March, 2001





New Products 


Prentice 384 Log Loader 
The new Prentice 384 was recently introduced by the Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division of Blount, Inc. It features innovative engineering in high production pine and hardwood delimbing operations and is powered by excavatortype hydraulics. "It's the first time this system has been adapted for use in a log loader," said Chris Williams, product manager. "We customized the system to produce the fast cycle times, smooth operation and power required for high production logging ." The result is swing torque of over 42,450 ftlbs. and lift capacity of 22,683 pounds at 15'. The subframe and stabilizer assembly provide a support base of 250 sq. ft., an increase of 15 percent over the previous model. Williams said, "With this enlarged base, loggers can plant the 384 securely even in rough terrain and crank up production ." For more information, contact the Forestry and Industrial Division of Blount, Inc. at (919) 269-2463 or visit their website at

Magnafire 3000‚ H.I.D. Floodlight 
With the new Magnafire 3000‚ H.I.D. floodlight you can now light up your nighttime work directly from a 12 volt battery. The new H.I.D. technology is nearly four times more efficient as halogen (more Lumen output per watt), allowing the use of lower wattage bulbs. The light comes to full intensity in 30 seconds and draws 6 amps @ 12VDC, with no generator or inverters needed. For more information call HavisShield at (800) 524-9900 or visit their website at

Daewoo S170LCV Excavator 
Daewoo has introduced its new Solar 170LCV - a midsize excavator ideal for small contractors. It will fit on a 20 ton trailer tag along, and the narrow gauge makes it street legal. It weighs in at 37,919 pounds and has a bucket capacity of .79 cubic yards. It's powered by a Daewoo DB 58T engine with 116 hp at 2,050 rpm. For more information about the S170LCV you can call (770) 831-2200 or log onto

Telescopic Crane 
Stellar Industries has introduced the Model 10620 telescopic crane. It features a 55,000 foot pound capacity and can lift up to 10,000 pounds at 5.5 feet. The 10620 includes a proportional radio remote control and utilizes a planetary winch system which operates at speeds of 60 feet per minute. The 10620 is available by itself or in a turnkey package which includes a chassis of your choice, a heavyduty steel body, a variety of air compressor systems and a portable welding system. For more information call (641) 923-3741 or email [email protected]

STIHL's New MS 290 
Stihl has come out with a new Super Farm Boss, the MS 290. It weighs 13.2 lbs. (without bar and chain) and has a 3.47 cubic inch (57 cc), 3.75 bhp engine. It also includes an electronic ignition, adjustable oil pump, Quickstop‚ chain brake, STIHL's multipoint and antivibration system, Ematic™ bar system, toolless fuel and oil caps and builtin summer to winter carburetor air heating feature. For more information call (757) 486-9100 or write STIHL Inc., P.O. Box 2015, Virginia Beach, Va. 23450-2015. 

Morbark Adds Tilt Hopper 
The Morbark Model 4000P coloring system is now built with a tilt hopper, allowing access to lower augers, as well as making maintenance and service easier. The hydraulic tilt function also allows easy clean out of the top hopper by simply dumping material. The 4000P produces consistently colored wood waste in a wide variety of pigments, at a rate in excess of 200 cubic yards per hour. This addition to an existing grinding and/or screening operation creates a machine that can handle the output of the most productive grinders. For more information call (800) 233-6065 ext. 279 or (517) 866-2381 ext. 279. 

Caterpillar Improves D9R 
Caterpillar‚ has improved the D9R tracktype tractor. The upgraded machine features a Cat‚ 3408E engine with an advanced HEUI™ fuel system. Other changes include a more comfortable operator compartment and undercarriage modifications that extend wear life and reliability. The DR9 has 410 hp and provides power through a single state torque converter with an output torque divider. Its has an operating weight of 107,548 pounds, and a blade capacity of 17.7 cubic yards for the semiuniversal blade and 21.4 cubic yards for the universal blade. For more information contact your local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat website at

Bandit Power Boost 
Bandit's 19" capacity Model 1900 towable and self propelled tree and track whole tree chippers have nearly doubled their crushing and pulling power because of an improved hydraulic feed system. Limbs can be crushed and compressed more effectively - six to eight inch diameter capacity limbs can be folded, crushed and broken to feed into the chipper. The drive system has been changed to improve power and ease operation. And the loader swing system features a dual motor drive. For more information call (800) 952-0178 or (517) 561-2270. 

Quick-Tach Grapple 
Sheyenne Tooling & Manufacturing introduces a handy skid-steer attachment - the QuickTach Grapple. It attaches to and detaches from the bucket or fork on all skid-steer loaders quickly and easily. Its teeth, spaced 15 inches apart, are high-carbon R100 steel for extra strength and durability, and its supporting rods give it extra durability. The unit's 2" x 8" hydraulic cylinders are shielded and the hoses are secured along the sides of the bucket to prevent it from catching on obstructions and tearing loose. For more information call (800) 797-1883, visit the website at or email [email protected].

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