February, 2002





New Products

CaterpillarŪ 311C 
Caterpillar recently introduced the 311C Utility Hydraulic Excavator. The 311C boasts higher performance than the 311B and also has a 15-inch smaller tail swing radius than the 311B. The excavator is powered by a CATŪ 3064 turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel engine. It's designed for high torque rise at medium speeds, making it more fuel efficient and weighs in at 26,410 pounds. In addition, its front linkage operation accommodates two different sticks and five different buckets. For more information contact your local dealer or log onto their website at www.cat.com

Timbco 380 & 385 Harvesting Attachments 
In the Spring of 2001, Partek Forest acquired the Rosin line of heavy harvesting heads. The Rosin heads were designed conceptually similar to Valmet's line of heads - the 945, 960, and 965 - except they were larger and bigger. After some upgrading and refining of the Rosin product, Partek Forest is now introducing the North American built Timbco 380 and 385 single-grip harvesting attachments. Both heads incorporate many features similar to the Valmet heads. But they are also built for heavier duty work. "What's different with the Timbco heads are the generally larger dimensioned components and larger feed-motors required for the heavy harvesting conditions experienced in some areas of North America", says Tim Lee, Product Manager, Attachments for Partek Forest in Gladstone, Mich. "These heads are primarily designed for attachment to Timbco rubber-tired or tracked carriers, but are available for other excavator type carriers as well". For more information visit the Timbco website at www.timbcohyd.com or email Timbco at Timbco@timbcohyd. com

Morbark debuts 20/36 Track Chipper 
In March, at the ConExpo-Con/Agg Trade show, Morbark will be debuting its heavy duty Model 20/36 Track Chipper. It's designed to process up to 18-inch material in various locations and reduces the need for extra support equipment. It also features a hydraulic discharge spout so chips can be conveniently directed in a 180-degree arc and is equipped with a 36-inch diameter drum, and a Mor-Lift Model 150 Knuckleboom loader with a 14' reach. For more information check out the Morbark website at www.morbark.com.

Franklin Environmental Brush Cutters 
The Franklin Brush Cutters are safe, environmentally friendly vegetation management tool. With a light footprint and a big bite, they are ideal for right-of-way, land clearing, fuel reduction and thinning. Franklin carriers allow the use of high flow contained debris attachments without modification. For more information call (757) 562-6111, or fax them at (757) 562-3631. 

Bandit's 24" Whole Tree Chipper 
Bandit has added a 24" diameter capacity unit, Model 2400, to their line of whole tree chippers. The 2400 can produce approximately 100 tons of chips per hour, depending on the quality and size of material being processed. The hydraulic five wheel feed system consists of two horizontal and two vertical wheels with an added top wheel set on a diagonal. The extra wheel nearly doubles the feed wheel surface area that comes in contact with the wood making it easier to feed large trees as well as short, blocky material. For more information visit the Bandit website, www.banditchippers.com or email them at brushbandit@ eclipsetel.com. 

Parker 351TC and 351ST Hoses 
Parker Hannifin has introduced their 351TC and 351ST abrasion-resistant hoses designed for one-half SAE 100R1 minimum bend radius applications. Available with a Super Tough polymeric cover for severe applications, both hoses offer a 4,000 psi constant working pressure in sizes that range from 1/4" to 3/4" ID. They are constructed of an oil-resistant, Nitrile-based synthetic rubber tube that makes them compatible with a variety of fluids. For more information call toll free 1-800-C-PARKER, or check out their website at www.parkerhose.com 

Gruendler 2860 T-Rex 
Gruendeler has introduced their new Gruendeler 2860 T-Rex portable horizontal grinder, the newest addition in the T-Rex line. The 2860 is designed to rip through most wood waste with its 28" diameter roter. It's powered by a standard 500 hp or optional 650 hp engine. For more information on the 2860 or any of the other Gruendeler grinders, call (989) 288-3121 or log onto their website at www.gruendlercrusher. com

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