March April, 2003




  Bridge over Trouble Waters
Janicki Logging uses Rapid-Span Solutions.

 Sierra-Cascade Logging Conf & Equip. Show Review
 54th Annual Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference in Anderson, Calif.

  2003 Oregon Logging Conference Review
 The 65th annual Oregon Logging Conference went off smoothly and successfully. For those who weren’t able to attend here are some of the highlights... Plus

 Avoiding Band-Aids
Excessive sawmill "patching" in effort to delay major upgrades could be terminal.

 Evolution of a Logger
Richard Van Damme Moves from the woods into Acme manufacturing

  Threat to the Douglas Fir
Could disease take them?  If so, what can be done to stop it?

2003 Annual Log Loader specification Chart
To help make the selection process easier for you, we have gathered data on the various machines in the 2003 Log Loader Specification Chart.

Like Any Asset, Our Forests Need Proper management
- David S. Hill, Executive V.P., Southern Oregon Timber Industries Assoc.

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