March and April 2006





Pierce Pacific
Launches Titan 22

Pierce Pacific Manufacturing unveiled four years of research, development and testing in the form of its new Titan 22 harvester/ processor at the Oregon Logging Conference in February. The Titan 22 features a highly advanced measuring system with stop-on-the-mark technology, real-time length and diameter readouts, and much more. The design allows for easy harvesting at the stump or processing from a log deck, with an independent measuring circuit that provides unprecedented accuracy and maximum log utilization. In addition, a quick-change feature allows for a rapid switch to grapples. The unit weighs 4,700 pounds and processes up to 24" diameter stems at 17 feet per second. For details visit

New 6710B

The Peterson 6710B Horizontal Grinder is a trackmounted version of the 6700B. Powered by a 1000-hp Caterpillar 3412E diesel engine, the 6710B is designed for the biggest jobs. With a feed opening of 50” x 60”, it can even process large stumps that used to be reserved for tub grinders. And the track mounting reduces material handling costs in conventional recycling yards.

The 6710B features Peterson's Adaptive Control System II, which controls all components of the feed system to optimize output. The three-stage grinding process with an up turning rotor and large grate area enables the grinder to produce materials to exact specifications.

Rotor options include a traditional “drum” style rotor for general applications, and a “pinned” system for high impact applications. or more information visit

New John Deere
Harvesting Head
for North America

The H480 Harvesting Head (available on the 1470D and 1270D Harvesters) is making its debut in North America after proving itself in Europe. Based on the industry-leading 758HD and HTH470 Harvesting Heads, the H480 retains the same winning dimensions, while strengthening the delimbing knives, cylinders and feed-roller motors. The H480 features longer upper moving knives that make it easier to pick stems off the ground. The shorter lower knives, with relocated pivot points, provide better delimbing quality and greatly improve the holding capacity of large stems.

Reinforced tilt bracket welding and stronger upper delimbing knives make the H480 a tough head that loggers can count on for productivity and reliability. For details visit

Redesigned Morbark 4600XL

The 82,000-pound redesigned Morbark Model 4600XL Track Wood Hog offers the best of both worlds, combining the rugged durability and high horsepower options of its big brother, the 6600 Track Hog, with the transportability of smaller machines, effortlessly meeting road weight requirements. The hammermill of the 4600XL Track is 14 percent larger than its predecessor, increasing the tip swing to 36”. With power options up to 860 hp and an increased tip swing speed, the 4600XL will power through the tough debris. A new infeed extension folds flat to assist with the processing of longer tree length material and folds up for better containment in regrind applications.

The Iqan Feed System, uniquely programmed to Morbark machines and standard on the 4600XL Track Hog, boosts production levels by providing a consistent feed and substantially minimizing downtime. To find out more, visit

Tracks for 6-Wheel CTL Machines

Hultdins Inc. now offers a wider range of tracks for 6-wheel CTL harvesters and forwarders. Combined with ECO-Tracks on the bogie end, ECO-Wheel Tracks enhance the overall performance on 6-wheel machines with added stability, improved traction, and increased flotation compared to tire chains.

ECO-Tracks and ECO-OF models continue to be the most popular choice of bogie tracks. ECO-Soft, ECO-Max, and ECO-Magnum are optional choices for more extreme ground conditions. For more information log on to

WSM's High Volume Stationary Grinding System

West Salem Machinery's 4064 Horizontal Grinding System is a high volume stationary grinding system available with chain, vibratory, or belt infeed conveyors. This system features a massive overhead power feed mechanism to provide a controlled, metered feed to the grinder. The upstroke grinder design provides a large feed opening and the mill duty, disc-type rotor allows multiple hammer configurations for superior performance in a wide variety of applications — from high volume processing of wood waste into board furnish, mulch, fuel; re-grinding to produce bedding or play-chip; or primary reduction of green waste for compost and/or mulch. It's available with single or dual electric drive motors, for reliable, low cost operation. Available options include pre-screening, metal discharge conveyor, and magnetic separation, to provide a complete wood waste recycling system. To learn more visit

Bandit Introduces Dedicated Stump Grinder Trailers

Bandit Industries has expanded their stump grinder line by adding custom trailers for their stump grinders. Two trailer models have been designed to accommodate the model 2100 self-propelled stump grinder and a larger capacity trailer for their models 2800SP or 2900 track selfpropelled stump grinders. The trailers include a convenient pinning device to secure the machines and loop rings for chains and binders.

Both trailer models incorporate heavy-duty torsion axles to provide a smooth ride and to reduce wear and tear on the machines due to bumps in the road. The model 2100 trailer comes with a 3,500-lb. torsion axle and the model 2800SP trailer comes with a 5,200-lb. axle and includes electric brakes and a break away actuator. Visit for more information.



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