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Demming Log ShowDeming Log Show Celebrates 50 Years

Weather is always a big factor when it comes to an outdoor log show. This year, it looked like there might be rain, Deming Log Show president and Twin Sisters Trucking owner, Jeff Engholm, was greatly relieved when clouds cleared.

As always, lots of people showed up for the big event — around 10,000 over the two-days.

“One of the highlights this year was the large equipment display,” says Jeff. “Also, the world championship speed climbing by Brian Bartow and Stirling Hart. We try to get the world’s first and second place climbers to come.”

Demming Log ShowThis year spectators watched as Steve Bartow scrambled to the top of poles, and stood on his head before coming down.

Fun and Games

The speed climbers also put on log rolling demonstrations. “They jump back and forth, and in and out of the water,” explains Jeff. “People really enjoyed it.” The folks also enjoyed, among other events, the hot saw competition where competitors saw through logs 30” in diameter in under two seconds.

This year Trebb Rainey won “All Around Logger” and Bill Blockley was named Bull of the Woods.


This year was the show’s 50th anniversary. Jeff has a special connection to the fiftieth anniversary. His grandfather was one of the men instrumental in getting the show started.

Instead of having a big party, Jeff says he and the organizers spent time upgrading the grounds — cleaning and painting. “We also did a lot of work to our museum building, adding a hardwood dance floor and putting in some outdoor landscaping.”

“Overall it was a very good year for the log show,” says Jeff. “It’s a pretty neat organization to be a part of.”

Demming Log ShowDemming Log Show