Logging and Sawmilling Information for the Western United States

December  2000 - Volume 25 Number 12



New Products

Two New Harvesters 
Ponsse Oyj has launched a new product family on cut to length forest machine markets, consisting of two different harvester and three different forwarder models.  With the new product family, the engines will change.  Beginning in 2001, the power source will be a MercedesBenz diesel engine.  The DaimlerChrysler Group’s Powertrain unit will supply the engines.  Besides modern styling, attention has been paid to fuel economy and user friendliness.  All models feature a completed redesigned cab with more space, improved working visibility and ergonomics, and reduced noise level.  There is also a new digital control system.  

All the machine’s control related parts (crane, drive, engine, harvester head control and measuring device) have been combined into a single system that optimizes the machine’s operation.  "Now there is an alternative — a smaller harvester that besides thinning is also able to carry out the final felling of trees with small diameters," says Ponsse Oyj’s president and CEO Tommi Lindbom.   

Quad Wheel Feed System 
 Bandit has introduced a feed system with four hydraulic feed wheels.  The units are easy to feed and are effective in collapsing limbs and branches because they come in contact with more surface area.  Engineers added the two new wheels to allow Brush Bandit‚ chippers to accept all types of material, even the large variety.  Material entering a chipper equipped with this system will first encounter the two new wheels and will then move on to the second set, which is positioned closest to the disc.  The system has been made standard on 188" Models 280XP and 1890 and is offered as an option on 12" Models 250XP and 14" 254XP.  For more information, you can contact Bandit at (800) 9520178 or fax them at (517) 5612273. 

Timberjack’s Two New Feller Bunchers
 Timberjack has added two rubber tire feller bunches to its line.  The new 740 and 840 feller bunchers are designed for drive to tree harvesting applications and are the first rubber tire feller bunchers offer by Timberjack.  The 740 and 840 are built for use in areas where the surface is relatively firm and the terrain is level to rolling.  The 740 has a 104inch (2,642 mm) wheel base.  The 840 is slightly longer at 110 inches (2,794 mm).  They can also operate in swamp terrain when equipped with flotation tires.  Both models are available with a choice of three continuous high speed disc saws (from 18 to 22 inches).  An optional shear head attachment is available for the 740.  The 740 delivers 170 gross horsepower (127 kW), while the 840 with an airto air intercooler produces 200 gross horsepower (149.2 kW).  For more information on the feller bunchers, visit their website at www.timberjack.com.  

535B Wheel Skidder 
Caterpillar introduces the 535B Wheel Skidder, featuring a new power train that uses the latest technology for increased torque, pulling power and direct drive capability.  A lockup clutch torque converter equips the 535B with all of the operating advantages of torque converter operation as well as the speed and fuel efficiency of direct drive.  The 535B uses a Cat‚ 3126 engine, which is turbocharged and after cooled and features individual unit injection for high torque rise and responsiveness, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.  The engine produces 180 flywheel horsepower (134kW).  For more information, contact your local Caterpillar dealer. 

 Kobelco Excavators
 Kobelco has introduced the 200SRLC short radius hydraulic excavator.  It is an inch from being a zero tail swing excavator.  When the machine swings over the side, its counterweight extends 1 inch beyond the tracks, making it the first 46,000 lb.  short radius excavator available in this hemisphere.  You get full-size performance in cramped spaces.  It has 123 net horsepower and a redesigned cab.  The 200SR has a swing speed of 11.0 RPM, bucket capacity of 0.881.25 yd3 and a gradability of 35 degrees.  If you would like more information, contact Kobelco at (281) 2404800, fax them at (281) 2404906 or visit their website at www.kobelcoamerica.com.  

Improved Flail Chiparvestors
  Morbark, Inc., introduced a series of improvements to their 2348 and 2755 Flail chiparvestor lines.  Improvements include increased flail drum RPM, resulting in cleaner end produce with a lower bark content, even in hard to debark species and difficult weather conditions.  Improvements in the infeed spout cause more uniform chip quality, and additional improvements to material flow allow material to travel more smoothly from the flail to the chipper.  For more information, contact Morbark, Inc., at (517) 8662381, fax them at (517) 8662280 or visit their website at www.morbark.com .

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