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A look at West Fork Timber, two decades after the spotted owl legislation

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Schmitz Logging gleans valuable
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Bring on the Biomass
Hermann Brothers increases profit to forest landowners utilizing biomass

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Think Globally, Act Locally

Small Management, Different Styles
Three managers share their techniques

Tech Review – Forwarders

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What Independent Contractors Need to Know about Worker’s Compensation

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TECH REVIEW - Forwarders

Caterpillar 584HDCaterpillar

The 20 metric ton Cat® 584HD stands up to the demands of transporting large payloads long distances over difficult terrain, while providing outstanding operator comfort and serviceability.

The 8-wheel drive forwarder features the 147 kW Cat C7 engine with ACERT™ Technology providing fuel efficiency through high torque in the 1400 to 1600 rpm range. Fuel efficiency is enhanced by the over-sized cooling fan, which has its own hydraulic pump that includes a speed control modulated by the forwarder control system. The fan requires less horsepower and cools more quickly, allowing loggers to go deeper into the woods and haul bigger loads, faster.

A field-proven hydrostatic propel system provides maximum power on grade through a wide engine rpm and ground speed range, resulting in infinitely variable speeds at peak power and dynamic braking on steep terrain.

The machine is solid and stable. The rugged front and rear frame structures, heavy duty cast articulation and large oscillation bearings are built for long service life. High stress areas are reinforced for more durability.

The comfortable, quiet cab features automatic temperature controls, low-effort ergonomic joystick controls and storage compartments. Side windows extend below seat level for ground visibility close to the cab. The operator can easily swing around in the seat to run the loader.

All major components and systems are accessible through the forward-tilting engine canopy and hydraulic tilt cab. The loader valve banks are easily accessible beneath the rear window, and the boom grease lines can be serviced standing on the ground.

John Deere E-Series FowardersJohn Deere

Recent innovative updates to John Deere’s E-Series Forwarders enable more efficient and productive working methods from the inside out. The series now offers Smooth Boom Control (SBC), VarioSpeed™ and cruise control, in addition to the proven TimberLink™ monitoring system, to improve overall efficiency.

The SBC addition is a software-based control algorithm used to improve forwarders’ boom movements, making the machines more effective, accurate and comfortable. The innovative software filters sudden movements from the levers, creating more accurate boom handling so loggers can operate with faster speed.

Exclusive to John Deere forwarders, VarioSpeed automatic transmission enables full forwarder drive speed and tractive force without the “stop-and-go” motion felt with two-speed gearboxes. Users can also manually control VarioSpeed and swiftly switch between low and high gears. If a drive load exceeds a certain level while in high gear, VarioSpeed automatically switches to low gear. To switch from low to high gear, the operator simply needs to press a switch without having to stop the machine.

Cruise control is now available on all new John Deere forwarders and can be installed on previously purchased machines. This new feature allows operators to drive forwarders at a constant speed, enabling loggers to accelerate their machines at a steady speed without putting forth extra effort.

Another exclusive feature, the TimberLink monitoring system, is an integrated suite of information services for optimizing equipment and total productivity. The system also provides the operator with individual guidance for working method development.

Komatsu 855 and 866Komatsu America Corp.

Komatsu introduces the new Komatsu 855 and 865 forwarders.

The Komatsu 855 has a payload rating of 14.3 tons and is powered by a 201 hp EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission certified engine. The Komatsu 865 is powered by a 215 hp EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission certified engine with a payload rating of 16.5 tons.

Both forwarders are equipped with new eco-friendly high displacement 6-cylinder engines with higher peak horsepower and torque ratings than the models these machines replace. The 6.6-liter engine on the 855 has a peak hp rating that is 13% higher than the Komatsu 840.4 forwarder it replaces. The 865 forwarder’s 7.4-liter engine has 12% greater displacement and a 7% higher peak hp rating than the 860.4 forwarder.

A new transmission control matched to each engine’s performance characteristics provides improved vehicle response and performance in high rim pull conditions. New cruise control helps improve operator efficiency and reduce fatigue when operating over longer distances.

