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Tech Update -- Firewood Processing Equipment

Apache Forest Products
The Model 100, already popular in Europe for years, is a new model to the North American market. PTO driven and 3pt hitch-mounted, the one-man machine bucks and splits logs up to 12" in diameter.

Model 100 is light, effective, and strong, and suitable for the farm, home, or cabin. Requiring only 10 hp, it utilizes a carbide tipped circular saw and screw and wedge splitter. It can produce 1 cord per hour with minimal effort.

Recommended log length is 8' for easy handling. Logs can be bucked up to 24" length and can be split as many times as required.

B & B Manufacturing
You can profitably shrink wrap waste wood and firewood with The WOOD-PAKer. Various size packages can be obtained with B&B's high production, easily operated, and affordable machines -- seven in all.

It's the ideal equipment for producing square bundles -- palletizable for ease in storage and transporting. Video and packaging samples are available for a nominal fee. (800) 654-5320.

Blockbuster Inc.
Blockbuster currently manufactures six different sizes of firewood processors, one to fit your specific need. Designed specifically for hardwoods, Blockbuster's simple and unique design is built from off-the-shelf components.

These models are very competitive in the marketplace, providing a low cost, high volume option for people desiring to become self-employed in the firewood business, or those wishing to enhance their existing operation. Blockbuster has put over 20 years of experience and quality workmanship into every piece of equipment it manufactures. All of its equipment is manufactured in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Built-Rite Mfg. Corp.

Built-Rite offers a full line of firewood processors, including three PTO models. Whether you are doing 40 cords or 2,000, Built-Rite has a model to fit your needs. It's a family owned business with over 45 years of combined experience in building firewood equipment.

New for 2009, Built-Rite has taken the Built-Rite Multi-Wedge system and made it even better. By adding a third wedge to its systems, you have the option of splitting two, four, six, or 10 ways without having to change wedges.

The company is also in the process of changing its infeed chain to hourglass rolls. By combining these features with its scissor clamp, auto feed, and auto spilt system, they've created better and more efficient processors. Built-Rite also manufactures heavy-duty commercial splitters and conveyors.

Chomper Rainier Hydraulics
The Chomper Firewood system is simple, productive, and offers a wide variety of features, such as the patented automatic cycle. The 100% automatic firewood processor yields 2-4 cords per hour. No hand levers or foot pedals to operate during the processor cycle.

Only one person is required for full production of firewood or fuel wood, and logs can be processed at ground level, including crooked, muddy, dirty, rock-embedded tree length logs up to 16" or 14" in diameter, depending on the model.

All cutting is done with a shear blade that never needs sharpening. And the system can be hooked up and ready to move in less than five minutes.

The splitter head has a hydraulic adjustment to split 0, 2, or 4-way depending on log diameter, with 6-way or 8-way splitter head options available. With the hydraulic winch, one log is being automatically processed, while the operator prepares the next log.

Cord King

Since 1978 Cord King has been designing and manufacturing firewood processing equipment. The Cord King Compact Model 60 is the company's flagship machine. It's compact and rugged and operators appreciates its speed, ease of operation, and minimal maintenance.

Cord King achieved the shortest production time at the The Great Firewood Processor Shootout 2009 held at Sawlex -- a biannual event in West Virginia. The Cord King Model 48 processed fifteen 12-foot long logs from 10" to 16" in diameter in 11 minutes and 32 seconds. In the 2007 Shootout it produced 7.4 cubic cord per hour.

Cord King has developed a 21-way splitter wedge. Also new is a hydraulically adjustable 12-way splitter wedge that can be centered on a log to help minimize splinters and waste. Cord King is the only producer that offers an optional saw log deck allowing the user to cut both firewood and saw logs or posts simultaneously.

CRD Metalworks
CRD offers both the Woodbine Standard and Woodbine Junior. Both PTO models are designed for the serious firewood producer.

The Woodbine Standard handles logs up to 24' long and up to 22" in diameter and can process up to 4 cords an hour. It features 14' long, 2-strand powered in-feed deck folds for easy transport. An extra wide trough, combined with an aggressive rear-mounted hourglass feed roll, handles even the most crooked wood with ease. A narrow splitter design allows all split wood to drop into the conveyor, eliminating the annoying hang-ups. With its simple one-lever clamp and cut and an auto-cycle splitter valve, combined with a large hopper, multi-block splitting is not a problem. This is one easy machine to operate. Optional diesel, gas, or electric power packages are available.

The woodbine Junior can handle logs up to 22' long and up to 16" in diameter. It has a 12' long 2-strand powered in-feed deck, which folds for easy transport and has the same splitter design as the Standard. It comes standard with a 24 HP Honda engine and can process up to two cords per hour. The machine is portable and tows easily behind a standard sized pickup.

Hants Equipment
The Finnish made Hakki Pilke/Wood Beaver product range covers a variety of machines that make firewood preparation easier and more convenient. Processors are small, affordable, well built, and versatile. All models are PTO driven.

