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New Products

Link-Belt 360 X2

In May, LBX showcased the new Link-Belt 360 X2 Rubber-Tired material handler at the ISRI show in San Diego.

The 360 X2 RT weighs approximately 95,000 lbs and is equipped with an Isuzu diesel engine rated at 271 net horsepower. Other standard features include hydraulic cab riser, 55-foot reach attachment, 2-speed transmission with planetary 4WD axles, 2-wheel steer with axle oscillation and (4) solid single tires. It also has a reach of 55' and travel 12+ mph.

The 360 X2 RT is currently undergoing testing, and production is scheduled for later this year with availability in January 2011. The company will continue to produce its tracked versions of Link-Belt material handlers.

New RazorTip Blades from Wood-mizer

For those sawing tough and abrasive hardwood, Wood-Mizer offers the new RazorTip blade featuring Stellite technology. For over a year, Wood-Mizer developed and field tested this blade to meet customer demands, as narrow bandmills have developed a need for a blade with high wear characteristics that can handle the abrasiveness of subtropical, exotic species and extreme sawing conditions.

Stellite is used to reduce wear on high-traffic components on grinders, gears, and any component that faces heat on a regular basis. And the RazorTip blade is unique because the tooth sequence uses a raker style pattern. This ensures "side clearances" are maintained when resetting the blade and leads to maximized performance and lengthened run times.

Stellite tipped blades can also be attractive in general sawing situations because of the blades' extended flex life. More than one test site has reported sawing an entire day without changing the blade.

John Deere 900 KH-Series Tracked Harvesters

The new John Deere 900 KH-Series Tracked Harvesters offer extra power and productivity, with dual power options at 300 hp or the industry-first 330 hp.

The 900 features a larger displacement Tier 3 PowerTech Plus™ 9.0L engine that delivers the power needed to move, swing, and harvest faster due to dual swing motors for high torque and a power management system that makes sure no power is wasted.

The KH-Series boasts the lowest daily fuel cost in the industry, says Deere, and a 295-gallon fuel tank lets you get more done between fill-ups. It also offers, among other things, a protected undercarriage with double flange rollers for maximum durability, and a best-in-class leveling system to keep the upper frame level, even when the tracks are climbing or tilting on tough slopes.

Magnalight Lumen LED Light

Larson Electronics' announced the addition of the LED10W-12EX LED emitter light with 10,800 lumen output, 12-32 DC voltage input, machined aluminum housing and adjustable trunnion mount. Illuminating reflective objects to 5,600 feet and providing bright white light to 4,500 feet, the LED light carries a 5-year warranty.

Featuring twelve 10 Watt LEDS, the LED10W-12EX LED light produces 120 watts and draws 10 amps on a typical 12 volt vehicle circuit. The LEDs are secured within a machined billet aluminum housing with a powder coat finish.

The Peterson 5900EL Disc Chipper

Peterson's popular 5900 disc chipper has been further enhanced with key features that high-volume chipping operations demand. The new 5900EL (Extended Length) is Tier 4-ready and features an 11-foot feed deck, PT Tech hydraulic clutch, direct drive for the internal feed rolls, and a totally enclosed CAT C18 engine.

The 5900EL disc chipper is built to produce high quality paper chips when paired with a Peterson model 4800 debarker or fuel chips as a standalone fuel wood chipper. The 5900EL has a large feed throat capable of accepting up to a 23-inch diameter tree or multiple smaller diameter stems. It comes with a standard three knife disc and is also available with an optional four knife disc.

TruSouth Oil

TruSouth Oil is the manufacturer of the nation's first-ever premixed gas and oil fuel for 2-cycle engine equipment, such as chainsaws. Available in both 50:1 and 40:1 gas:oil ratios, 50FUEL and 40FUEL have precise oil-to-gas blends that eliminate the need for mixing gas and oil – saving time, hassle, and mess. Users can simply open the cans and pour the product into their equipment.

In addition to the convenience benefit, 50FUEL and 40FUEL are ethanol-free and benzene-free, protecting the two-cycle engine from the corrosive nature of ethanol and ensuring peak performance that lasts.

Tigercat Retails Prototype 1135 Harvester

Late last year, after three years of intensive product development and testing, Tigercat completed the prototype 1135 harvester. It replaces the Tigercat H09, falling into a specialized harvester class.

According to CTL product manager Jon Cooper, the 8-wheel drive machine "is specifically designed to maneuver between forwarding rows in tightly spaced first thinning stands, dramatically increasing forwarder row spacing and residual stand quality." The machine's unique characteristics result in high production rates and low impact.

The machine is narrow and highly maneuverable with powerful steer cylinders, a tight turn radius, perfect wheel tracking, bogie lifts, and ample ground clearance. The crane base is equipped with fore/aft leveling to maintain powerful slewing capability in uneven terrain, and it also has a side tilt function so operators can reach around standing trees.

BRUKS Mobile Chippers Expand into North America

BRUKS has announced the successful introduction of its Mobile Chippers for North America. At the recent Oregon Logging Conference, BRUKS kicked off its effort with LIVE demonstrations.

"We were overwhelmed by the positive response and enthusiasm we received at the OLC. The BRUKS 805 equipment and the fuel chip harvesting concept we promoted was the hit of the show," says Blase Grady, VP of BRUKS. The 450 HP drum chipper was mounted on a Valmet 890.3 forwarder provided by Modern Machinery -- the BRUKS dealer for the Pacific Northwest. Modern has begun marketing the chipper in Ore., Wash., Idaho, Mont., and Northern Calif.

The OLC was the first time many had seen the equipment combo, which is already popular in Europe. The chipper, with its own bin mounted on a forwarder, can travel off road to many spots that traditional equipment can't go. After chipping slash or logs up to 20" diameter, the unit can bring the chips back to the roadside and dump them into a chip trailer or container. "It is much more efficient to transport chips out verses loose slash, and this method keeps much of the contaminants such as rocks and dirt out of the chips," says Grady.

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