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TECH REVIEW - Mulchers and site prep equipment

Advanced Forest EquipmentAdvanced Forest Equipment

AFE is announcing our new product line “The Eco Mulcher”. Eco Mulcher is user friendly; priced right for your bank account. This product will give you the versatility you have been seeking. The Eco line Mulching Attachments have a universal mounting plate; attaches mulching attachment to a skid steer or an excavator; switch between brands such as CAT and John Deere with same mounting system.

The Eco Mulcher gives you the same Mulching power as our Premium RDM Mulching Attachments at a fraction of the cost. The Eco Mulcher is a plug and play attachment, ready to work when you are under the demanding conditions; producing mighty results. Results = more money in your pocket! AFE prides itself on the best technology, highest quality parts and our Master Craftsmen knowledge, available with our Eco Line of Mulching Attachments. Manufactured in the United States of America.


The DAH mulchers from DENIS CIMAF are an industrial, hydraulic attachment designed for excavators. Now available in 6 different sizes, they transform any 7- to 35 metric ton excavator into the ideal mulching platform. They go into areas where a dedicated tracked machine can’t.

  • economical.
  • less wear undercarriage parts
  • provide low ground impact.
  • provide better control and better visibility.

You can switch back to other attachments, leaving the excavator available for a wide range of tasks. All DAH models use DENIS CIMAF’s patented rotor technology. This technology has numerous advantages:

  • high efficiency without an additional power pack.
  • two, chevron-like rows of knives that direct the brushes towards the center of the rotor.
  • blades that can be sharpened on the unit.
  • thermally treated forged steel blades that deliver maximum resistance to impact and abrasion.
  • protective discs that prevent breakage of blade holders.

Fecon FTX400Fecon

Fecon® Inc. has introduced the FTX400 as the latest addition to its high performance mulching tractors. This tractor brings the ideal combination of cutting performance, track power and serviceability in the 400hp class of mulching machines.

Equipped with the Cummins QSM11 400hp engine, the FTX400 delivers aggressive hydraulic flow to the variable speed mulching head and solid power to the hydrostatic all steel oscillating undercarriage. Fitted with the Fecon BH300 Bull Hog®, the FTX400 can achieve 98” effective cutting height and 32” below grade reach, giving the operator a superior range of motion. Fecon’s Power Management® system optimizes torque and rotor speed; allowing the FTX400 to tackle tough material, rough terrain and demanding schedules.

The FTX400 features a spacious comfortable cab with outstanding visibility through Lexan windows. Coupled with large compartment doors, tilting cab and efficient component layout, the FTX400 offers easy maintenance and serviceability.

The FTX400 is ideal for a wide range of applications including large-scale vegetation management and site preparation.

Hakmet Meri CrusherHakmet

Hakmet USA, Inc., has introduced the Meri Crusher. From Finland, it’s fit for versatile ground preparation such as clear- ing old trees and stumps, reclaiming old pasture land, maintaining utility lines and firebreaks, and reconditioning old roads.

The product line includes several models with a working widths from 3’3” to 9’2”. Meri features a built-in safety clutch to protect transmission components. Mechanical and hydraulic mounting with a variety of base machines is available both rear and front. Meri will also grind whether you drive forward or backward. Horesepower requirement is dependent on the application and range from 100 to 300 HP.

Meri units grind up to desired depth of 12”. Free rotating, carbide tipped cutters set into holders on the cutting drum deliver amazing results. In addition to a standard cutting drum, a multi-purpose drum is also available for many models.


The Versatile KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) vehicle has been adapted to become a carrier for both a rear-mounted mulcher or wildfire-suppression unit.

This machine is capable of being utilized for fuel reduction, fire reclamation, vegetation clearing and fire guard construction. It can also be quickly converted to a fire-suppression unit for off-highway initial attach or mop-up use.

The KMC HSST Vehicle is capable of working on steep slopes as well as in sensitive soil conditions. One of the major benefits of the KMC Tracked Vehicles, because of the independent torsion bar suspension system, has always been and continues to have minimal environmental impact.

The KMC rear-mounted mulcher can have the same positive impacts on Fire Suppression work by rapidly cutting fire lines and temporary access without the costly post-fire remediation commonly required. Also, after wildfire season, the machine can be converted back to being a log skidder.

