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TimberWest January/February 2011

September/October 2011

Transition to Stewardship Forestry

Stewardship pays off for Scott Logging

Keeping Their Eggs Out of One Basket

Tony Leonardo is Northern California’s one stop shop

Beetle Killed Biomass to Biochar

Biochar studies at the Fraser Experimental Forest will provide answers for timber industry

Computer Corner:

Your Domain Name Is Your Online Business Identity – Who Owns Your Name?

Woody Biomass Column

Will the Quest for Woody Biomass Really Set Off an International Land Grab?

Slivers and Springboards

The winners of the World Lumberjack Championshops

Tech Review: Wood Processing

Guest Column: Why a Steel Bridge? By Henry Kallis


In The News

Machinery Row

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New Products


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CBI Chipping MachineCBI’s New In-the-Woods Chipping Machines

Continental Biomass Industries, Inc. has introduced the Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 and the Flail 604 debarker/delimber.

The Magnum Force Flail 604 is a 4-roll flail design engineered for the highest volume debarking, while reducing fiber loss, chain wear, and fuel consumption. An enclosed system, with no exposed drive components, contains debris and drastically reduces maintenance and fire hazards. Full width, large diameter feed rolls ensure continuous positive feed and provide incredible throughput — 150+ tons per hour. The large capacity Tigercat loader allows more wood per grapple and remotely controls both the chipper and flail from the cab.

CBI’s Disc Chipper 754 utilizes a 4-knife, 75” disc chipper built by Fulghum Industries, has a large 26” feed opening, and is designed to move the flail in the field. The chip discharge chute is remote operated, camera monitored, and folds hydraulically for transport. To reduce landing costs, the trash separator and bark pusher both discharge on the opposite side of the chip discharge, allowing a trailer to park parallel with the chip system while being loaded. Chip sizes from 3/8 inch to 1 inch are available.

TruckWeight Mechanical Scales Installed in One Hour

TruckWeight recently introduced a new scale for mechanical suspension systems that can be quickly, easily, and
inexpensively mounted as an aftermarket installation. The new Mechanical Suspension Onboard Scale requires no welding or special tools and can typically be installed in one hour on tractors and trailers with walking beam, leaf-spring, and other mechanical suspensions.

Targeted primarily for refuse, aggregate, and logging vehicles, the new product consists of a set of strain gauges or sensors, transmitters, and a handheld receiver. With a range of 500 feet, the receiver displays axle group and gross vehicle weight readings in three-second intervals, essentially providing real-time truck weights.

PrimexPrimex Xtreme Tires Improve Performance

The Primex LS Xtreme LS-2 is no ordinary forestry tire. The variable-angle, tapered lug design delivers exceptional performance in a wide array of terrain and soil conditions. It’s exceptionally stable on steep hillsides, delivering market-leading traction in virtually all soil conditions: sand, mud, clay, and everything in between. And it never gives up.

The outstanding resistance to cuts and chunking is thanks to the Xtreme’s specially formulated forestry compound. The heavy sidewall and deep under-tread gauge also provide long-lasting durability to keep harvest teams — and logs — moving.

The Primex LS Xtreme is available in sizes that fit hard-working skidders, including 23.1-26, 28L-26, 30.5-32 and 35.5-32.

Morbark Advantage 3Morbark’s Advantage 3

The Advantage 3 is Morbark’s new high performance chipping drum. It now comes standard with all Morbark’s heavy-duty industrial drum chippers and can be retrofitted to most existing machines without modifications.

Not only does the drum produce improved chip-quality in large volume wood-chipping equipment, it substantially reduces recurring-wear part and maintenance costs more than 70 percent, due to AR 400 heat-treated steel skin, enhanced knife design, and recessed pockets.

One case study showed that the approximate life of the knife clamp increased from 100 to 1,000 hours, and the life of the knife bolts increased from 100 to 250 hours.

KafcoKafko’s Eco-Friendly Oil Eater Truck Wash

The new eco-friendly Oil Eater industrial strength wash is a high-foaming, low VOC cleaner/degreaser formulated to instantly dissolve grease, diesel, grime, bird droppings, and more from trucks and heavy equipment with spot-free results.

Ultra-concentrated, Oil Eater is non-acid, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, completely biodegradable, and can be diluted up to 100:1. It works in hard and soft water, lubricates brushes, and is ideal for automatic and high-pressure self-service systems.

It is safe on aluminum, paint, glass, rubber, and vinyl when used as directed and is available in a 5-gallon pail and 30 and 55-gallon drums.

John DeereJohn Deere’s New High-rotation Felling Head

John Deere’s new FR21B high-rotation felling head, available on its 700J-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers, provides faster cutting speeds to help loggers be even more productive.

The new FR21B high-rotation felling head is available on both the 753J and the 759J Series models. A Deere-designed high-rotation wrist delivers best-in-class accumulation capacity among medium sized disk-saw felling heads, enabling loggers to cut more trees and track less often. It also provides improved tree holding and tree alignment, and it features easy service access to further improve productivity.