April 2023 Update

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Hydra Energhy

B.C.’s Hydra Energy signs up eight new heavy-duty truck fleets

Hydra Energy has achieved another significant milestone in its Prince George, B.C. project rollout by signing detailed Memoranda of Understandings (MOUs) with eight new commercial truck fleets in the region.

This represents 82 Class 8 trucks to be retrofitted using Hydra’s proprietary hydrogen-diesel co-combustion technology.

Once converted by Hydra installation partner First Truck Centre, these trucks will refuel at the world’s largest hydrogen refueling station that Hydra is currently building in Prince George, to be operational in 2024. It leverages green hydrogen produced on site by two 5-megawatt electrolyzers powered with hydroelectricity.

These new fleet commitments and supporting hydrogen infrastructure from Hydra will make this the largest commercial deployment of hydrogen-diesel combustion transportation vehicles in the world, as Hydra continues to fast-track serving the trucking sector.


SawcoNew people, equipment and look at Sawco Industries Ltd

Salmon Arm, B.C.-based Sawco Industries has modernized its business with new saw filing equipment and business systems to improve productivity and customer service.

In addition to new automated saw filing equipment, it has added staff who are knowledgeable and keen to run the new saw filing technology.

It offers what it says is incredible process improvement, and Sawco expects to be able to greatly increase its service level, turning around serviced saws more quickly and at a higher level of precision than it could with its old equipment.

“It’s exciting to see the opportunities we’ll have to better serve our customers and provide more value by combining our technical knowledge with this new automated precision technology,” says company representative, John Drew.

“Whether it is manufacturing new saws or servicing/repairing your existing saws, Sawco is your one stop shop for quality carbide saws.”

Sawco Industries will be attending the annual BC Saw Filer’s Convention in Kamloops starting May 26th. It is also planning an open house on Thursday, May 25th, before the Saw Filer’s Convention.


AstecAstec Industries unveils newest Peterson horizontal grinder

Astec Industries has debuted its newest Peterson horizontal grinder, the 5710E, which is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired.

The horizontal grinder is equipped with several features designed to improve efficiency and help operators reduce material handling costs, says the company.

The 5710E features a larger rotor that can accommodate a greater number of grinding bits. The new rotor is 8 percent larger and 19 percent heavier than the previous model. More mass means more grinding power. To keep up with this improved power, the screening area has also been increased to allow for greater throughput. Additionally, the grate change process has been simplified.

While weight and size have been increased, the machine is lighter overall. In its redesign process, Astec Industries examined how to maximize efficiency and simplicity at each stage of the grinding process. That’s evident from the rotor to the screens, and even in the new compression roll cylinders, which offer better down force to help process material as it is fed to the rotor, says the company.


FalconFalcon offers slash management solution with new grapple

A new take on an old method to deal with forestry slash is set to help logging crews more effectively manage skid sites and landings, with the potential to increase productivity.

The Falcon slash grapple rake brings fresh thinking to slash control in a typical Kiwi approach, says the company.

The grapple rake consists of a one-piece spring lock system to attach to either side of a standard Ensign grapple commonly used for loading. It can effectively grab huge amounts of slash in one go, which can then be precisely placed in a designated area.

DC Equipment has designed two versions in conjunction with a local engineering company—one to fit the Ensign 1530 and a larger model to fit the Ensign 1730—weighing 1100 kg and 1200 kg respectively, in addition to the weight of the grapple. Fitting or removing from the host grapple takes around three minutes.


TigercatTigercat grows harvesting head support team

Tigercat is welcoming Ethan Parker on board as a product support representative. Based in Bairdsville, New Brunswick, Parker is focused on harvester and processor systems support throughout the North American market.

Parker brings years of direct forestry
industry experience. Over his career, he has taken on a variety of roles including equipment operator, service technician, product support specialist, and operator and contractor coach and trainer. He has expertise in implementing best harvesting practices for logging operations throughout Canada and the U.S.

“I look forward to the chance to work with such a great and respected group and Tigercat’s industry leading equipment and technology,” says Parker.

“Ethan is a perfect fit for the growth we are seeing in harvesting heads and CTL equipment,” says veteran Tigercat support and training representative, Gary MacDonald. “His experience in both will be a huge asset to Tigercat.”

