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TimberWest January/February 2011

November/December 2011

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New Approaches Mean New Opportunities

Getting Ahead of the Fires
Arrowhead Enterprises takes on
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Woody Biomass Column
Pitting One Scientist Against Another

Tech Review: Work Boots

Winter Maintenance Tips

Guest Column: The Logging Industry Infrastructure By Shawn Keough

Riding the Log Export Wave
Teevin Bros. Land & Timber Company

Quartz Logging Inc.
Coping and Cooperating in Challenging Times


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Machinery Row

New Products


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New Products

FeconFecon® Introduces the BH300

Fecon® introduces several performance advancements in its new BH300 Bull Hog® mulching attachment for 200-600HP tractors. The BH300 comes standard with the patented HDT Step Rotor system, two cutting diameters and staggered tool pattern. The BH300 incorporates a larger rotor diameter (than the BH250) while maintaining the same power range as the BH250 and BH350.

Hydraulically powered with 80-210 GPM, the BH300 has both fixed and variable displacement motor options to be configured to contractor requirements. A PTO version of the BH300 is available for tractors from 200-450HP.

The new BH300 severe-duty body features an abrasion resistant AR400 bulkhead and weighs approximately 7,710 lbs. Standard features include a hydraulic trap door, a double-curtain of heavy debris chain at the rear, as well as aggressive counter cutting rakes staged in the bulkhead. Fecon’s HDT Step Rotor for the BH300 can be equipped with four tool options including three carbide options, a knife tool, or a combination of tools.

PetersonPeterson Introduces the 4800F Chain Flail Debarker

Peterson’s popular 4800E Chain Flail Debarker has had a major redesign and has many new features that clean chip producers demand.

The new 4800F features: a 350HP CAT C9 TIER 4 engine; upper and lower flail drives (similar to Peterson’s 5000H whole tree chipper); direct drive lower in-feed and out-feed rolls: floating direct drive upper feed rolls; a 5-foot wide bark pusher; and Peterson’s IQAN control system. The machine also features a dedicated 100-gallon hydraulic oil tank, and a 200-gallon fuel tank to allow the 4800F to run an entire shift without fill-up.

With a retractable gooseneck, the highway legal 4800F is easily moved between jobs and has an estimated curb weight of 48,100 lbs. The four fixed landing gear (with floating pads) allow the 4800F’s operating height to be adjusted easily and it is stable once it’s on the job. The operator can operate the machine with a wireless remote that can also pair with the Peterson 5900 disc chipper.

CatCaterpillar Launches New Full Tail Swing Track Feller Bunchers

Caterpillar Forest Products is introducing the new Series II track feller buncher with smoother hydraulic performance, better fuel economy, a more comfortable operator station, and better visibility. Both the Cat® 541 II and the Cat 552 II are full tail swing machines designed for high production clear cut and for clear or select cut in rough terrain. The 552 II is a leveling machine for more comfort on steep terrain.

The Series II features new compensator valve spools in both the implement and travel valve sections. The new valve compensators improve hydraulic stability and flow for enhanced multi-functioning. The operator can maintain a productive rhythm when activating several functions simultaneously because there is minimal slowing or interruption in one function when another is activated. And with a more efficient hydraulic circuit, less hydraulic horsepower is required, so fuel consumption is also reduced.

RotobecRotobec RPA Grapples

Rotobec Inc. is pleased to offer the RPA (Rotobec Power Attachment) line of grapples. The RPA can be used in a wide range of applications and on machine sizes from 8,000 lb. to 130,000 lb.

The RPA is available in a rake, HD demolition with either 3/2 or 4/3 jaw configurations. It’s also available in a bucket and a bucket rake format. Jaw configurations can be designed to your application.

Wood-MizerWood-Mizer Releases MP100

Wood-Mizer Products has released the new MP100 Moulder/Planer for further shaping and finishing cants, beams, and columns. This product is an ideal tool for woodworkers and log home builders.

The MP100 can mould or plane material up to 20.5” wide and up to 23.5” tall. The maximum moulding width is 16”. The MP100 package includes the MP100 head, four flat knives, the standard bed length of 17’8” (extensions available), two log clamps and two profile clamps.

In order to mould beams, various profile knives can be purchased to produce different moulding options and simply slide and lock into place. The Combo Knife Set includes the Tongue and Groove knife set, a D-face knife set, and 16 knife clamps. The Deluxe Knife Set includes all the knife profiles from the Combo set, plus the Swedish Cope knife set. The Deluxe Set gives you the ability to mould all the shapes shown below.

SH-56BNew SH-56B, Bunching Saw

Caterpillar Forest Products introduces the SH-56B, a new high capacity bunching saw to match the new Cat® and Prentice C Series wheel feller bunchers. The SH-56B features tapered roller bearings and new abrasion-resistant materials, and Caterpillar maximized performance by incorporating its patented Strait Grip bunching finger that keeps bunches tightly compressed and straight.

The SH-56B meets the production requirements in both first and second thinning applications, handling high volumes of small stems, mixed stems, and large single stems. The expanded accumulating pocket provides high capacity small wood harvesting while the 22-inch single cut capacity lets you tackle larger timber when needed.

Added guarding, thicker plates, and other durability features, bring the SH-56B in at 600+ lbs. heavier than the heads it replaces, the SH-50 and,

Tigercat 880Tigercat 880

In Late August, Tigercat shipped its prototype 880 logger to its British Columbia distributor, Parker Pacific. The machine was delivered to Parker’s Prince George branch where staff hosted a three-day open house for customers to view and test drive the 880. Customer feedback was very positive.

The 880 offers the marketplace a purpose-built forestry carrier that solves many issues around converted excavators. It features a stable carrier with excellent lift capacity at extended reach that performs well beyond its size classification.

The 300 HP 880 logger can be equipped for shovel logging, loading or processing with a live heel, power clam, butt-n-top, or processing attachment. One of the innovative design features of the new 880 is the closed loop swing drive system. This system eliminates energy loss from swing relief valves during swing acceleration and recovers energy stored in the swinging boom and upper frame assembly during braking. Another energy saving feature is the hydraulically driven and computer controlled variable speed, reversing cooling fan. Air intakes and outlets are large for optimal cooling airflow.

Tigercat designed a new undercarriage called the F7-163 with 75,000 lbf tractive effort and an overall width of 143 inches with standard track pads. The super duty FH400 track components were taken directly from the 870C series bunchers.