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Terrific Tradition

Deming Log Show supports the industry and the community

The Deming Log Show is a long-standing event in Whatcom County, Wash. Back in 1963, a group of loggers got together to find a way to raise money for “busted-up loggers.” They decided on a log show, and the first one was held in a pasture about three miles from the current site. “After five years, we bought the 40-acre site where the show is held today,” says Bob Larsen, who has been involved from the start and emcees the event. “The land was mostly timber, and over the years we’ve worked to create what you see now.”

Almost all gate receipts from the show — 85 to 95 percent — go to the loggers compensation fund. Any logger injured in Whatcom county or while working for a Whatcom-based company, and has been out of commission for two weeks or more, is eligible to receive money from the fund. Bob says that over the years he has seen safety in the industry improve and the number of injured loggers decline. “I think it’s in large part because loggers are being forced to use safety practices. We like to complain about it, but the overall picture is a good one.”

Even though attendance was down a bit due to wet weather, it didn’t stop people from opening their pocketbooks on auction items. One load of donated cedar logs this year went for $6,500. People filled the stands to root for their favorite contestants in various competitions. And they took breaks between activities to view the machinery exhibits. “To my knowledge, it’s still the biggest equipment exhibit north of Eugene, Oregon,” says Bob. It’s now been over four decades since the first show was held in a pasture.

Since then, many loggers and their families have received help. Kids who attended earlier shows are now bringing their kids and grandkids. The Deming Log Show is a long-standing tradition that we hope will continue for years to come.


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