A new cab with over 20% greater interior volume, increased storage space, Bluetooth smart radio and auto climate control creates an enhanced level of operator comfort. The cab has larger widows, a quieter SCR engine and new noise barriers. Operators will also find new fully adjustable Komatsu Comfort Controls with backlit keypads.

An all new MaxiXplorer 3.0 control system combines the power of a PC, MS Windows and Komatsu’s MaxiXplorer into an easy-to-use, intuitive vehicle control.

Ponsse Elephant KingPonsse

The new PONSSE ElephantKing forwarder is ideal for extremely demanding conditions and heavy loads. The ultimate tractive force, a powerful engine and a staggering 20-tonne carrying capacity guarantee efficient timber transportation on both steep sites and during long transports.

The PONSSE ElephantKing’s title as the most effective loader on the market is based on its exceptionally powerful PONSSE K100+ loader, a load space with a cross-sectional area of 6.25 m2 and its flexible drive transmission and loader control system. Durable frame structure, strong bogies, sturdy cylinder-powered frame oscillation lock, complete with high ground clearance, guarantee hours of smooth and trouble-free operations, even under difficult operating conditions.

The ElephantKing was specially designed by Ponsse for the challenging North American forests.

Rottne F-SeriesRottne

The new Rottne F-Series of forwarders has a well-balanced power train with a high torque diesel engine that can be run at low working rpms. And, unique to Rottne machines is the totally separated hydraulic and hydrostatic systems.

The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel. The hydraulically controlled gate allows the wagon to be adapted for short timber lengths and optimum weight distribution and stability. Bunks for a width adjustable load area are available as an extra option.

The newly designed Rottne cabs have superior visibility, offer full standing height and are well insulated to ensure low noise levels. The air-suspended operator’s seat is equipped with adjustable armrests.

The D5 control system is based on CAN bus technology and controls and monitors the engine, transmission and loader controls. Settings, monitoring and troubleshooting are performed via the touch screen that is mounted on the armrest.

On a Rottne forwarder it only takes a few minutes to access all areas of importance. Tilting the engine hood forward and tipping the cab sideways allow easy access to the engine and transmission. The front and rear belly pans are hinge mounted under the front axle and the entire underside opens up.

Tigercat 10558Tigercat

Tigercat builds two innovative forwarder models, the 14-tonne 10558 and the 20-tonne 10758.

The super-duty, 20-tonne 10758 is said to be well suited to extreme terrain, sensitive sites and the most demanding applications, including scarifying. Extreme duty, wide spread bogie axles allow for heavy payloads, reduced ground pressure and excellent performance on steep slopes.

Tigercat forwarders offer a number of advantages over competing machines, according to the company, including tough construction, excellent cooling capacity and better stability when travelling and loading, due to Tigercat’s unique centre section design. The operator can reach out and pick up a load of logs while the machine is in motion for higher productivity. All control valves are located in a single compartment accessible at ground level and there is excellent access to the engine and hydraulic components through the tilting engine enclosure. The comfortable, ergonomic cab has excellent all-around visibllity and an automotive style finish.

Various bunk and wagon options are available to customize the Tigercat forwarders to specific applications, together with optional sliding bunks for added versatility and an expandable load space.

Timberpro TF800 SeriesTimberPro

TimberPro manufactures two different sizes of 8-wheel forwarder machines. The only difference is the size of the N.A.F. bogie axle — one has a 20-ton capacity and the other 24.

The TimberPro TF800 series is extremely versatile. It can work 360 degrees around the machine allowing the operator to easily fix or mat heavily used skid trails and retrieve wood from difficult to reach areas. This same 360-degree work area allows the TF800 to work both as a forwarder or harvester with no drop off in production doing either job. The time for one man to change attachments from grapple to harvester head is less than 10 minutes.

There are two different boom sets available. The first is a 25.5 foot forwarder boom and an optional 6 foot squirt boom. The second is a 23.5 foot feller buncher boom with a 6’ squirt boom available or a live heel for loading tree length when used as a clambunk tree length skidder.

Maintenance is made easy with gullwing access to all major engine and hydraulic components. Fuel consumption is low considering the capacity of the machines. And, operator enjoy a comfort cab with low sound level, AC/heater, XM radio, filtered-pressurized cab and operator friendly IQAN controls.