Waratah Forestry Equipment marks 50th anniversary

Forestry attachment manufacturer Waratah Forestry Equipment is celebrating 50 years of innovation within the forestry industry.

Established in 1973 in Tokoroa, New Zealand, the company initially manufactured a delimber-feller buncher with a four-roller fixed head to meet local loggers’ heavy-duty delimbing needs. Following that innovation, a red grapple processor manufactured for the Canadian markets marked the start of the 600 series line.

Today, Waratah’s full line of harvesting, processing and felling heads are used in a variety of logging applications, from cut-to-length hardwood harvesting at the stump to processing on a landing, felling on steep slopes or debarking on plantations.

“We’ve had great experiences with Waratah,” says Reid Lind, owner of G.R. (Mac) Lind Logging Ltd, working in Princeton, B.C. “You know what you’re getting when you buy it. For us, it’s the industry standard.”


TigercatTigercat launches next generation harvesting head control

Tigercat says that its D7 control system combines a solid and field-proven hardware and bucking control system with a Tigercat developed head control and user interface. The system offers powerful functionality, simplicity and intuitive operator navigation, says the company.

The D7 system is currently available for the Tigercat 534 harvesting head.

There are two types of bucking control available for D7.

Priority-based bucking logic uses a list of operator-entered log specifications sizes to determine how best to process the tree.

D7 Optimization level uses a value-based logic. Using multiple layers of matrices correlating price, demand, and production limits to each log size under each tree species, the control system optimizes each processed tree to achieve the best value. These matrices are usually programmed by the timber buyer.

Both Tigercat D7 Priority and Optimization levels offer StanForD Classic, StanForD 2010, and PDF production reporting based on contracts, operators, species, and product groups. The reports provide total quantity and volume, as well as per species and product group quantities and volume. Reports can be viewed on screen or exported for later analysis. D7 also sends production volume data to RemoteLog, Tigercat’s optional telematics system.

D7 can be equipped with a GPS receiver and the GeoInfo software. This provides an active navigation application using the machine’s current position on a georeferenced map. Work site maps can be viewed on the in-cab display screen, allowing the operator to easily view the site layout, track the movement of the machine, and view production information. Restricted areas can be marked with boundary alarms.


Petro-Canada lubricant ideal in high heat, heavy duty applications

Petro-Canada Lubricants’ Peerless OG2 RED has received the National Lubricating Grease Institute’s (NLGI’s) new High Performance Multiuse (HPM) Core grease certification, demonstrating its high performance for pellet roll bearings, U-joint greasing and wheel bearing lubrication, automotive and heavy-duty chassis applications, says the company.

Peerless OG2 RED is said to be an ideal solution to reduce bearing failure under high heat, heavy duty, moisture laden applications in some of the toughest conditions, such as pellet mill production and pulp press roller bearings. Customers have been able to realize savings by decreasing roll bearing purchases as well as decreasing grease consumption, contributing to a lower total cost of ownership.

HPM is the latest internationally recognized standard grease specification for grease and bearing manufacturers which runs in parallel to the NLGI’s GC-LB certification, a standard that Peerless OG2 RED also meets.

Products that receive this new annually renewed certification are required to undertake a range of new tests that reflect the operating requirements of current pellet mill operations.


Serco LoadersSerco Loaders announces new company direction

Serco Loaders has gained wide acceptance and recognition in the material handling industry since 1977 by providing solutions for different industries, including forestry.

Bruce Bacon, the new general manager for Serco Loaders and one of the co-founders of Genesis Attachments and Exodus Machines, now known as Exodus Global, says he knows what it takes to build a stronger company foundation. Bacon has been able to help Serco Loaders grow its business by bringing in new customers and expanding the company’s product line.

Bacon says that the personal relationships that Serco Loaders has built with dealers and customers are what have helped them grow into the successful business they are today.

“New products are coming,” says Bacon. “Product improvements are being made, including better manuals, easier ordering methods, and clearer communication.

“We are not trying to change everything,” he added. “We want to keep the personal relationships and quality of everything that has been built so far. At the same time, we want to offer better, more diverse products that customers need for the future.”


Nokian TyresNokian Tyres develops long-lasting front tire for log stackers

Long service life is a key factor in making the work safe and efficient for log stackers. The Nokian Tyres HTS G2 harbor tire family has been developed for this purpose, and its excellent stability, good grip and predictable service life has been impressing users for years, says the company.

