March-April, 2002





New Products

Amulet PowerClamp
Amulet Manufacturing has come out with a new "hood
style" profile to their line of heavy-duty PowerClamp
hydraulic bucket thumbs. This "hook" tine shape is
designed to provide additional grasping and handling ability
and manufactured of high strength alloy plate using
heavy weld, hardened pins and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders.
The hook style design features a full bucket specific tooth
bar as well as being available in a non-linkage or progressive
linkage configuration capable of rotation up to 190 degrees.
For more information call (800) 526-8538, fax
(707) 822-2398 or look them up on their website,

Brush Bandit‚ with Loader Option
Bandit's 14" capacity Model 254 hand-fed Brush Bandit‚
chipper is now available with an optional backhoe style
loader to help feed larger diameter materials and piles of
The loader offers an 85º swing with a 70º swing toward
the curb and at 15º swing away from the curb. It features an
11" boom reach, with a lifting capacity of approximately 500
pounds at full reach. A 270º swivel rotation grapple comes
standard with a 360º continuous rotation grapple offered as
an option.
For more information call (800) 952-0178 or e-mail them
at [email protected] or visit their website,

322C Cat Forest Machine
Caterpillar has introduced the 322C Forest Machine. It
can be configured as a log loader, delimber or roadbuilder.
The 322C FM is powered by a Cat‚ 3126 TA (turbocharged
and aftercooled) six-cylinder diesel with a 162
net horsepower. The machine's hydraulic cross-sensing system
improves productivity with faster implement speed
and quicker, stronger pivot turns. Cross-sensing controls
both hydraulic pumps so they use 100 percent of available
engine power in all operating conditions.
The cab is quiet with ergonomically designed. Low-effort
controls, an ergonomic seat, and efficient ventilation help
reduce operator fatigue.
For more information contact your local Caterpillar dealer
or visit the Cat web site at

Pre-Planing Module
A new pre-planing module is now available on the
Auburn / Pinheiro 1000 series of 20" and 34" wide double
surfacers and planer/molders. The module lowers the cost
and time required to process both dirty and over sized
stock. This optional top infeed head improves finish quality
and extends the sharpness time of the finish knives by
removing the gravel dust and other debris collected on the
top surface of the stock during storage and transportation.
It also allows over thickness lumber, glued panels, flitches,
cants, timbers and laminated beams to be finished sized
or profiled in a single pass. For more details, contact
Auburn Machinery Inc. at 800-888-4244 or check out their
web site at

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