HewSaw’s patented dx sawing technology has brought benefits to sawmillers

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Industry News, New Technology, Sawmill, Supplier Newsline


It’s been 10 years since HewSaw started developing and testing what the company describes as ground-breaking sawing technology, dx sawing, which provides sawmills with the opportunity to process cants at a faster speed and with thinner kerf saws. This results in increased throughput, higher recovery and improved efficiency, says HewSaw.

HewSaw’s optional dx sawing system can replace the company’s standard double arbor sawing technique with a four-arbor system. The first set of arbors will house the saws for an initial or pre-saw cut into the cant, while the second set of saws finishes the job.

On a sawline equipped with dx sawing, the log is presented in the usual way to the HewSaw scanning conveyor. After the log is scanned, it is then positioned for the HewSaw with the company’s highly accurate rotary log positioner, followed by four-sided chipping to produce the cant. This is the point where dx sawing comes into the process. In a standard HewSaw line, saws on a single set of double arbors remove the sideboards from the left and right side of the cant, but with dx sawing this first set of saws only pre-cuts the sideboards. Then just downstream, a second set of saws finishes the job.

As with HewSaw’s standard sawlines, edging tools complete the process, meaning the boards do not require any downstream edging. Once the cant reaches the ripsaw, a HewSaw line equipped with dx sawing will repeat the process for sawing the centre stack—the first set of saws makes the pilot or pre-cut while the second set of saws completes the cut. As with the cant saw, edging tools following the ripsaw further process the outer boards.





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