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TimberWest January/February 2011

January/February TimberWest

Adapting to Work
Milner Brothers Logging Inc. Alter
Operations to Make It Work

Busy Looking Ahead
B&G Logging keeps crews going by booking years in advance

Woody Biomass Column
Breaking the Log Jam

One of Tomorrow’s Solutions

Tech Review
Tracked Feller Bunchers

Guest Columnist
East Meets West Outlook for the Timber Industry in the Pacific Northwest


In The News

New Products

Machinery Row



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New Products

Quick-change Fuel chip attachment for Vermeer grinders Quick-change Fuel chip attachment for Vermeer grinders

The Vermeer® Fuel Chip Attachment (FCA) offers customers more versatility, allowing the use of one machine to process wood waste into mulch one day and biomass the next -- simply by changing out the cutting mechanism in a few hours. The fuel chip attachment helps customers enter the biomass market without tying up capital resources in a separate machine.

Designed for use with Vermeer HG6000 or HG6000TX horizontal grinders equipped with the Series II Duplex Drum, the fuel chip attachment changes the action of the cutting drum from ripping and shredding to a chipping action -- offering the ability to produce a more uniformly sized end product.

Vermeer also developed a screen system to help produce a consistently sized chip. The screens feature a J-hook at the back of each hole. The hook is designed to engage the wood material in the hole until the knife comes back around, cutting the material into the desired size chip.

The RMT-XW in-motion grapple scale systemNew Wireless Grapple Scale

The RMT-XW in-motion grapple scale system combines wireless data communication and control with a new load-sensing technology. Marc Lefebvre, North American Sales manager for RMT Equipment Inc., reports that the RMT-XW system improves the accuracy of load measurements to within 0 ± 3% of true weight, while reducing installation and setup time to as little as two hours.

"The fact is, this scale requires no configuration time at all," Lefebvre say. "Installation is as simple as replacing the grapple's attachment link with our weigh link, extending current hydraulic lines, then mounting the remote display in the cab. That's it!"

The wireless design also ensures higher reliability in severe-duty applications by eliminating extra electrical connections from the weighing link to the in-cab monitor.

The RMT-XW grapple scale achieves its accuracy by using technology derived from the strain gauges or load cells that engineers use in structural testing devices. The new scale is self-contained within a weigh link that replaces the yoke or link of the grapple attachment.

Dynamic 5240 Horizontal Grinder Dynamic 5240 Horizontal Grinder

Building on its Dynamic line of Cone-Head® chippers, Norco Equipment has introduced its first-ever grinder, the Dynamic 5240 horizontal model.

Powered by a fuel-efficient Volvo Tier III 425 HP engine, the Dynamic 5240 grinder will produce up to 200 yd3/hr from infeed materials of up to 18" diameter. The grinder operates with a 52" wide hammermill and can convert from swing to fixed hammers in as little as 45 minutes.

The 5240 is designed to serve a wide range of small to medium-sized grinding applications. The infeed hopper provides a 54" x 16' loading capacity. Processed material is sized through a selection of 1.5 to 5" screens. Screens can be changed in 15-20 minutes. The 36" wide belt has a standard discharge height of 15 feet.

Weighing less than 38,000 lbs., the wheeled Dynamic 5240 offers operators a horizontal grinder that transports easily and is agile enough to fit into almost any jobsite. Models with track drive are also available.

Caterpillar Launches Versatile Forest Machine

Caterpillar Forest Products is introducing the new Cat® 568 Forest Machine (FM) at the Oregon Logging Conference in Eugene, Ore. The 568 delivers more performance -- while consuming less fuel -- than the Cat 330D FM model it replaces. Highlights include a 16 percent increase in horsepower, more efficient hydraulics, longer track frames for more stability, and ground-level accessibility for maintenance.

The 568 is available in a general forestry configuration for road building, site prep and processing; and in a loader version for log loading, shoveling, butt-n-top loading and millyard applications. The 568 is the largest in the four-model FM line.

Two pilot machines were tested on logging contractors' work sites in Washington and Oregon. Over 2,200 hours in total were logged on the machines by at least eight operators. Their feedback was critical to validating machine design and component life and fine-tuning features.