January and February 2006





Patented V-Lock





QM Bearings has developed a new, patented Blue Brute V-Lock bearing that's ideally suited for heavy-duty sawmill and forestry applications needing easy installation and maximum locking capability. It can be installed and removed in about 10 minutes for most applications and doesn’t require feeler gauges for checking clearances.

Initially, V-Lock will be available in a range of shaft sizes from 2 7/16" to 3 15/16". Most sizes will be available in pillow block, flange block and piloted flange steel housing styles. Acomplete selection becomes available in March 2006.

Customers may choose from eight primary and secondary seals. Just like other Blue Brute bearings, they can be ordered in many configurations without paying custom bearing prices. Go to www.qmbearings.com for more information.

New J-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers



John Deere has come out with the new 643J and 843J Wheeled Feller Bunchers. They feature the emission-compliant John Deere 6068H engine, with increased horsepower to a 174 rated hp in the 643J and 225 rated hp in the 843J. That power boost dramatically increases the machines’ multi-functioning capabilities and cycle times, making operators more productive.

The best-in-class cabs feature the new forward-sloping windshield and a larger skylight to provide excellent visibility. And the new hydraulically reversing cooling fan automatically blows debris off the grill screen for better airflow into the engine.

On the working end of the new J-Series machines is the new FD22B Felling Head. The redesigned, slightly offset accumulation pocket increases its accumulation capacity up to 20 percent more than the previous model. With the improved tilt-back geometry on the head and new link, the feller bunchers provide better load transfer capabilities and stability, especially in those hardwood bottoms and hollows. Visit www.JohnDeere.com for details.

Quadco Announces New Felling Head

Quadco has just introduced its new high-speed disc saw felling head specially designed for big wood. It has a large 28" single pass tree capacity.

It has an overall height of 10' 7" and extended arm spread to increase leverage. The heavy-duty 360VI wrist allows maximum versatility and fiber savings. It can be mounted on any large counterweighted feller buncher. The company states that it is one of the most economical disc systems on the market with replaceable bolt-on tooth holders and QuadToothR.

For details log on to www.quadco.com.

New PowerBox™
Models by Dynamic Power Source

In October Dynamic Power Source, LLC (DPS) announced the release of two new PowerBox™ versions— the 280MP and 280HD.

One of the most significant features of the 280MP is its more compact design (20”W x 36”H x 48”L) as well as its ability to be mounted onto the side pack of a service body, into the load space of a pick-up or service body vehicle. It relies on an 18-hp gasoline powered Kohler engine, a 20 CFM Quincy compressor and 200 amp/5,500 watt generator/ welder combination.

The 280HD (hydraulically driven) power unit is ideal for vehicle applications that already utilize a power take off (PTO) system. The 280HD provides users with 200 amps of welding, 5,500 watts of power and 20 CFM of air, and requires a 14GPM at 3000PSI. The unit is completely self-contained and offers a weather resistant, easy access control panel, which can be attached to the unit or mounted remotely in various places on the vehicle. To see more log on to www. 187POWERBOX.com.

Wireless Onboard Scale Helps Monitor Snow Loads

An accumulation of snow and ice on the undercarriage or on top of a truck or trailer can add thousand of pounds of unwanted weight, reducing the legal payload, stressing the equipment, and increasing the risk of overweight violations and fines.

"A one-inch layer of ice or wet snow weighs as much as five pounds per square foot," says Peter Panagapko, president of TruckWeight. "Accumulated on the underside of a 53- foot trailer, that inch-thick sheet of ice or wet snow could amount to more than 2,000 pounds you didn't know you were hauling."

Owner-operators and truck fleets in logging and other weight-sensitive markets are using TruckWeight's wireless onboard scale, called Smart Scale, to monitor the effects of snow loading. "The scale helps them track changes in their gross and axle weights during the course of a trip in snowy, wet, or icy conditions," says Panagapko. "It gives drivers precise weight information so they can talk to their dispatcher or customer about how to proceed if the vehicle approaches its legal limit, and it eliminates surprises at the scale house."

Visit www.truckweight.com for more.

Blount’s New CTR 320 Delimber

Blount’s new CTR 320 delimber features a wide, Vshaped throat opening that funnels logs into place for fast and easy loading and delimbing. Introduced by the Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division of Blount, Inc., the CTR 320 incorporates other innovations, such as an automatic chain tensioner, to increase productivity and cut maintenance time.

With three knives and a 20-inch throat opening, the CTR 320 can accommodate multiple stem softwood, large pine and medium hardwood. The CTR 320 has all the same design advancements of the 426 in a more compact machine. The clean, ribbed structure is designed to stand up to daily delimbing. There are no weld joints in high load areas and the rigid, skeletal design disperses the stress generated during delimbing from the knives down and out through the cradle mounting. Both the 320 and the 426 can delimb trees as small as 3? inches in diameter.

The CTR delimbers have a unique roller adjustment system. Lead screws in the base control a sliding wedge that raises and lowers the roller. This patent-pending innovation prolongs the life of the bearing and the bearing bolt. For more details visit www.blount-fied.com.




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