Ethan has hit the ground running, supporting dealers and end users with new start-ups, as well as ongoing support and troubleshooting.


LinkbeltLink-Belt announces new 40B forestry equipment series

The Link-Belt 3440B processor, 4040B timber loader, and 4640B timber loader, which make up the new 40B series of forestry equipment, are now available in Canada.

This new series features design improvements to increase cooling performance, debris management, and serviceability.

The 4040B TL is gaining a substantial increase in engine horsepower—an increase of 21 percent. Coupled with increased cooling and airflow management, the 4040B TL is designed to put in the work for the long haul. With serviceability and debris management, removal of the dust screen from the ground or catwalk is quick and effortless.

An all-new 3440B PH machine dedicated to forestry timber processing features a 177 horsepower Isuzu Tier 4 final-compliant engine. Boasting an upsized cooling package compared to the previous generation l, the 3440B PH offers superior performance and productivity compared to its predecessor model.

The 40B series machines were developed with site awareness in mind. Their 270-degree bird’s eye view with WAVES (Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System) is now standard. This is coupled with industry-leading fuel consumption and productivity, says Link-Belt.


Quebec bio-facilityQuebec bio-facility to convert residual biomass into biofuels

A $1.2 billion Quebec facility known as Varennes Carbon Recycling will soon be converting more than 200,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste and residual biomass into biofuels with a capacity of up to 130 million litres annually.

The project will use Enerkem’s proprietary thermochemical process. The carbon recycling facility is expected to cut more than 170,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually and 4.25 million tonnes over the project’s 25-year lifespan.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) has concluded the financing on its first project from its low-carbon fuels, carbon capture utilization storage and hydrogen initiative with support for this biorefinery and the country’s largest electrolyzer. The technology will include an electrolyzer which will supply clean hydrogen and oxygen to the conversion process.

Under the terms of the agreement, the CIB will provide a loan of $277 million to a joint-venture partnership between Shell, Suncor, Proman and the Government of Québec that will enable construction of Canada’s largest biorefinery.

The project is expected to create more than 500 jobs at the peak of construction and about 100 permanent jobs once operational.


Compact equipment manufacturer Bobcat makes major investment

Bobcat, a global leader in the compact equipment industry, has completed a $9.3 million (U.S.) investment in punch press automation and press technology at its manufacturing facility in North Dakota.

The new press line, which recently began production, is expected to more than double press production capabilities, reduce energy consumption, lower noise levels and improve complex forming for sheet metal parts, all of which will help meet the increasing demand for Bobcat equipment.

“It is another step for us when it comes to automation, robotics, new technologies and advanced data analytics,” says Mike Ballweber, president of Bobcat Company North America. “This investment will provide us with new capabilities and efficiencies in our metal stamping operations, and it also aligns with our commitment to innovation, sustainability and continued investments in our manufacturing footprint.”

The highly automated, closed-looped, valveless servo-hydraulic press is 70 per cent more energy efficient than a conventional hydraulic press. The press also provides increased productivity and superior forming capabilities, which enables the pressing of more intricate and complex designed parts, along with shorter cycle times. The press line and automation are smart controlled via Internet-based solutions.


John DeereJohn Deere introduces mid-size crawler log loader

Designed for logging contractors of all sizes, John Deere has introduced the new 2956G mid-size crawler log loader.

It is said to be an ideal solution for customers looking for a machine that provides the best combination of engine horsepower and hydraulics capability, while maintaining a machine weight of less than 90,000 lbs.

Aimed to help ease transportation, the 2956G crawler log loader features an overall shipping width of less than 11’6” and a 90,000 lb operating weight.

As machine weights and widths increase, so do costs associated with transportation. The design on the 2956G not only helps simplify transportability, but also helps save on costs relating to transport due to its less restrictive transportation requirements.

The 2956G crawler log loader machine features excellent engine power for a machine of this size, says the company. When combined, the engine power and hydraulic flow significantly boost loading capability, speed, and the capacity to run the Waratah 624 processing head. Also, customers looking to increase efficiency in roadside processing can expect improved productivity when running the Waratah 624 head on this unit as compared to the 2654G, says Deere.





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