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Oregon Logging Conference - Friday Afternoon Session

OLC - Oregon Logging Conference

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Friday Afternoon Session

Be prepared Friday afternoon for the ever popular and broadly attended “Better Ideas/New Technology” seminar and pick up one Professional Logger credit for attendance. Over the course of time, “Better Ideas/New Technology” has proven to be a crowd pleaser. Moderating this year’s event will be Ed Hendrix, Longview Fibre, Boring, Ore. Joining Ed, Denny Mohan, Security, Longview Fibre, Longview, Wash. offers worthy information relating to his topic, “Protecting Your Equipment From Vandalism”. An area of vital concern to today’s logger. Ken Kendrick, Land Manager, Collins Timber, Company, Lakeview, Ore., speaks of “Lo-Tech Initial Fire Suppression Options: Efficient, Effective and Economical”.

He will provide photos of and describe three systems used on the East Side of the Cascades, each developed by loggers. Designed out of necessity to meet a specific need for initial fire suppression, each addresses issues for different mechanical harvest sides. Design intent and development goal was to acquire systems that would be economically feasible. Scott Wilke, WW Contracting, Kalispell, Mont., will offer “Rough Terrain Fire Fighting Machine — Proteus” as his topic of discussion.

This multi-track forwarder is equipped with a 3,000-gallon tank and can be transformed from its dayto- day duties in harvest to a fire-fighting unit when necessary. “Harvesting to Reduce Fire Danger — Small Operator” looks at the posi-track dozer with attachments for falling, yarding, processing and brush cutting and it’s capabilities for the small operator. With information provided by Mark Smith, Woodland Harvest and Landscape, LLC., Sherwood, Ore., members will find his speech invaluable. Last, but certainly not least, Ed Hanscom, Owner, HM Inc., Eagle Point, Ore., contributes to the program with “Harvesting to Reduce Fire Danger — Large Operator”.

Friday afternoon’s agenda proves to be well rounded. The up to the moment contribution takes a look at industry concerns of fire danger, the latest available equipment to meet the needs of operations large and small, while it stimulates thought, provokes discussion and offers up solutions to an ever present danger in our forests. Concluding the Friday seminar events, Sherrie Bond, Bond Trucking, Rochester, Wash., again serves as Moderator for the Women in the Woods, Roundtable Forum held in the North Meeting Room, Performance Hall at 2:30 p.m.

Completion of this forum qualifies participants to earn two Professional Logger Credits. Created to address the unique concerns of women working within a traditionally male dominated profession, Bond’s guest speakers will consider the female role in forest fire fighting, career opportunities available, the pros and cons, risks and rewards afforded females who join the fire fighting ranks. From fire school to Hot Shots, the presentation will take a look at today’s smoke eater ala femme as yet another facet of Women in the Woods is revealed. TW

The 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference and Equipment Show was held February 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2003 in Eugene, Oregon.

Over 500 exhibitors offered attendees a look at their newest equipment.

Industry professionals also had the opportunity to attend educational seminars with credits awarded toward Professional Logger Certification. Credits were awarded by: Oregon Professional Logger Washington Contract Loggers Accredited Logging Professional Montana Accredited Logging Professionals California Professional Logger Idaho Professional Logger

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