June, 2001





Buyers Guide

(No Longer available - Oct 2002)

Here’s your 2001/2002 Buyer’s Guide & Directory of Western Forestry Equipment & Suppliers. You will find this the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource guide to the equipment, products and services offered by manufacturers and regional distributors of logging, mill yard, wood processing and log trucking in the Western timber industry market. Because it is such an invaluable and easy to use Buyer’s Guide & Directory, you will want to keep it close at hand throughout the year as an instantly available reference when you’re ready to buy. 

The following are directions on how to use this Buyer’s Guide & Directory: 

Company names of manufacturers and distributors highlighted in bold denote suppliers advertising in the 2001/2002 Buyer’s Guide & Directory Issue of TIMBER/WEST Magazine. For more detailed information about their product or service, please turn to the Advertisers Index on Page 100 to locate the page number(s) upon which their ad(s) appear. 

Beginning on Page 15: Under each separate category of the most commonly used forestry PRODUCTS are listed the manufacturers and/or suppliers who offer these products or services to buyers located throughout the Western timber industry market. Once you’ve located the category that best describes the product or service you require, you should note the company names listed, and then turn to the MANUFACTURERS section for complete contact information.  (

Beginning on Page 26: You can then find more detailed information about the companies that offer the product or service you require in the alphabetical listing of MANUFACTURERS. In addition to the address, telephone, fax, E-mail, Web site, contact and brand names, you may also want to note the name of the authorized dealer/ distributor in your area, and turn to the DISTRIBUTORS section for more localized contact information. 

Beginning on Page 66: Listed alphabetically by state, DISTRIBUTORS are then listed alphabetically by company name and/or branch location(s) within that Western state. Here’s where you’ll find the address, telephone, fax, E-mail, Web site, contact names and major lines of forestry products and services represented by the forestry dealer/distributor located in your geographic area. 

(While every effort is made to have these listings accurate and up to date, the possibility always exists for changes within any of the product categories and companies listed. Information received may have been inadvertently mis-entered into these listings or companies may not have responded with most current and accurate information available at time of printing. TIMBER/WEST, therefore, assumes no responsibility or liability for inaccuracies or omissions.)


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