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Oregon Logging Conference - Wednesday Afternoon Seminar

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Wednesday Afternoon

The afternoon portion of the logger- training seminar will be held in concurrent technical, breakout sessions. Registrants may choose one session per hour from a choice of three discourses offered in a round-robin format. After their third and final discussion, members will be awarded three professional logger credits. Speakers and topics will be:

Room #1 – “Road Maintenance, Drainage and Wet Weather Hauling: New Rules”, Paul Clements, Forest Practices Forester, Western Lane District, ODF, Veneta, Ore. Included in the discussion will be new Forest Practices Rules for road construction and maintenance that will take effect in 2003. Clements will outline the differences in the new rules and consider operational changes they may require. “Wetland Identification and Protection” is the topic of Malcolm Hiatt, Forest Practices Forester, ODF, Forest Grove District, Forest Grove, Ore. The final discussion of the triad will be presented by Jim Wolf, ODF Fire Prevention Staff, Medford, Ore., “Forest-Urban Interface Fire Protection: New Rules”. His overview will concern the implementation of the 1997 Forestland-Urban Interface Act, management and planning of the legislation and related topics.

Room #2 – David Degenhardt, Prevention/Enforcement Coordinator, ODF, Salem will kick off the second go-round with “Protecting Small Non- Fish Streams”. This discussion will cover what constitutes a “stream”, applicable rule(s), what is being protected in small Type N streams and why, resource protection practices that apply to prevent damage and the definition of “slash”. Also covered will be what a small, Type N stream should look like after harvest operations, standards, when to clear slash from Type N streams and finally planning your operation to include small, Type N streams. Hydrologist/Water Specialist Jim Paul, ODF, Forest Practices Unit of Salem, will follow with “Fish Passage Where Roads Cross Streams”. Paul Clements will again take the floor with “Skidding and Yarding on Erosion Prone Slopes: New Rules”. Covering the new Section that will appear in the 2003 Forest Practices Rules for Harvesting — Division 630, Clements will explain changes in the language in existing sections. He will also describe the changes in the rules and the effects they may have on planning and implementing logging operations with a focus on ground-based equipment.

Room #3 - sessions will feature Joseph P. Shramek, Assistant Region Manager for Resource Protection and Services, Washington State DNR, with “Washington Rules and Regulations”. Included in his presentation is his experience with oversight of programs such as wildland fire education, prevention and suppression operations and forest stewardship education. “Logging the East Side” will be presented by Bill Howard, Boise Cascade Corporation’s Regional Logging Manager, Yakima, Wash. “Culvert Installation and Maintenance” will be the final offering of the breakout sessions. Speaker will be announced at a later date. Once more, Jim Gahlsdorf will take the podium for the “Wrap Up, Closing Comments and Evaluation Process” as the group reconvenes in the original starting locale of the Composer’s Hall.

The 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference and Equipment Show was held February 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2003 in Eugene, Oregon.

Over 500 exhibitors offered attendees a look at their newest equipment.

Industry professionals also had the opportunity to attend educational seminars with credits awarded toward Professional Logger Certification. Credits were awarded by: Oregon Professional Logger Washington Contract Loggers Accredited Logging Professional Montana Accredited Logging Professionals California Professional Logger Idaho Professional Logger

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