Loftness Carbide Cutter G3Loftness

As part of its VMLogix™ line of products, Loftness has introduced the Carbide Cutter G3 high-performance mulching head attachment for skid steers. It incorporates the latest cutting-tooth technologies and power drive systems, while maintaining the rugged reliability.

The Carbide Cutter G3 is available with 51-, 61- and 71-inch cutting widths. All models are offered with a variety of carbide-tipped and heat-treated steel teeth to match any job application. The precisely engineered spiral tooth pattern on the rotor ensures continuous tooth contact with the material being cut.

For maximum cutting performance, the Carbide Cutter G3 features a two-stage cutting chamber with staggered counter teeth and a shear bar. This combination of features results in small particle sizes, while eliminating the jamming and wrapping issues associated with competitive products.

The mulching heads operate at 1,700 to 2,150 RPM and feature a four-groove banded belt drive with spring-loaded tensioner. They come standard with a fixed-displacement, piston-style motor that delivers hydraulic power at 97-percent efficiency. The fixed-displacement motor can be upgraded to the innovative V-Drive system that includes a variable-displacement motor with load-sensing technology.

Quadco Drum MowerQuadco Equipment, Inc.

QUADCO’s efficient saw tooth technology in combination with its drum mower creates an extremely productive attachment. With a direct drive or belt driven option, the QUADCO drum mower is designed to fit a wide range of applications — from light brushing to heavy full tree mulching. The robust mowers mulch vegetation into fine material, discharging directly to the ground. Both mowers feature minimal operating costs, low-maintenance, and are equipped with a 26 staggered-tooth drum offering a choice of rotatable teeth to fit the application — Reversible, Beaver®, Concave, or Carbide.

An anvil system is designed to hold the material for high productivity. A high strength 1⁄2-inch plate used on the main frame makes these the strongest mower attachments on the market today. The Rexroth variable-displacement 160cc motor provides superior performance.

Rayc C185LGPRayco

RAYCO’s C185LGP is a mid-sized mulcher that delivers 185 hp in a compact, low ground pressure package. The C185LGP is suited for clearing small trees, underbrush, and a variety of unwanted vegetation over a wide range of conditions.

A powerful Cummins QSB6.7L turbo diesel engine powers the C185, producing 592 foot-pounds of torque while meeting Tier III emissions. RAYCO’s exclusive elevated cooling design is operator friendly and features a reversing fan to extend service intervals even when operating in hot, debris-filled environments.

For manual cleaning of screens, the rear door opens to allow unrestricted access to the debris screen and engine radiator. The C185’s cab is climate controlled and sealed from dust and debris. An LCD panel displays all gauges and warning indicators and has a built-in back-up camera.

The standard, 24-inch track shoes yield ground pressure of 4.07 psi (including mulcher head), while the optional 20-inch shoes achieve 4.87 psi and optional 28-inch shoes achieve 3.48 psi.

The C185LGP is purpose built to power RAYCO’s Predator mulcher head. The Predator has a cutting width of 77.5-inches and overall width of 93-inches.

PrimeTech PT-600PrimeTech

The PrimeTech has added the PT-600 to join the existing PT-200 (180 hp), PT-300 (275 hp) and PT-400 (415 hp).

The PT-600 is designed to work in the most severe of working conditions and the toughest jobs, guaranteeing maximum productivity plus high performance. Due to its low ground pressure and well-distributed masses the PT-600 is extremely maneuverable.

The PT-600’s Cummins QSX15 turbocharged diesel engine, with 6 cylinders in line, produces 610 hp and complies with Euromot/3 and Tier/3 standards. It provides enough power for the toughest jobs, while keeping fuel consumption low.

Both the engine and the hydraulic cooling systems are oversized to guarantee efficient cooling, even during hot summer weather in very warm climates. Both cooling systems are “intelligent”, in that they operate according to the actual surrounding conditions, leaving more power available for the head plus fuel consumption is lower.

PrimeTech offers a choice between wide and narrow tracks:

  • STD size with 660 mm tracks with single grouser type track shoes and ground pressure of 6.45 psi.
  • LGP size with 800 mm tracks with double grouser type track shoes and ground pressure of 5.50 psi.

Pro Mac horizontal shaft BrushcutterPro Mac

Pro Mac Manufacturing is introducing its new horizontal shaft Brushcutter, the HFT. This cutter is available with either a fixed tooth arbor or a flail shaft arbor. Both are interchangeable in this frame. The hydraulics are fully enclosed to protect the motor and components. The mounting bracket is now incorporated into the frame.

