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Oregon Logging Conference - Friday Morning Session

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Friday Morning

Please remember that badges are required for attendance in these meetings. Award of one Professional Logger credit will be made upon completion of the discussion. Kicking off Friday’s educational opportunities is the panel presentation based on this year’s theme, “American’s Forests – Habitat for Humanity”. Blair Moody, BLM, Medford, will guide the panel as they address the following topics: “Industry View – Habitat for Humanity”, John Beuter, President, Umpqua-Tualatin, Inc, Corvallis, Ore. Dr. Beuter summarizes his topic of discussion, “regulation of private forests and a transition on public lands from a focus on sustained yield to a focus on sustainable ecosystems have introduced considerable uncertainty about future timber supplies.

Uncertainty stifles confidence and commitment needed to maintain a competitive forest industry. Without a viable forest industry, economic opportunities will be lost and forestland will be devalued, increasing incentives to use forestland for higher-valued nonforest purposes. The challenge is to balance the protection of forest ecosystems with need to maintain the highest possible economic (market) value for forestland. Without predictable, sustainable timber supplies to sustain a viable forest industry, both forest ecosystems and forest–dependent communities will suffer.”

Following Dr. Beuter’s dissertation, John Lowe, Consultant, U.S. Forest Service Ret., Parkdale, Ore. presents the “Federal View – Habitat for Humanity”. Lowe will speak of the changes in Federal land management over the past four decades. He will include in his talk, “timber heydays” of the 1970’s to the current crisis in forest condition as we move into the 21st century. Addressing the aspects that have influenced the transition and drawing on personal perspectives, he will share his philosophical views of how federal land management has gotten to its present position. He will also offer personal thoughts directed at dissatisfaction of current Forest Service trends and provide suggestions for possible change.

Oregon State University, Dean of Forestry, Hal Salwasser, Corvallis, Ore. rounds out the presentations with “Balance for Habitat for Humanity”. He will lecture his audience on the general topic of roles of diverse forest ownership in Oregon’s forest cluster and implications for the State’s economic and community vitality.

The 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference and Equipment Show was held February 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2003 in Eugene, Oregon.

Over 500 exhibitors offered attendees a look at their newest equipment.

Industry professionals also had the opportunity to attend educational seminars with credits awarded toward Professional Logger Certification. Credits were awarded by: Oregon Professional Logger Washington Contract Loggers Accredited Logging Professional Montana Accredited Logging Professionals California Professional Logger Idaho Professional Logger

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