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Oregon Logging Conference - President's Letter

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Bill Will

It is with great pleasure that I welcome members and visitors alike to the 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference and Equipment Display. For more than six decades we have watched the timber industry wax and wane, crescendo and crash, regain a foothold in the world market and survive some of the most outrageous environmental attacks imaginable. We have truly experienced the sublime and the ridiculous! 

This year we present our theme America's Forests - Habitat for Humanity. Those outside the industry are recognizing that unmanaged forests are a threat and an endangerment to more than just wildlife. Over the past year, they have witnessed raging forest fires throughout the West that have ravaged timberlands, destroyed wildlife, decimated animal habitat and consumed entire residential communities. Helplessly and locked in fear they stood by watching their dreams go up in smoke. Outraged, they demanded that governmental entities controlling these vastly wooded acres "do something!" 

Gradually they are recognizing the "something" for which they prayed is management, maintenance and harvest, but in a thoughtful, well-planned, professional method. Speakers from across the Northwest are joining us this President's Letter weekend in a well-rounded submission of issues and answers. In addition to OLC's regular array of panels and seminars, we will be offering our second Professional Loggers' Training Seminar, Wednesday February 19th at the Eugene Hilton Hotel. By attending this series, members will be exposed to multi-faceted presentations by experts in the field, afforded the opportunity to mix and match sessions of interest while earning valuable credits toward their Professional Logger Certification. 

The Training Seminar is set up in a format that will allow the highest attendance at the greatest number of sessions in order to receive the maximum credit award possible. Keynoting this year's exposition is a man whose name is recognized nationwide. He has been in the trenches of the industry for a very long time, fighting for stability and common sense timber management. Jim Petersen, founder and editor of Evergreen Magazine and Executive Director of the Evergreen Foundation of Bigfork, Montana will be on deck Thursday morning with his presentation, "If The President Calls, Do You Hang Up?" I believe that you will find his lecture enlightening and his expertise supreme. Coupling these educational opportunities with our regular menu of up-to-the-minute sessions and state-of-the-art equipment displays, we are confident that your time will be well spent in attendance at the OLC. 

I welcome you to join us at the 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference, February 19-22, 2003, Lane County Fairgrounds and Convention Center, Eugene, Oregon.


The 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference and Equipment Show was held February 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2003 in Eugene, Oregon.

Over 500 exhibitors offered attendees a look at their newest equipment.

Industry professionals also had the opportunity to attend educational seminars with credits awarded toward Professional Logger Certification. Credits were awarded by: Oregon Professional Logger Washington Contract Loggers Accredited Logging Professional Montana Accredited Logging Professionals California Professional Logger Idaho Professional Logger

If you would like a copy of the TimberWest Oregon Logging Conference Official Show Guide, please contact [email protected]  or mail $4.00 (USD) to OLC Guide TimberWest Magazine P.O. Box 610 Edmonds, WA 98020

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