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Association News

OLC Announces New Officers

The Oregon Logging Conference announced new officers for 2010-2011. The following board officers and staff will serve the OLC for 2010-2011:

  • Eric Thompson, Thompson Tree Farms, Corvallis, Ore., President
  • Ken Wienke, Boise Building Solutions, Medford, Ore., First Vice President
  • Don Hardwick, Swanson Group Inc., Glendale, Ore., Second Vice President
  • Mike Randall, Swanson Bros Lumber Co., Noti, Ore., Treasurer
  • Rikki Wellman, Oregon Logging Conference, Eugene, Ore., Conference Manager
  • Kelly Harpole, Oregon Logging Conference, Eugene, Ore., Conference Assistant

Stewart Receives FRA Staff Award

Forest2Market's President and CEO, Pete Stewart, received the Staff Award at the Forest Resources Association's 2010 Annual Meeting for his support of the organization and its goals.

According to FRA President Richard Lewis, the Staff Award recognizes a member who has stepped in beyond the call of duty to make the FRA a more effective organization. "Associations like ours have limited staffs and resources. As a result, we rely on our members to assist us. Stewart did this over and over again in the last year."

Among the services Stewart was recognized for were his continual offers to put Forest2Market's capabilities behind the FRA, including an offer to keep the Western statistics program running during a staff transition. In addition, Stewart was involved in discussions about the emerging biomass issue.

ATFS 2010 Regional Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year

Partners Jim Cota, and Robbie and Scott Melcher of Sweet Home, Ore., were one of four regional winners to receive the American Tree Farm System® (ATFS) 2010 Regional Tree Farmers of the Year award.

This annual award recognizes outstanding sustainable forest management on family-owned woodlands. Every year, the four regional winners are in contention to win the National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Award, which is given at the National Tree Farmer Convention. The National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the year will be announced at the 2010 convention on July 15, 2010 in Burlington, Vermont.

FunForest, the Western region winner, is jointly owned by Jim Cota and Robbie and Scott Melcher. The three came together when Jim Cota went to work for Mike Melcher, who owned Melcher logging in 1980. Through his good work ethic, Cota earned respect as one of the best top hillside cable loggers in the industry. Cota thus became a very important part of Melcher's company. It was during this time that Melcher's sons, Scott and Robbie, graduated college and began their careers in contract logging. In the early 1990s, Melcher and Cota partnered to form Timber Harvesting Inc. (THI) and, with Scott and Robbie, they formed Four M Fiber.

The award is especially poignant this year, as the Melcher family recently lost Robbie.

SFLO and Stewardship Program Updates

Washington's Small Forest Land-owner Office (SFLO) is providing more services as a result of an online survey that indicated a need for technical resources. In response, the SFLO built a resource page where landowners can find technical papers, log price information, links, and a calendar of events for the upcoming month. It is SFLO's goal that the page will be a revolving file cabinet of information, which will be updated as new information becomes available. Check out the new page at

Fire Danger Rating Increases in Northeastern Washington

Per the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), fire danger ratings increased from 'low' to 'moderate' in Lincoln County, Spokane County, and Fire Districts 1 and 2 in Stevens County, effective May 18.

The leading causes of debris fires becoming wildfires are failure to construct a fire break and failure to completely extinguish a burn pile. The public is reminded to please be sure they have a fire break around all debris piles they are burning and be sure they extinguish their debris fire with water and a shovel. Daily updates on burn restrictions are available at 1-800-323-BURN or on DNR's website at, then click on 'fire information and prevention' and go to 'wildfire related maps.' The 'burn risk map' link is in the bottom right-hand corner.

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