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TimberWest January/February 2011

September/October 2011

Transition to Stewardship Forestry

Stewardship pays off for Scott Logging

Keeping Their Eggs Out of One Basket

Tony Leonardo is Northern California’s one stop shop

Beetle Killed Biomass to Biochar

Biochar studies at the Fraser Experimental Forest will provide answers for timber industry

Computer Corner:

Your Domain Name Is Your Online Business Identity – Who Owns Your Name?

Woody Biomass Column

Will the Quest for Woody Biomass Really Set Off an International Land Grab?

Slivers and Springboards

The winners of the World Lumberjack Championshops

Tech Review: Wood Processing

Guest Column: Why a Steel Bridge? By Henry Kallis


In The News

Machinery Row

Association News

New Products


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Idaho Asking For Management of Timberlands

The ALC reported that Idaho has taken steps to manage state land. Rural counties, which depend on federal timber sales for roads and schools, are in serious need of larger and steadier funding.

Gov. Butch Otter has approved a plan that would shift funding from federal to state management. However, the plan would require federal legislation in congress.

L&I “Stay at Work” Program

WCLA reported on the new L&I “Stay at Work” program passed during the 2011 legislative session. The program encourages employers to bring their injured workers quickly and safely back to light-duty, transitional jobs by helping to cover their initial costs. If eligible, they can be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of the injured worker’s wages and for the cost of instruction, tools, and clothing the worker needs to do the transitional job.

You are eligible if:

  • You pay workers’ compensation premiums to L&I to cover your workers.
  • You have an active worker injury claim with L&I.
  • You have an employee who has been released by their health care provider, with medical restrictions, for light-duty, transitional work while recovering from a workplace injury.
  • You can offer light-duty or transitional work to the worker that is approved by the worker’s health care provider.

Reimbursement does not affect workers’ comp rates.

Idaho Trucker Information

Trucking companies have a wealth of information at their fingertips —

The American Loggers Council (ALC) recommends checking out the site if you have questions ranging from laws to business reorganization. There is even a Business Regulatory Requirement Wizard.

ALC Annual Meeting

The ALC summer meeting was held July 30 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The agenda included government relations, transportation, communications, and Master Logger Certification©.

“One of the notable highlights to the Government Relations Committee was that both the House and the Senate introduced legislation to amend the Clean Water Act to specifically exempt silvicultural activities from the NPDES permitting process,” said ALC President Matt Jensen. “ALC representatives had visited with members of Congress on this issue during the spring Board of Directors meeting and Fly-In held in Washington, DC last March and have continued that dialogue over the past three months, joining in with the Forest Roads Coalition and other forestry organizations seeking solutions to the issue.”

Jensen adds, “Board members also agreed to submit comments to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asking that they do not make any changes in the current guidance documents on how the FMCSA would treat implements of husbandry. Under proposed changes, implements of husbandry could be treated as a commercial motor vehicle subject to the regulations currently imposed on highway use motor vehicles, including obtaining a CDL for operators.”

However, the primary focus of the meeting was the strategic plan for the ALC. It included, among other things, rebranding and updating communications.