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New Products

Volvo to equip general purpose machines with CareTrack

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced it will fit, as standard, its remote monitoring (telematics) system on all larger machines – along with a no charge 36-month CareTrack service subscription.

Under the plan, all newly produced larger machines (wheel loaders over 10 metric tons, articulated haulers, excavators over 12 metric tons, motor graders) ordered for markets with CareTrack availability, will be standard equipped with telematics and will be delivered with a no charge, 3-year CareTrack customer subscription that enables owners to enlist the full range of benefits available with remote monitoring.

CareTrack is used to manage a machine's productivity and maximize its availability for work. Using GPRS (mobile network) or satellite technology to send information, data is available securely and instantaneously to any remote online connection. The goal is that machine problems will be identified sooner and resolved faster.

Producing sawdust – without the saw

Bandit Industries, Inc. has developed new technology that allows a 1/4"-minus sawdust-type material (bio-sawdust), to be produced from debarked round wood in a single pass. Benefits of this new system include greater fuel efficiency, higher production levels in pellet mills, and the potential for expansion into biofuel and bioelectricity production.

Because the process used to produce bio-sawdust is a cutting action, far less energy is consumed. When using a diesel-powered Beast, up to three tons of material can be produced per gallon of diesel fuel consumed.

Additionally, the wood fibers are cut, not fractured. Pellet operations report that this type of material packs much more efficiently into the pellet dies, yielding greater production.

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Cat upgrades Prentice SH-50 bunching saw

Cat Forest Products has made enhancements to the Prentice SH-50 bunching saw to increase performance, durability, and reliability.

Introduced two years ago, the saw features the innovative Strait Grip bunching finger (patent pending) that tucks trees into the accumulating pocket, keeping the tops together and creating tight bunches.

Recent enhancements improve performance and lower operating costs. The discharge chute has been enlarged 130% to quickly exhaust chips and debris from the saw housing. Also, debris is shed from the top of the disc and safely directed toward the ground.

Hydraulic hoses have been upsized and rerouted to improve reliability. A new bulkhead holds the bunching finger hoses neatly in place and reduces wear.

Timberline® Tree Shear

There's a new way to cut and trim trees -- the hydraulically rotating Timberline® Tree Shear for your excavator. This revolutionary tool from Sidney Manufacturing allows you to reach in and cut up to a 14" diameter live hardwood tree in one cut. Utilizing over 70,000 lbs. of force, a T 1 steel blade provides a clean cut both safely and efficiently.

The ability to rotate after the cut allows the Timberline® Tree Shear to also serve as a grapple to lift, wrangle, and carry the fallen tree. Clearing land or selectively removing trees for land owners, municipalities, railroads, and others for over 20 years -- this special tool adds great versatility to any excavator, at a great price.

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