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Samuel SystemsSamuel Systems

Samuel Coding & Labeling says that it is an industry leader in custom and off-the-shelf solutions for the wood products industry.

Samuel Coding & Labeling’s systems for wood products include ink-jet grade mark systems, ink-jet printers for marketing information, ink-jet stencil machines for sawmills and planer mills, ink-jet direct-to-board bar coding and label automatic board bar coding for retail sales, automatic package tag systems to print labels and staple them to finished packages, and product tracking by integrating printers and scanners for 2-D bar codes. The company provides a full system solution with design, fabrication, installation and ongoing support.

Gateway GraphicsGateway Graphics and Rubber Stamps

Gateway Graphics and Rubber Stamps Inc. specializes in manufacturing and supplying a complete line of wood marking products designed to meet the needs of the lumber, panel and wood packaging industries.

The company’s marking systems use direct contact printing with rubber die and ink rolls to ensure marks are both visible and durable under all weather conditions. This time-tested and proven method for marking wood is often the least expensive option to print a mark on any wood product, says the company.

The initial cost of the printers is a fraction of the cost of ink-jet or other technologies, and the operating costs and maintenance of these systems are often less as well, says the company.

Mills often have less than ideal printing conditions requiring more durable mechanical equipment. Gateway Graphics and Rubber Stamps’ printing systems are easier to maintain and repair than the newer generation of computer-assisted ink-jet printing, says the company.

From rubber stamps, hammers and inks, to high-end automated printers, the company says that its quality equipment combined with its reliable customer service will keep customer marking systems working for years.

International Bar Coding Systems and ConsultingInternational Bar Coding Systems and Consulting

Designed to automatically print and apply self-adhesive labels to wood products in real time, the International Bar Coding Systems and Consulting PA10G printer applicator is said to be fast, efficient and reliable. The company says that it offers the industry’s fastest print and apply speed, at over 300 pieces per minute. Compatible with most computer systems, IBC labelers are easy to integrate with existing production equipment or host control systems via a range of interface options including Ethernet or Wireless. IBC labeling systems are provided with an integrated controller that controls the print and apply sequence using photo-electric product sensors. Print jobs can be sent in advance to the print engine by any external controller or computer system, or optionally IBC can provide an external Operator Interface that can be used for label design and label print selection where a PC or host is either not available or not practical.

Utility CompositesUtility Composites

SUNDOG from Utility Composites is a state-of-the-art UHF RFID tag that is reliable and environmentally rugged, says the company. This tag enables real time inventory management, reduced inventory losses and labour hours compared to a manual or barcoding inventory system, while providing improved data accuracy for wood assets.

SUNDOG RFID tags produce faster and efficient multi-tag readings with high read range capability. The SUNDOG RFID tag’s external antenna has long distance and wide angle read range capabilities, a combination not generally possible with other RFID tagging solutions, says the company. Users can capture data where and when they want it in their process.

SUNDOG RFID tags will not trip metal detectors. There is no need to stop processes to address these alarms. The tags are rugged and flexible and can penetrate and stay securely attached to rough wood assets. They will not damage blades or abrasives. They can also be used to tag live trees, utility poles, pallets, logs, and lumber. The specially designed hammer or pneumatic tacker enables a quick and easy way to install the tags into dense wood.

Utility CompositesSignode

Signode’s direct-to-product lumber marking solutions for lumber deliver high-speed printing for a variety of applications within the forestry industry. Designed to accommodate variable printing requirements, Signode’s printing solutions couple high resolution quality with precise placement to streamline lumber marking for any operation.

Designed for variable production environments, Signode’s printing solutions require minimal set-up for easy integration into any production line. Capable of printing variable data in different colours and sizes, including alphanumerics, logos and barcodes, Signode’s printing solutions allow for quick adjustments to changing production needs. Equipment modularity enables both face and end printing abilities.

Unlike other printing methods, Signode’s printing solutions utilize the most advanced printing technology, providing better performance, simplified operation, and lower costs.

Signode’s printing solutions feature PLC-based systems, providing simplified operation and maintenance. They allow for fast and easy adjustment to printing messages and parameters. Plus, heavy duty fully-enclosed mechanical systems streamline maintenance.

Matthews Marking ProductsMatthews Marking Products

Clearly marking wood products gives companies a competitive edge in the marketplace, and Matthews Marking Products says that its solutions are a top-notch way to help customers do that. From identifying products with large, bold images of brand to accurately printing specifications, association trademarks, mill numbers and more, the company’s comprehensive solutions help every step of the way. Matthews says that its workhorse DOD printer lineup is an industry leader, and provides customer production with reliable operation and the maximum possible uptime.

Substrates and applications include: panel, plywood, engineered wood, product identification, stack wood marking, pallet marking, association trademarks, nail pattern marking, barcoding, branding and structural rating.


The Z-Tec Winjet II Compact is an innovative design that is rich with features on a compact scale. The smaller size allows for high quality lumber marking with more flexibility for installations with space limitation. The WinJet II Compact has many features of the full WinJet II including the hardware and software for ink printing, barcode application, and vision verfication systems.

Founded in 1992, Z-Tec started off as a small software design firm and in less than 10 years developed into a full-service industrial solution provider. Over the past 19 years, Z-Tec has provided innovative products, solutions, and services to diverse customers worldwide.

While Z-Tec has been rooted mainly in the lumber and forest products industry, it also applies its expertise to other industries and its systems provide the same high-quality solutions to provide efficient traceability and identification for a variety of applications.




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