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TimberWest January/February 2011

March April 2012

Woody Biomass Column:
Fuels for Schools

Is the program an outlet for local woody biomass?

DNA Tracking Branches Out

Tree DNA is now being used to address illegal logging issues

Water Logged

Northwest Management pulls logs from Montana’s Flathead Lake

2012 Oregon Logging
Conference Pictorial Review

Guest Column:
Pacific Northwest Economy Looking Brighter

By Michael J. Parks

A Start up in a Down Economy

Robert Howell Logging says customer base is key

Taking on Alaska

R&R King Logging finds opportunity in Alaska

Association News

Machinery Row

New Products


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Bevel Buddy

2012 Oregon Logging Conference Review

The 2012 Oregon Logging Conference is now history, but it will go down as a good one. The weather was great, and the participation by both attendees and exhibitors was excellent.

By Diane Mettler

Good Turnout

More than once I heard people say, “This is the best show in years,” and they weren’t just talking about the weather.

“The 2012 Conference was successful in many ways,” says Rikki Wellman, executive director. “The show and meetings were very well attended, and comments from the exhibitors both inside and outside are very positive. I also talked to a few of the larger manufacturers, and they said they actually sold machines at the show, and many made some great contacts.”

The mood was definitely a positive one. Rikki says exhibitors felt “the customer was at the show,” and events like the OWIT brought in around $65,000.00.


Since the OLC is an equipment show, no review would be complete without a list of some of the new items on display.

  • Pierce Pacific Grapple Processor. The Pierce GP was one of the most innovative pieces at the show. The patent-pending grapple processor allows more productivity from a single machine. It sorts, loads, and shovels like a grapple but also delimbs, measures, and cuts like a processor. The unique contoured arm design lets you handle timber up to 52” as well as feed logs without releasing or rehandling. Feed wheels grab and shovel logs farther in fewer turns — improving production and reducing time, fuel, labor costs, and maintenance. Pierce Pacific says the Pierce GP will be priced at about two-thirds the cost of a conventional processing head.
  • Porter Extreme Terrain Utility Vehicle. The Porter looks a little like an ATV on steroids. The vehicle articulates 45 degrees to either side, with axle rotation limited to 45 degrees up or down. Throughout the range of motion, the pivot bearing allows ALL of the tires to remain on the ground, ensuring the Porter won’t three-wheel. At 5,500 pounds, it is powered by a 35 HP Kubota diesel, with 48 and 69 HP operational. Two of its unique features are a self-loading dump bed and a front or rear power take off motor for a wide range of attachments.
  • Caterpillar’s Vocational Truck and 552II Track Feller Buncher and Harvester. No one could miss the Cat® CT660 Vocational Truck, which features an aluminum alloy cab, aerodynamic sloped hood, grille, and grille surround; a durable three-piece bumper; exceptional entry and exit; and two front tow hooks. But it’s under the hood where this truck really shines. The CT660 is powered by Cat CT Series Vocational Truck Engines with ratings specific to vocational truck applications and horsepower/torque combinations to tackle the tough jobs. Cat CT11 and CT13 engines are available now, and the CT15 will be available in 2012 for an extra boost. Also on display was the 552 II. The Series II track feller bunchers feature smoother hydraulic performance, better fuel economy, a more comfortable operator station, and better visibility.
  • Peterson Knife Edge Bits. These new bits — made from heat-treated tool steel — cost 45 percent less than the heat-treated steel tools they replace. Test results demonstrate that when used in clean material, the bit produces a product that is well suited for biomass fuel. The bit is ideal for solid logs, but even tops, branches, and scrap wood provide fuel savings of 10 percent to 15 percent — and this doesn’t even include the savings in transportation costs due to denser fuel.
  • Ponsse Bear 8W. Ponsse brought out its Bear harvester, now with eight wheels. This machine comes equipped with a 322 HP Mercedes diesel engine, an 11.6 cubic inch harvesting head pump, and Opti4G measuring and control system, as well as an HB harvesting head, and a C55 or C6 crane. The Bear 8W is ideal for larger diameter trees. The HB harvesting head has a 29-inch opening, a 25 to 28 inch cutting diameter, and a three-roller feed system.
  • Koller K602H. Getting attention was the Koller K602H — new technology for yarder logging operations. The trailer mount yarder, with a tower height of 44 feet, is capable of full downhill yarding operation. The entire operation of the yarder can be done by remote control, both by the brush crew and a loader operator. It holds 2,900 feet of three-quarter inch skyline and has separate mainline, haulback, and rigging line drums. It features four hydraulically controlled guyline winches and an innovative bevel helical winch gearbox.
  • Log Mate 500. Log Max displayed the successor to its Log Mate 402 control system. The new Log Mate 500 features a Windows-based computer allowing you to easily install GPS and Internet software. The bright 12.1-inch touch screen provides a sharp picture, and the easy-to-understand user interface guarantees a quick learning process. In addition, the computer is built to withstand a tough environment. It is IP65 standard compliant and has no moving parts — even the standard hard drive has been replaced with a solid-state disk drive.
  • Madill 3800C. The Madill 3800C log loader is designed for demanding shovel logging applications. With its swing torque of 130,700 ft. lbs., excellent lift capability, and heel boom reach of 44 feet, it also comes with new features such as stronger undercarriage and carbody, heavier underdecking plate steel, larger boom foot boss, and improved fuel economy of up to 10 gallons per day. The operator can enjoy a 46” entry cab, high visibility with bronze tint Lexan floor and side windows, air ride heated seat, DDEC V engine monitor and diagnostic system, and more.
  • Quadco Keto 870DS Processor. The processor, talked about at the show, falls into the “coming soon” category. It features a simple and reliable built-in rotator, new and stronger knife design, long track surface for superior measuring and gentle log handling, as well as center-mounted Keto-Power-Tilt, which works at lower pressures and produces a uniform force in any position. It has removable taper lock frame pins and computer-controlled lubrication for tracks and saws and much more. Keep a look out for this processor.
  • Tigercat 880. The 300 HP 880 logger can be equipped for shovel logging, loading or processing with a live heel, power clam, butt-n-top, or processing attachment. The innovative closed loop swing drive system eliminates energy loss from swing relief valves during swing acceleration and recovers energy stored in the swinging boom and upper frame assembly during braking. The dedicated swing drive system also reserves all main hydraulic pump flow for boom and attachment functions, increasing speed and productivity. Another energy saving feature is the hydraulically driven and computer controlled variable speed, reversing cooling fan. Air intakes and outlets are large for optimal cooling airflow.
  • 1470E Deere Wheeled Harvester. The John Deere 1470E provides a great yield and a great driving experience. It’s powered by a 9.0-liter John Deere PowerTech Plus™ engine with high torque at low rpm, letting you process those large, heavy logs while saving fuel. It has increased, smoother rotating, and side tilt angles of the cab give you greater comfort, safety, and visibility of the surroundings. And the Timbermatic H-09 measuring and control system has fully integrated machine diagnostics and bucking instructions for easy operation and setting of specific parameters.

