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New Products

Pro-EXTM Lumber Crayons
LA-CO Industries Inc./Markal Co. has introduced the new Markal Pro-EXTM Lumber Crayons. They’re durable, long-lasting contractors grade lumber crayons, specifically made to handle wet, dry, rough or smooth surfaces. They are highly visible and provide a sharp point for precise lines. The extruded lumber crayon works well for marking wood, concrete, rubber, cardboard and masonry. For more information call toll free (877) 890-3272 or log onto their web site at

Doppstadt AK 430
The Doppstadt’s AK 430 is a well-equipped, CAT-powered 428-hp shredder, designed for shredding most wood waste product from pallets and demolition timber to green and organic waste. The AK 430 features central lubrication points and large access doors on each side to make regular maintenance a breeze. Quick change grates allow end product sizing adjustments within minutes, with mesh screens ranging from 1" – 11" wide. The load-sensing scraper floor control works in conjunction with the feed roll to allow smooth, fuel-efficient performance resulting in continuous operation and impressive throughput. The AK 430 also features quickly replaceable hammer tips on the 5500-lb. hammermill rotor, for safe and easy maintenance that is unparalleled in the industry. For more information on this and many other Doppstadt products, visit them online at  or call (517) 881-9980.

Hagglund Launches Compact Drive
Hagglund Drives surveyed companies to find out what their specific needs were in a CBmotor. They targeted 12 specific applications, such as shredders, feeders, roll mills and pulp washing machines. With the information they gathered, Hagglund developed a new range of hydraulic motors — Compact CB. The motors combine space economy with high torque, and are reportedly maintenance-free and operate at a very low noise level. The mechanical efficiency is approximately 98 percent. It provides torques of up to 210,000 lbf. ft., with displacements from 920 to 3,220 in 3 per revolution with speeds up to 125 rpm and rated pressures up to 5,000 psi continuously. For more information call (614) 527-7400 or log onto their web site at

Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill Introduces Grinder
Schutte-Buffalo Hammer Mill has come out with a new MP Series Slow Speed Ram Fed Grinder for wood processing applications. It’s designed with a variety of innovative features resulting in less power usage, minimal dust and reduced need for manpower. Horsepower ranges from 40 hp to 125 hp and capacity from 2,000 lbs. to 25,000 lbs. per hour. Each model features a control package consisting of an electrical control panel that communicates and/or works in unison with the grinder’s hydraulic power pack for optimal grinding performance. For more information call 1-800-4GRIND4 or log onto their web site at

Sellick Forklift
Sellick Equipment Limited has come out with a new concept telescopic forklift — the Teletruck. It’s a 6,000 lb. capacity industrial pneumatic tire forklift truck that incorporates telescopic boom technology instead of a vertical mast design, providing a forward reach. It is capable of reaching and lifting a 3,500 lb. load from the other side of a truck, trailer or rail car, saving time and space required with one-side loading /unloading . Attachments can be switched quickly  continued through quick disconnect auxiliary hydraulics and a carriage with 111 degrees of tilt. When ground conditions or weather hinders forklift performance, with the flick of a switch the operator engages "diff-lock". And where more traction is needed, the Teletruck is available in a full-time four-wheel drive model. For more information call (519) 738-2255 x228, or log onto their web site at

Two New Bandit Options
Bandit’s 2680 Beast Recycler‚ is now available with a hydraulic powered horizontal thrower. The thrower, mounted on the end of the 2680’s 12" discharge conveyor, allows material to be loaded into end opening chip vans or to be spread out over a site. The thrower is especially designed for logging operations that utilize logging slash and waste from a flail debarker chipper. The 3680 Track Beast Recycler‚ now has an optional backhoe style, knuckle boom loader which will allow the operator to load material directly into the unit’s infeed hopper. The loader, which has a capacity of 7,400 lbs. at.10’ and 3,350 lbs. at its full reach of 25’, features a 3’ telescoping jib boom and a 56" continuous rotation bypass grapple with a brake. For more information call (800) 952-0178 or fax Bandit at (989) 561-2273.

Torqer recently redesigned and expanded its RollaBench line of mobile maintenance and repair shops. The RollaBench was conceived with the idea that it is often more practical to take the shop to the job than take the job to the shop. The device is easy to manually push or pull — an effort of 8 lbs. is required for each 2,000 lbs. That makes it practical to move 2,000 pounds or more of tools, equipment, parts and supplies up to the job site. The RollaBench is made of all steel, welded construction. Models are available with 5 to 17 lockable drawers and lockable cupboard areas. All models have a 27" wide and 54" long heavy steel top workbench surface. For more information call (216) 761-6400, or toll free (800) 809-2330.


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