium Size Feller Buncher which features both a flat and tilter configuration. The 1200 Series pays particular attention to performance without sacrificing economy while improving safety and operator comfort. The new fuel efficient Tier lll Isuzu 293 hp full authority electronic engine, combined with an electronically controlled load sensing hydraulic system, makes the midrange 1200 buncher quick and agile. High boom mount location and cab forward positioning provide the operator increased production. Machinery deck layout allows quick and effective servicing without leaving the machinery platform. See Madill's website for additional features and benefits.


Bridges are engineered for the rugged conditions of western Canada and the US. Rapid-Span featured their most popular bridge systems including two-piece all steel portable bridges: with a steel deck with a non-skid surface that is strong yet lightweight for easy transportation and handling. Also featured were steel girder bridges with precast concrete deck modules and abutments. All bridges are designed for easy installation with regular road building or logging equipment. Pricing is competitive and deliveries are prompt.


New bars that are “Timber Harvester Tough” and have “More Guts” to give more users “More Glory” and offer them the chance to make “More Dough” were featured in the Oregon® booth worked by Jerry Locker, Technical Services, Jerri Hamborg, USA Sales and Doug Conyers, Western Canada Sales. The new bars are made from a new and more durable material that resists wear 13% better than before and takes a 14% greater load before bending. For more information on Oregon® harvester bars, or for the world’s leading information resource on bar-and-chain cutting systems, or to find an Oregon® dealer in your area, visit the Oregon® website at


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