2013 OLC — 75th Anniversary

Next year will be the OLC’s 75th anniversary. The board is already looking ahead to ensure it’s a memorable event. Make sure to mark your calendars for February 21, 22, and 23, 2013.


FeenaughtyFeenaughty Machinery

Feenaughty Machinery Company has been supporting the construction and forestry industries for over 100 years. Since its beginning in 1901, Feenaughty has been a family-owned business that believes in hard work and loyalty to its customers as well as employees. Although the industry has gone though many changes since 1901, Feenaughty remains dedicated to supporting its customers needs with honesty and integrity. Going forward Feenaughty will continue to support its customers with the equipment, as well as the service, they have come to expect since 1901.


TimberPro brought its TL735-B leveling feller buncher, equipped with a Quadco hotsaw, to this year’s OLC. The 60,000-pound machine offers contractors a low, 4.94 PSI ground pressure and a tractive effort of over 80,000 lbs. on its D7 undercarriage.

TimberPro’s patented four-way leveling system is the strongest and simplest in the industry and offers 28-degree front leveling, 7-degree rear leveling and 24 degrees from side to side. A Parker ICAN MDL control system handles the hydraulic functions, offering energy saving features and easy adjustments and troubleshooting.


Caterpillar showcased a variety of products at the Oregon Logging Conference, representing their theme of “From the Field to the Mill”. Highlights of their display included the new Cat® Series 2 Track Feller Bunchers, K Series Wheel Loaders and 568 Forest Machine. The 568 Forest Machine and K Series Wheel Loaders feature new Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB engines, which provide improved fuel efficiency, power, performance and reliability. Also new from Caterpillar is the CT660, the first in a full line of vocational trucks that deliver all the power, performance and productivity you expect from Cat products.

McCoy FreightlinerMcCoy Freightliner

McCoy Freightliner knows trucking. We know owning a logging truck is a serious investment in your business. At McCoy Freightliner we custom-build your truck to your unique specifications and are committed to ensuring your truck’s ability to perform well in any terrain, climate, or application requirements. We know that every minute your truck spends waiting for service, costs you more than just time, it costs you money. Our state-of-the-art technology and trained technicians will work hard to give you the kind of service a premium truck deserves!

