proudly hosts North America’s predominant forest industry publications. TimberWest Magazine and the Logging & Sawmilling Journal, while maintaining their traditional print distribution every other month, have fully embraced digital transformation to reach a global audience. Through digital editions, a bi-monthly E-newsletter, and active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, TimberWest and LSJ ensure their content resonates with readers worldwide.

Logging & Sawmilling Journal

Logging & Sawmilling Journal stands as the pinnacle publication in Canada’s forest industry, distributed six times annually from coast to coast, spanning British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador. With a distribution network reaching logging contractors and every mill and manufacturing operation nationwide, it serves as a vital link in the industry’s information ecosystem.

Operating from the heart of the Canadian forest industry in British Columbia, Logging & Sawmilling Journal covers a wide spectrum, from the intricacies of woodlands to the advancements in timber processing. Its content caters to all stakeholders, from small-scale logging contractors to top-tier executives spearheading the development of state-of-the-art mills and biomass facilities.

Moreover, the journal plays an active role in promoting forest industry trade shows, including prestigious events like the BC Truck Loggers and the Interior Logging Association, Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show, Montreal Wood Convention and the BC Council of Forest Industries and many more.

Notably, Logging & Sawmilling Journal boasts unparalleled market coverage, cementing its status as the foremost forest industry magazine in Canada. Its extensive reach eclipses that of any other media, ensuring it maintains the highest readership among forest-related publications in the country.

TimberWest Magazine

TimberWest Magazine stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the forest industry, delivering invaluable editorial content issue after issue. With a team deeply entrenched in the sector, TimberWest brings forth insightful narratives on successful mechanized harvesting and wood processing techniques, alongside special features, legislative updates, industry news, and event coverage.

For nearly two decades, TimberWest has served as the Official Show Guide for the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC), further solidifying its authority and influence in the field.

TimberWest’s readership spans the Western U.S., covering the nation’s largest timber market with a mission to connect both print and digital audiences with the latest industry innovations and technologies. From family-operated portable sawmills to sprawling harvesting operations and mill sites, TimberWest caters to a diverse range of readers, committed to championing their success in the forest industry.

The Team

Anthony Robinson, CEO/Owner LSJ Publishing

Anthony began his journey in the forest industry like many, as both a tree planter and mill worker. After completing his undergraduate degree in 2008 at the University of Western Australia, Anthony began his career working for a small agroforestry company in southwestern, Western Australia. Some years later, his passion for forestry operations and planning led him to the University of British Columbia, where in 2014 he completed a MSc in Forestry. His career in forestry and natural resource management comprises project management, consulting, operational planning, harvesting, mining and geographic information systems. His experience in client relations, communications, consulting, forest operations and project management is an asset in his current role of strategic planning, special projects, and business development.

Anthony joined the Logging and Sawmilling Journal team in 2017 and acquired the business from the previous owner in 2019. Since meeting his now wife Hannah, the two have been running LSJ Publishing as a family owned and operated business and hope to continue that legacy for many years to come.

Sheila Ringdahl, Publisher & Production Manager TimberWest

Sheila’s career in the publishing industry started right out of high school at a small independent printing company in Fargo, North Dakota. Throughout her years at North Dakota State University, she also worked at a web press facility. After completing her B.A. degree in Fine Arts in 1994, (emphasis in photography) she worked full-time at Forum Communications, the largest newspaper in North Dakota, as the assistant production manager.

It wasn’t until 1998 that her family relocated to Edmonds, Washington where she met the owners of TimberWest, John and Shirley Nederlee.

At TimberWest, she initially worked part time as the graphic artist and in 2000, when the Nederlee’s retired, she came on full-time and has worn many hats in the company since then. Growing up amongst farmers and lovers of the land in North Dakota, she sees many similarities to the forestry industry, especially the people. Photography and the arts is a true passion of hers, along with spending time with her four kids and husband. TimberWest magazine remains in Edmonds, only a hop, skip and a jump from where it landed in 1975.

Hannah Robinson, Associate Publisher/Digital Advertising Manager

Hannah brings a variety of skills to her role of Associate Publisher for the company’s two print publications, and their related digital properties. Among the areas that Hannah oversees are digital marketing, sales, administration, finance, and customer relations. Hannah started with the company early in 2022, and is looking forward to connecting with advertising clients, and helping them meet their business goals using both the print and digital vehicles of LSJ Publishing.

Paul MacDonald, Editor Logging & Sawmilling Journal

Paul has been involved with the Canadian forest industry for many years, working for forest industry publications and one of Canada’s major forest companies. He started his career working as a reporter on daily newspapers, and moved into magazines and corporate communications. As Editor of Logging and Sawmilling Journal, Paul has been fortunate to visit logging and sawmill operations throughout Canada, and also been fortunate to work with an outstanding team of writers.

Paul has a family connection to the forest industry—his great grandparents ran logging and sawmilling operations in Northern Ontario.

Tim Cox, Editor TimberWest

Tim has written about the forest products industry and edited trade journals for the industry for more than two decades. In the past he also provided marketing communications for Caterpillar’s logging equipment division. He enjoys promoting the industry as well as providing businesses with information about new technology and other innovations. Tim works with a team of writers who are strategically located in the Northwest. His career experience also includes working as a reporter and editor for newspapers as well as a newsman for United Press International.