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New Products

Bombardier’s ATV Design for the Forestry Industry Bombardier Recreational Products has introduced the Traxter® MAX ATV, the world’s first all-terrain vehicle (ATV) specifically designed for two riders. ATVs are already an integral part of many woodland operations because of their ability to navigate rough terrain, deliver heavy-duty utility performance and transport workers to remote areas. By allowing two people to ride together on one ATV to a worksite, the new two-rider Traxter MAX provides a way to increase staff mobility without compromising riders’ safety or the ATV’s tough utility capabilities; and at a price only slightly higher than single-rider ATVs. In addition, because one vehicle can now replace two, the two-rider Traxter MAX helps to minimize environmental impact. For more information, contact Marc Lacroix at (819) 566- 3350 or log onto their web site at www.recreation.bombardier.com .

Radio Remote Controller for Skidder Winches
Push Button Systems has announced the introduction of Winch Chief™ — a remote control systems for winches installed on forest skidders. The Winch Chief™ is universal and designed with three point PTO driven winches, including fixed installed dual drum types. The controller consists of a lightweight and compact handheld unit, which the operator uses to transmit signals to control the winch through a receiver located in the skidder cab. The controller provides the functions of winch pull, winch brake release along with controlled brake release with an adjustable cycle and interval. Weighing only 350-g the transmitter operates with a failsafe protocol and can control the winch from as far as 200 meters away from the skidder. Battery operated, the transmitter has its own built-in battery charger system, which is polarity protected and can operate continuously for 20 hours on a single charge. For further information please contact Steven J. Beeferman at (678) 530-0252, fax (770) 234-5790, or e-mail [email protected].

Timberjack 1410D Forwarder
Timberjack has come out with a new D Series 1410D forwarder. The TJ1410D forwarder is equipped with a John Deere 6068HT turbocharged six-cylinder diesel. With 173 SAE gross hp the 6.8-liter engine produces an impressive 575 lbf of torque. A heavy-duty radiator with coolant level indicator and recovery reservoir is standard to keep the diesel running smooth in the deepest underbrush. A 500-hour service interval for engine oil and filter provides more running with less maintenance, and the oil drain hose keeps oil changes spill-free. The in-line injection pump on the fuel line guarantees consistent flow regardless of machine angle. The hydrostatic mechanical transmission with protected electric/hydraulic range two-speed gearbox provides a maximum tractive effort of 39,342 lbf with effortless, no-surge starts and without dropping engine speed. And the operator’s station on the Timberjack 1410D features four-season climate control, parallel cab lift/shift with onboard hydraulic pump, and the highest level of safety guarding possible. For more information, contact your Timberjack dealer.

Extending Vehicle Air Conditioning Life
Index Sensors & Controls of Stanwood, Wash. has introduced a new air conditioning monitoring and protection system designed to reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime. The ACX-10 Air Conditioning Life Extender is a monitoring system that communicates with the vehicle's A/C system. It consists of a compact control module that is easily mounted in the engine compartment. The system protects air conditioning components against premature failure by monitoring refrigerant pressure and voltage. Both high and low refrigerant pressure can lead to rapid cycling of the A/C system, causing premature wear of the compressor, clutch, and hoses. Under such conditions, the ACX-10 prevents rapid cycling of the A/C clutch by slowing down the cycle rate to 15 seconds, cutting cycle frequency by as much as 80 percent.


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