KomatsuKomatsu Forest

Komatsu and Modern Machinery were on hand showcasing the big XT450L-2 feller buncher, PC220LL-8 with Pierce stroke delimber, and the PC350LL-7E0 log loader.

The big news, Komatsu’s new Tier 4 interim powered 931.1 harvester, was called into duty prior to the show. At 42,770 lbs., it’s a new size class. The new 259 hp engine features SCR emission technology for very low fuel use. The 931.1 can be equipped with GPS navigation and fitted with a compact 365 head (over 32ft reach) making it perfect for Western forests.

Wood MizerWood-Mizer

Wood-Mizer Products showcased several machines at the 2012 OLC that allow anyone to produce lumber for full-time or part-time income. The LT50 Hydraulic sawmill is one of the top-of-the-line portable sawmills in the world, complete with all hydraulic log loading and handling. The computerized Accuset2 setworks allow operators to focus on producing lumber, and less on doing all the math. The LT50, among other machines showcased at the conference, works great with Wood-Mizer’s Twin Blade Edger, which improves lumber producing efficiency up to 30%.

Eagle CarriageEagle Carriage

Eagle Carriage & Machine has been building quality carriages since 1979 and now produces ten different carriages and grapples. The most recent to it’s line up is the D7 Drum Carriage. Eagle Carriage & Machine also produce the hydrostatic, slack pulling Eagle VI, as well as the Super Eaglet carriages. Eagle Carriage takes pride in its service and customer satisfaction.

Don’t let its geographical location get in your way, as they go out of their way to service their customers!


With the launch of the Pierce GP, Pierce Pacific Mfg. introduces a revolutionary new way to gain utility and productivity from a single machine. The patent-pending innovation is the only one of its kind to sort, load and shovel like a grapple plus delimb, measure and cut like a processor. The GP’s innovative design allows it to reposition long logs, handle bundles of short wood and distribute brush. It can be used with both new and preexisting log loaders, making it economical as well as efficient.


Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog was on hand at the Papé exhibit area during the OLC. This machine provides outstanding material flow into the mill chamber with a 38” X 59-3/4” infeed opening. Morbark designers created plenty of space under and within the mill to allow for smooth operation on large and bulky material. Engine options include Caterpillar or Cummins engines with horsepower ranges from 700 to 800. Standard features include the Morbark Integrated Control System (M.I.C.S.), which allows the operator to adjust feed systems for increased output while maximizing fuel efficiency. For more information please visit them on the web at

VulcanVulcan On-Board Scales

Vulcan On-Board Scales manufactures on-board weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers in the timber industry, as well as other industries that require tough and reliable equipment. Solutions are available for a wide range of on-board applications including spring, air and mixed suspensions. Vulcan thanks you for helping them celebrate 30 years in business, and for being one of more than 30,000 systems installed worldwide.

Contact Vulcan at 1-800-237-0022
or visit their website at

Log MaxLog Max

Log Max engineers products that promote healthy forests, with a continued focus on providing harvesting and procession solutions to its customers, big or small, and in any type of forestry application. The 7000XT and 10000XT continue to be popular products with customers in the Pacific Northwest. However, the demand for smaller heads has become apparent in the industry’s changing markets. Log Max has a wide variety of harvesting and processing heads for all applications, from its little 928 to the 10000XT and 12000XT. For more information on the Log Max product lines visit


Triad MachineryTriad Machinery

Once again Triad Machinery was proud to be a part of the OLC. With a full complement of forestry machines on display, Triad again confirmed its long standing commitment to the forestry industry. On site was the new 210X2 OSU loader, 240X3, 290X2, 370LX, and the revolutionary LBX designed rear entry cab 350X2 logger. The display also included several Tigercat machines, the LX830C & L870C fellerbunchers along with a 610 rubber tired skidder. Three new models were on site: and the 855 leveler machine; a LH830C with a Waratah harvester head; the newest 880 rear entry cab machine for the loader contest; as well as the Kawaski 80ZV with forks to help set up the event.Visit Triad Machinery at their website


Leemar Excavator Components was a first time exhibitor at this year’s OLC. The company is one of North America’s largest resource for new, used and re-built Deere and Hitachi excavator parts. Leemar uses a state of the art computer system and web based live parts inventory, which allows customers to locate parts quickly and track orders. Parts inventory includes a large stock of final drives, hydraulic pumps and motors, track adjusters, undercarriage, swing motors and gearboxes, valves, cabs, booms, cylinders and more. Rebuilt components are dismantled, cleaned, inspected to “as new” specs and backed by a minimum one-year guarantee.