Products include the EAGLE, which cuts timber with a circular saw and splits with a splitting cone; the Z100 hydraulic splitter; the HAWK, which handles wood up to 11.7", is designed for home use, and can be towed behind a car; the OH60 for logs up to 10" in diameter (also designed for home use) that uses a circular saw for cutting; Hakki Pilke's number one selling machine, 1X37, which manages logs up to 14.5"; the 1X42, which splits logs up to 16.5" in diameter; and the BigX47 for wood up to 18.5" in diameter that is suitable for large-scale wood production.

Accessories include different sized log lifters, log racks, sacking racks, cleaning drum, and feeding tables.


Hud-Son offers both the Little Brute and Brute-D. The Little Brute is a fully hydraulic processor, handling up to 18" diameter logs. Powered by a 23 hp Briggs engine, the processor can process 1+ cord per hour. From conveniently located controls the operator can load, feed logs to desired length, cut-off, and split with the 2 or 4-way wedge. With the optional 2-strand live deck, production is even higher.

 The more robust Brute-D is equipped with a Caterpillar Diesel Power Plant. The Brute-D includes all of the Little Brute options as standard features. 2 strand hydraulic live deck and hydraulic 4-way wedge are standard. With the increased engine and pump size, the splitter cycle time is increased to an amazing 5.5 seconds. With power and speed, the Brute-D will get the job done ahead of schedule.

The Multitek 3040xp2 firewood processor features a 72" circular saw or a 48" bar and chain, to cut and split even the largest of logs into firewood. Boasting a turbo charged diesel engine, the machine can efficiently cut and split high volumes of firewood. With a dry weight of 18,000 lbs, this heavy-duty machine is the largest in the business and can process low-grade crooked logs up to 30 inches in diameter by tree length. The Multitek exclusive shuttle grapple system enables the operator complete control throughout the production cycle.

The Palax KS35 Ergo produces one to two cords per hour depending on setup. It's PTO driven with a 3-point hitch and cuts up to 14" diameter wood with the hydraulic chainsaw, with automatic lubrication. Log length can be adjusted from 10" to 2', and you can split the wood two or four ways with 17,600 lbs of force.

The unit has a high-speed valve, automatic tightening of the V-belts, sealed bearings, and rear swingable 14' conveyor with chains and scrapers. It comes assembled with the PTO shaft. Only 20 hp is required to run the unit and a bit more if hooked on to the 3-point hitch.

The Palax Power100S is designed for serious processing. Operated with joysticks, the 100S produces one to two cords per hour depending on setup. Live log table with chains makes processing easier. It has many of the features of the KD35 and can cut up to 16" diameter wood with the circular saw. Log length can be adjusted from 10" to 22''. Split the wood two or six ways with 35,300 lbs of force. If cutting shorter pieces, the body folds in so the length of the cylinder is shorter, and the splitting is faster.

Timberwolf's PRO-MP is designed for a single worker. With its live deck, patented Top Roll system, and roller guide, the PRO-MP is a productivity powerhouse. It can handle 14' logs up to 18" in diameter and features a super fast (6 second) hydraulic cut-off saw. The MP also features a 36 HP Yanmar engine and comes standard with a 4-way wedge. Add a conveyor for an extremely productive combination. Optional accessories include an operator's seat, 6-way wedge, and a choice of standard or pintel hitches.

Timberwolf machines are cut and welded by hand and assembled in the U.S.A. The company also offers one of the largest lines of log splitters, firewood processors, and conveyors in the industry with over 14 machines to choose from to fit every log splitting need.

Twister Industries
Twister offers the Hornet 20-12 processor. The 20-12 processes two cords an hour and is powered by a choice of a 60hp, turbo-charged Isuzu, Kabota, or Perkins diesel engine. Plexus glass can be added to turn the platform into an expensive cab, and electric brakes and transport lights are standard. The 20-12 is also equipped with a 2-strand 2060 folding live deck. The 20-20 processor has a 3-strand 2080 folding live deck.

The Hornet processors are designed for tough applications in a horizontal position. An attractive finish provides superior protection and rigid quality control, while component testing helps ensure years of productive and reliable service.
Twister is currently working on a new machine with a slasher saw and built-in conveyor.

Wood Beaver Forestry Equipment
Resource Recovery Systems was looking to distribute a processor that was small, affordable, well built, and versatile, and they found it with the Wood Beaver Firewood Processors. Manufactured in Finland, more than 6,500 units are produced each year. A variety of models fit everyone's needs -- from hydraulic splitters to chainsaw or circular saw operated cutting models. All models are PTO driven, but can be upgraded to a 24hp gas motor. They also have an extremely fast splitting time -- 2.8 seconds!

The best selling unit is the 1X37, an all-in-one in-feed, saw, splitter, and conveyor. Resource Recovery entered this machine at the 2007 Sawmill & Woodlot Firewood Processing Competition in South Carolina. It processed 2.375 full cords in 18 minutes, 10 seconds (7.84 cords/hr) with a setup time of 1 minute, 20 seconds and a tear-down time of 54.4 sec.

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