The main arbor shaft is mounted in the HFT frame with two heavy-duty, self-aligning spherical roller bearings for long life and durability. The hydraulic motor is mounted to the frame and transmits power to the main arbor shaft through a 4-inch toothed belt, which delivers positive drive and absorbs shock loading from the arbor shaft. The frame itself is a torsional member to resist movement and mechanical problems. The HFT will fit up to a 30-ton class excavator and will be available in three sizes, 34”, 48”, and 60”.


RWF BRON is a worldwide supplier of forestry mulchers — manufacturing mulchers ranging from 275 hp to 700 hp.

RWF BRON recently introduced their new style cab for their 2013 475 Forestry Mulcher. BRON’s new cab design comes with an up-front ergonomically designed pressurized cab. To increase safety, cab now comes with 1.25” Lexan- LEXGARD* on the front window. The cab seating is designed for operator comfort with height, headrest and seat tilt adjustments, and air ride suspension to eliminate operator fatigue. The new designed cab utilizes space more efficiently to give the operator more space inside and comfort operating his machine. The cab is ROPS, FOPS and OPS approved.

The BRON 475 comes with C13 CAT Engine, built on a D4 Undercarriage with heavy-duty planetary drives.

St. George Company SGC AttachmentsSt. George Company

The St George Company through its SGC Attachments division is the distributer of the “Seven” line of premium carbide hammered mulchers for excavators, crawlers and farm tractors.

The Seven line of mulchers features a close ratio hammer configuration resulting in long hammer life and the production of fine “Class 1” mulch. A fine mulch gives good ground cover and returns to nature quickly.

The mulchers feature oversize roller bearings on the main shaft, a one piece welded body of Domex® steel, and skid pads made from Hardox® steel giving the mulcher a long and productive life in the toughest of conditions.

The model EXMM (pictured) is suitable for hydraulic excavators with a weight between 10 and 30 tons. Completely enclosed body and low profile allow the mulcher to access the most difficult work areas.

The Seven line of mulchers are available in sizes from 60 to 500 hp and from 1.5 to 3 meters in width. The complete line features hydraulic and PTO driven models.

Supertrak SK140 CTLS-CSupertrak

Packed with power in a compact size, the Supertrak® SK140 CTLS-C is easy to transport and ready for serious brushcutting and mulching applications. Recent enhancements now include a radio, remote control system that controls all functions of the machine and its mulcher attachment at up to 300 meters away.

The SK140 CTLS-C is built with a 140 hp CAT® C4.4 ACERT engine and other major CAT components for excellent power, reliability, as well as support from your local CAT dealer. It can be fitted with either rubber or steel track — suiting most any terrain or topography. A dedicated 40gpm (at 5500psi) closed-loop hydraulic circuit to the mulcher head provides highly efficient, constant cutting power. It comes standard with a FAE UML/SSL-175 mulcher, featuring 38 fixed teeth and a working width of 72 inches. It can be easily paired with a wide range of attachments with its versatile, quick-connect system.

The cab provides maximum comfort with pressurized heating and air and superior noise abatement. As with all SK140 mulcher carriers, it is equipped with Lexan® windshields, all auto-reversing fan systems, superior debris control, increased fuel tank capacity, and electronic monitoring systems for all machine functions.


The 480 is a 500 hp class, track driven mulcher carrier. It’s ideal for tough terrain, sensitive site applications and large-scale land clearing and right of way projects.

High production and extremely low ground pressure are combined to offer exceptional performance in the most demanding mulching jobs. With a Cummins QSX15 Tier III engine, the 480’s a powerful machine with 440 hp available to the mulching attachment. The 480 is compact and maneuverable with a narrow overall width and a light footprint for soft soil conditions.

A highly refined, closed loop track drive system propels the carrier and a dedicated pump powers the attachment. The 480 has heavy duty track frames and a robust mounting system for the oscillating tracks. The efficient, high capacity cooling system uses a variable pitch fan with an automatic reversing cycle.

The machine incorporates high-lift boom geometry for improved performance on uneven terrain. The counter-rotate function (CRF) allows the 480 to pivot about its center axis at the touch of a button for quick, effortless “on a dime” turns at the end of rows.

The operator will also find easy access to daily service points and major components.