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  Oregon Logging Conference
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he 65th Annual Oregon Logging Conference and Equipment Show was held February 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2003 in Eugene, Oregon.

 Hustling for Federal Contracts
Tom and Seth Zacharias Carve Niche for Pro Thinning with a Timbco & Rottne Combo

  Diversification For All Seasons
Doug Schlatter contracting Diversifies Through Logging, Tree Planting and Fence Building

 Salvaging Old Growth
Jack Brown Logging Snags Forest Management Jobs With His Slashbusters

 A Word on Chainsaws
Future Trends in Small Milling, Dehumidification Drying and Mulching

  Hardwood Sawmilling
Weyerhaeuser's Northwest Hardwood division has made its latest expansion in what is traditionally softwood country in the Pacific Northwest

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