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by | Sep 1, 2023 | 2023, TimberWest Magazine

Editor’s Note:

TimberWest solicited manufactures of carriages to submit information about their company and their products for a Tech Review of carriages. The following businesses provided information. The suppliers are listed in alphabetical order.


Boman Industries Inc.

Contact: Jon Smith

Phone: 503-362-7657


Type of Carriages: Hydrostatic Drum Carriage

Engine HP: 74 to 240 available

Skyline diameter: ¾-inch to 1-½-inches

Drum Capacity: 250-900 feet of 9/16-inch, 300-750 ft of ⅝-inch

Line Pull and Speed: Ranges, depending on the model, from 14,000 pounds at 580 feet per minute (full drum) and 20,000 pounds at 420 feet per minute (mid-drum) to 35,000 pounds at 700 feet per minute (full drum) and 45,000 pounds at 550 feet per minute (mid-drum)

Boman Industries has been a pioneer in the design and development of drum carriages and radio remote control systems specifically for the logging industry. It strives to meet the ever-increasing need for efficiency through the full use of modern technology. Boman’s goal is to continue to give loggers more safety, productivity, and profits. In 2024 the company plans to introduce a state-of-the-art motorized grapple carriage to add to its line of high productivity drum carriages.

Eagle CarriageEagle Carriage & Machine Inc.

Contact: Brandon Wright

Phone: (541) 963-4646

Type of Carriages: HG 74 Grapple Carriage

Engine HP: Hatz 14 hp Diesel Engine

Logtek monitor and controls with on-screen diagnostics. Aarcomm radio controls. Seventy-four inch buncher grapples, continuously rotating grapples. Wireless camera system linked to monitor. Skyline range 5/8-1-1/8. Used on yoders and yarders.

Eagle Carriage has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing carriages. They are built from the best components with the majority made in house for durability and reliability.

IntegralIntegral Equipment Ltd

Contact: Del Penner

Phone: (250)306-0604

Type of Carriage: Grapple

Engine HP: Hydraulic Power

Skyline Diameter: ⅝-inch to 1-¼-inch (Mainline Diameter: ⅜-inch to ⅞-inch)

Grapple Opening: 6 feet, 10 inches

Load Capacity: 7,700-9,900 pounds

Integral Equipment supplies the Alpine Shovel Yarder and Alpine Grapple Carriage to North America. The Alpine product line has been thoroughly tested globally and locally. Alpine grapples can be installed on multiple yarders.

The AGC2 has the closing power of a Johnson-style grapple, which uses the mainline to close. Combined with a multi-directional pump to provide hydraulic power for rotation, closing line and mainline brakes, there is no need for an engine, so there is less maintenance and more uptime.

The grapple open and 360-degree rotation functions are hydraulically powered and controlled via remote electric signals. Hydraulic energy is stored in accumulators and pressurized by a pump, connected to one of the haulback/skyline sheaves, as the carriage travels along the cable. Multiple cameras on the grapple and optional lights increase efficiency.

BomanFalcon Forestry Equipment

Contact: Tom Filmer

Phone: +64 27-267-9922

Type of Carriages: Slack Pulling, Grapple, Combination, Motorized Grapple Carriages

Engine HP: 11.0-14.8

Skyline Diameter: Suitable for almost all rope diameters including ⅞-inch, 1-inch 1-⅛-inch and larger if needed

Drum Capacity: n/a

Line Pull and Speed: Dependant on yarder

The Falcon Claw has a heavy-duty grapple with an opening of 78 inches and a payload of up to 8 tons. Features include LED flood lights and auto-shading lens. It is designed for operators with easy access panels and anti-swing brakes. Real-time data including distance to home and latitude/longitude. Hoses are internally routed for protection. Various body and grapple configurations available to suit customer requirements.

BomanSummit Attachments

Contact: Eric Krume

Phone: (360) 749-2187

Type of Carriages: Hydraulic Grapple Carriage

Engine HP: 20 hp Hatz Diesel

Skyline Diameter: 5/8”-inch to 1-⅜-inch

Drum Capacity: n/a

Line Pull and Speed: n/a

Washington-based Summit Attachments designs, engineers and builds innovative solutions for safe, automated timber harvesting. It specializes in cable solutions for steep slope logging. In addition to hydraulic grapple carriages, it offers dual drive, high-speed winch assist machines for high production skidders, two- and three-drum hydraulic swing yarders in 40 and 50 foot variations, automated smart Yoder packages, and self contained tong thrower attachments. Summit provides custom machines, rebuilds, engineering, machining, fabrication, electrical systems, and hydraulic systems. It is finalizing development of an electric grapple carriage that will eliminate the reliability and supply chain issues of small diesel engines.

BomanTechnical Forest Solutions

Contact: Vince Wilbur

Phone: (360) 431-3273



Type of Carriages: Motorized Hydraulic Grapple

Engine HP: 23

Skyline Diameter: ¾-inch

Drum Capacity: n/a

Line Pull and Speed: n/a

The Hawkeye motorized grapple carriage manufactured by New Zealand-based was developed to work with the Harvestline hydraulic mobile yarder. The Hawkeye and Harvestline share the same display screen, reducing the number of screens in the cab. The MK4, a new and improved model of the Hawkeye, will be released in 2023. The MK4 Hawkeye will be equipped with an upgraded 3 cylinder diesel engine and a new variable displacement hydraulic system that increases open and close cycle times and grapple clamping force and reduces hydraulic heat. Other improvements include fewer electrical components and less wiring and increased access to the inside of the carriage for maintenance.

The MK4 Hawkeye is equipped with a 68-inch grapple and features 360-degree continuous rotation, an auto clamp feature for closing the grapple, and work lights. Three cameras give the operator a view of the grapple as well forward and rearward views. The MK4 Northwest model will be a lighter weight, increasing payload to the landing.




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