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New Products

Peterson Releases 5900 and 5000H Disc Chippers

Peterson's popular 5900 chipper and 5000H model delimber, debarker, chipper can now be readily adapted to produce uniform chips as short as 0.25 inches (6-7 mm) and 0.08 inches (2 mm) thick.

Wood chips need to be a consistent thickness for uniform process control in a digester or dryer. Short fiber length is especially important if the chips will be further reduced in a hammermill. If low bark and ash are a requirement, the Peterson 5000H can achieve less than one percent bark content in many conditions. The Peterson 4800 stand-alone flail debarker can also be paired with the 5900 disc chipper for low bark applications.

Wallingford's BogieTrax

Wallingford's Inc., launched its latest innovative product -- the BogieTrax.

The BogieTrax have been designed and developed to meet those demanding needs, while enduring the extreme pressure and strain of daily wear and tear. They provide increased flotation, low ground pressure, tire protection, minimal ground disturbance, and increased load capacity.

BogieTrax brand tracks for harvesters and forwarders are manufactured as a unique single-piece cast pad that incorporates the strap and shoe guide that is traditionally a three piece welded assembly. The unique 4-in-1 single-piece carbon/manganese alloy cast pad includes the cross-member, stud, link hook, and side support.

The track can be assembled in any combination of studs and is joined together with 26mm U-staples and plates. Pads are available in 0 stud, 1 stud, 2 stud, and 3 stud designs. BogieTrax can be ordered with your choice of pad configurations (i.e. 0 stud | 2 stud | 3 stud; 3 stud | 2 stud | 3 stud).

An optional installation kit is available, which includes an installation chain, installation links, and an installation tool.

Tigercat 630D Skidder Hits the Market

Tigercat has replaced the 630C with the new 630D. The new D-series skidders are the most efficient, high production, and operator-friendly ever produced by Tigercat. While the 630C was equipped with an 8.3 L engine, the D-series is powered by the 260 hp Cummins QSB6.7 Tier III. Improvements to the hydrostatic drive line enable the 630D to get improved performance and superior fuel economy out of the smaller displacement engine.

A variable/reversible pitch Flexxaire® engine-mounted fan further contributes to energy efficiency by automatically matching the fan blade pitch to cooling requirements.

Inside the cab, the 630D is equipped with TurnaroundTM. The revolutionary rotating seat has a two-position mechanical lock providing full rear-facing drive capability.

Jarraff Unveils Geo-Boy Brush Cutter

The new Geo-Boy Brush Cutter from Jarraff Industries features a unique design that allows it to operate in all types of conditions including remote access sites and challenging terrain. With the ability to lift the cutter head approximately 11' high, the Geo-Boy can quickly and effectively clear brush and trees up to 12" in diameter.

The Geo-Boy offers two tier III engine options, 220 hp and 260 hp, and the low center of gravity provides a smoother ride and keeps the cutter head properly positioned in uneven territory.

WSM's Titan Series Grinders

WSM's Titan Series Horizontal Grinders are specifically designed to process high volumes of diverse types of biomass feedstock including stumps, land clearing, and urban wood waste into high quality biomass fuel and other valuable finished fiber products.

The Titan is a complete grinding system with heavy-duty multi-strand drag chain infeed conveyor, large diameter powered feedroll, and fully proportional load sensing feed controller for efficient feeding of material into the grinder. The massive rotor assembly features rigid hammers with reversible/replaceable tips. Modular sizing screens ensure a consistently-sized, premium quality finished fuel. This stationary electric grinder can be supplied with single or dual electric drive motors for efficient and economical operation, with drive sizes from 400-1500 HP.

Western Trailer Stinger-Steer Trailer

Western Trailer now offers a stinger steer live-floor body trailer. The 48' trailer body can haul 17 units/23 tons.

The Stinger-Steer trailers are under 65' in overall length and can easily negotiate narrow winding roads. Your products can be unloaded with the live-floor or using a tipper, and you can easily switch from log trailer to live floor trailer. The trailer also features removable aluminum landing gear and a reach cradle underneath for tipping and pulling with a non-stinger truck in a pinch.

Because these trailers allow you to utilize existing log trucks, you save money and improve your bottom line.

New Skid Steer Tine Grapple from Worksaver

Worksaver, Inc. has introduced the ETG Series Skid Steer Tine Grapple for use on skid steers and tractor front loaders with the Universal attaching system.

These tine grapples are ideal for raking, piling, and loading brush and other materials while leaving dirt behind. Two ETG models are available -- the 5' ETG-5 with 7 tines and the 6' ETG-6 with 8 tines.

A unique upper grapple design provides clamping force to hold material securely, featuring greaseable pivot points for long service life and a shield plate to protect the hydraulic cylinder.

Woodsman Direct Website

Woodsman Direct officially opened for business in late May. The company's mission is to provide an affordable and effective way for businesses and individuals to advertise their products and locate needed materials.

Woodsman Direct is an online classifieds, but it is industry and product specific. Suppliers have the option of posting ads for specific products they have in inventory or have the ability to produce. Alternatively, they may respond to wanted ads posted by potential customers.

The company is offering free two-month memberships to all buyers and sellers of wood products, and monthly costs thereafter won't exceed $15.

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