Now the HTS G2 family has a new member: Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-5S, a new tire developed for front axle use.

The new Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-5S front axle tire in the size 18.00-25 is made for long, busy working days on grinding tarmac or concrete.

“The smooth, extra-deep slow-wearing tread lasts up to 35 per cent longer than our previous comparable tire, depending on your location and application,” says Kimmo Kekki, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres.

The whole Nokian Tyres HTS G2 series of port and terminal tires has been designed specifically for high stability and load-bearing capacity in mind and is designed specifically for front axle use. This enables even thicker tread than the previous L-4S models, resulting in a longer service life. The rubber compound that has already proven its value in previous models both wears slowly and resists puncture damage, preventing unexpected downtime, says the company.


John DeereJohn Deere introduces new felling head

John Deere’s newest forestry attachment offering—the FR27 disc saw felling head —is now standard on the John Deere 953M and 959M feller buncher models, and available as an upgrade on the 853M, 859M and 903M feller bunchers.

This felling head attachment has a larger cut capacity compared to previous felling head models. Building upon the success of the FR24B, John Deere has successfully designed the durable FR27 as a solution aimed to increase productivity on the job, says the company.

The FR27 disc saw felling head is designed to take on a variety of timber applications, from large single stem cutting to mid-sized accumulation, and boasts an all-new design and overall rebranding from previous John Deere felling head models. In addition, this robust, high rotation felling head is said to feature excellent cut and accumulation capacity, offering top-of-the-line productivity compared to previous models. The FR27 features an impressive cutting capacity of up to 27.2” and an accumulation capacity of up to 7.5 ft, improving capability in the woods.


Groupe Lebel purchases New Brunswick sawmill

Twin Rivers Paper Company has reached an agreement to sell its softwood lumber mill in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, to eastern Canadian lumber manufacturer, Groupe Lebel.

Groupe Lebel is a longtime supplier to Twin Rivers Paper. The transaction includes a long-term supply agreement for the Plaster Rock mill to continue providing Twin Rivers Paper with byproduct chips and biomass utilized by the company’s pulp and cogeneration operations in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

The transaction is expected to close early in the first quarter of 2023.

“We’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our Plaster Rock employees, customers and suppliers,” says Tyler Rajeski, Chief Financial Officer of Twin Rivers Paper. “With Groupe Lebel’s extensive sawmill operations experience and a proven record of investing in their assets and driving operational improvements, we’re confident this transaction will positively impact mill employees, business stakeholders, and the community of Plaster Rock.”


Two Quebec sawmills change hands

GreenFirst Forest Products (GFP) is selling its La Sarre and Béarn sawmills and its Abitibi and Témiscamingue forestry operations in Quebec to Chantiers Chibougamau Ltée, a longstanding Quebec-based and family-controlled forestry company.

The sale is for approximately $90 million, including approximately $40 million for specific working capital items. Quebec-based employees are expected to continue to be employed by Chantiers Chibougamau after the closing of the deal.

GreenFirst expects to use the net proceeds from the sale to strengthen its balance sheet and continue investing in its Ontario operations. The sale of its Quebec assets is expected to close this spring.

“This divestiture represents a unique opportunity to unlock shareholder value and concentrate on our operations in Ontario, where we will continue to focus and invest. This transaction is a win-win for both Chantiers Chibougamau and GreenFirst as it strengthens the alignment of each company’s primary focus and growth strategies,” says Paul Rivett, Chairman of GFP.

In other news, Rick Doman retired as GFP Chief Executive Officer as of December 31st.


Samuel Vidgren appointed Area Manager for Ponsse U.S. dealer network

Samuel Vidgren started working as the Area Manager responsible for Ponsse’s U.S. dealer network in February.

Vidgren’s task will be to strongly support and develop Ponsse´s dealer network in the U.S., so that Ponsse can offer the best customer experience in the industry to its customers now and in the future, says the company.

In his new position, Vidgren will report to Jussi Hentunen, Director responsible for Ponsse’s dealer network, and he will be based in Vieremä, Finland.

The development of the dealer network in the U.S. is carried out in close co-operation with Ponsse North America. Samuli Heikola, who was previously responsible for the dealer network, will continue working for Ponsse North America as a Business Development Manager.

Vidgren has worked at Ponsse in various capacities concerning sales and marketing, among other tasks. He graduated from the University of Tampa in the U.S. with an MBA, specializing in international business and management.





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