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TimberWest January/February 2011

November/December 2012

Environmental Integrity
A look at West Fork Timber, two decades after the spotted owl legislation

Don’t Put Your Logs in One Basket
Schmitz Logging gleans valuable
lessons from the recession

Bring on the Biomass
Hermann Brothers increases profit to forest landowners utilizing biomass

Woody Biomass Column
Think Globally, Act Locally

Small Management, Different Styles
Three managers share their techniques

Tech Review – Forwarders

Guest Columnist
What Independent Contractors Need to Know about Worker’s Compensation

PLC Highlights


In The News

Machinery Row

Association News

New Products




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New Products

Gilbert GM-10Gilbert Launches Brush Cutting Solution

Gilbert GM Series Grader-Mowers are brush cutter heads that attach to the side of a motor grader for roadside maintenance. This head is well suited to forestry and municipal roads. The patented concept cuts vegetation as opposed to mulching it, which substantially speeds production and lowers operating costs.

The GM-10 model has a cutting width of 8.5 ft. using five saw blades. It can cut stems up to eight inches in diameter at an average travel speed of six km per hour. Since the graders are often under-utilized, the head can be installed on most graders using the standard hydraulic and fixing points for easy fitment and removal. The power needs of the GM-10 are easily provided by the grader without affecting its performance. The GM Series is also available in various cutting sizes with several options.

Tigercat 604C SkidderTigercat 604C and 610C Skidders are Now Turnaround Equipped

The Tigercat 604C cable skidder and 610C grapple skidder are now standard equipped with TurnaroundTM. The 2-position, 100-degree rotating Turnaround seat is unique to Tigercat skidders.

Tigercat’s Turnaround seat swivels effortlessly, locking in either the forward or rear-facing position. Once facing rear, the operator has full control of all machine functions including drive controls. The steering wheel has been replaced with an armrest-mounted joystick for improved ergonomics in either seating position.

The operator has one drive pedal at the front of the cab and one pedal at the rear of the cab. A direction selection switch on the joystick determines if the machine will travel blade-first or grapple-first. The computer system automatically adjusts the controls based on which direction the seat is facing; when the operator is facing rear and selects ‘forward’ direction, he will travel grapple first. The joystick steering operates the same way.

Wood-Mizer Blades Releases New Blade Maintenance Equipment Line

Wood-Mizer Products Inc. released a new line of blade sharpeners and setters, along with new blades for high production sawing and better performance with highly abrasive wood species.

The BMS500 blade sharpener is designed to handle up to 3” blades with the performance to sharpen hundreds of blades per week. Its Auto-Run mode saves time and improves efficiency, and the 8” CBN wheel is powered by a 1hp motor for consistent, accurate full-profile grinds. The BMS500 can be adjusted for different blade sizes and lengths used in various operations.

For lower blade volume needs, the new BMS200 and BMS250 blade sharpener models are steady performers with minimal downtime and easy setup. All Wood-Mizer sharpeners are based on superior CBN wheel technology with sharpening wheels manufactured by Wood-Mizer to meet precise specifications.

Other new products include a 3” blade, which is an excellent and more economical replacement for 4” and wider bands. They also offer a carbide-tipped blade for cutting tropical and extremely hard wood species.

The Bandit Revolution® Stump Grinder Cutter Wheel

Bandit has partnered with New River Equipment to produce and distribute the Bandit Revolution® cutter wheel and associated parts, including the SaberTooth™ cutting teeth, for most stump grinder makes and models. Bandit-specific wheels and parts are available only through Bandit.

The Bandit Revolution cutter wheel is now standard equipment for all new Bandit stump grinders. Owners of older Bandit stump grinders can purchase the Bandit Revolution as an upgrade.

The wheel builds on the success of New River’s previous designs to create a system that cuts better with less component wear. It is also smoother to use and does a better job of containing chips.

Wintersteiger Stellite Saw BladeWintersteiger’s New Stellite Saw Blades

Wintersteiger has over 20 years of experience producing stellite and carbide tipped blades for our thin cutting frame and band saws. Building on their experience, Wintersteiger is expanding its offering of stellite blades for other applications.

The stellite blades are now available in many configurations, including variable pitch from 1 ¼” to 6” wide in endless or coil. The blades can be sharpened up to 10 times and offer excellent blade life even for exotic hardwoods or antique woods. The blades give you a more precise cut with a saw kerf starting out at 1.6 mm thus offering you more yield. Wintersteiger also offers carbide tipped blades for special applications.

New Prentice/Epsilon Self-Loader LineNew Prentice/Epsilon Self-Loader Line

The new Prentice/Epsilon line of self-loaders is designed to provide speed and precision for applications requiring increased duty-cycles, while protecting components from damage in harsh environments.

The line is available through a marketing agreement entered into earlier this year by Caterpillar Forest Products and Palfinger Inc. The self-loaders, produced by Epsilon Kran GmbH, are marketed through select Caterpillar Forest Product distributors experienced with truck-mounted loaders. The Prentice 2124 self-loader is also still available through Prentice dealers.

The self-loader line features two configurations: the L-boom and the Z-boom. The L-boom is a standard boom, while the Z-boom allows the operator to fold and stow the loader during transport without disconnecting the attachment. Various boom lengths and capacities are available within each type.

“What the Prentice/Epsilon self-loader can lift at ground level is the same as at 10 feet off the ground,” explained Tom Zwickle, Epsilon sales and product manager. “Operators can pick a log, come straight up in the air, swing it over the bunks and put it down onto the truck bed all in one constant motion, thereby increasing speed and productivity.”