Oregon based Peterson Pacific Corporation was proud to attend the 2012 OLC and was doing live demos throughout the show with the 4300 Drum Chipper as well as their 2700C Horizontal Grinder. The Peterson 4300 Drum Chipper has many features that high volume biomass producers are looking for; Caterpillar C18 power, easy to change knives plus a secondary grate system to provide the consistently sized product that many biomass buyers prefer. To find out more about the 4300 Drum Chipper and other Peterson products call 800-269-6520.

JorallJorall LLC

The position sensor has changed the life expectancy of sensors used in timber processors. At the OLC, shared information on replacement sensors that fit Waratah, Valmet, Risley, Quadco, LogMax, Denharco, John Deere, and Fabtek (CAT) harvesting heads.Increasing the lifespan of the sensor from months to years, has made a rugged duty pulse generator specific for the logging industry. Visit online at or call (707)722-7899 to find out more on compatibility.

QuadcoQuadco Equipment

QUADCO provided loggers with a glimpse of their full line this year at the OLC, as the exclusive distributor of KETO harvester/processor heads in North America. They showcased the new KETO harvester featuring the QUADCO 29” (73.7 CM) intermittent disc saw. Additional features of this head include the KETO Power Tilt linkage for head control, new track frame mounts, and updated knives and valves. A trademark feature of KETO is the unique track feeding system for gentle log handling and the best track based measuring system. The QUADCO product line also includes: mower, grinder, saw teeth and discs, high speed felling heads, intermittent felling heads and forestry mowers

John DeereJohn Deere

At Papé Machinery’s booth, John Deere Construction & Forestry displayed a wide variety of its most powerful, productive equipment that works hard for loggers shift after shift, including: a 2454D Delimber, 959K Feller Buncher, 848H Skidder, and 319D and 333D Compact Track Loaders. A highlight in the exhibit was the 3754D Swing Machine with rear entry. It was displayed alongside the 2954D and 2154D models, all featuring a powerful swing and track system, best-in-class horsepower, and smooth and fast hydraulic systems for maximum performance. Also in the exhibit were the 1470E Harvester and 1910E Forwarder with a rotating, spacious cab for enhanced comfort and control.

Laser TechnologyLaser technology

Dealing with an ever-changing mountain of log inventory, it is difficult to get accurate measurements. LTI’s Log Deck Volume solution instantly generates the deck length and area, as well as calculates the MBF for specified log species and diameters. Simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations guide users through the process of producing accurate and repeatable results. The laser is just as easy to operate. Learn how it all works by joining Laser Technology’s upcoming webinar.

Visit: and get registered today! 877.OWN.A.LTI (696.2584)


White Mountain ChainWhite Mountain Chain

The TRYGG brand name has been synonymous with quality and strength since 1939. You can depend on a TRYGG chain, onroad or offroad, snow removal and even ATVs as well as recreational vehicles can rely on TRYGG chains. Ed Leach has been a distributor for TRYGG Chains since 1989 and started his own company, White Mountain Chain in 1995 to better service his clients. White Mountain Chain also carries a full range of IGLANDA Winches. Let White Mountain Chain give you the safety that only a high quality chain can give.

Alliance Tire GroupAlliance Tire Group

Primex Tire, a division of Alliance Tire Group, was on hand at the OLC to explain how the long lasting Xtreme LS-2 skidder tire can help loggers be more productive. The Primex Xtreme LS-2 offers exceptional stability on the steep and unstable ground often found in the Pacific Northwest. The heavy sidewall, reinforced carcass and specially formulated forestry compound is engineered to resist chunking, cuts and blow-outs in the most demanding conditions. In addition, the variable–angle lug design tapers as it arcs from the center to the shoulder, delivering outstanding traction in virtually all soil conditions.


The Fecon Bull Hog is a forestry mulcher for tracked, rubber tire forestry machines, as well as excavators and PTO driven farming tractors. Fecon is known for durability and a very wide variety of mulchers to fit just about any machine. The Fecon Tracked Carrier line ranges from 97- 600 horsepower, and is purpose build to handle even the toughest ground conditions. Fecon also carries a line of Chipper Modules (FCM22). These modules are the latest technology; they can mount on your log truck, forwarder or flat bed truck.


Husqvarna is all about having passion for power, performance and innovative technology, coupled with long-term durability to deliver value to our customers.

Husqvarna has worked alongside professional forest workers for more than fifty years now, giving them unique insights and a working perspective, which they utilize in their products, research and development. The results are extremely powerful as well as very reliable chainsaws that meet the demands of today’s professional loggers throughout the Pacific Northwest.