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Diamond MowersDiamond Mowers Offers New Pro X Disc Mulcher

Diamond Mowers has introduced the new Disc Mulcher Belt Drive Pro X, which can go from 0 to 1,000 rpm in a matter of seconds. Engineered for high-volume use and maximum productivity, this powerful attachment features increased torque to mulch virtually anything in its path without slowing down.

The new Disc Mulcher BD Pro X couples a belt drive with a two-speed hydraulic motor to increase torque and disc speed. The disc speeds up during re-processing and back-dragging, so operators can finish a job faster. The belt drive system acts as a torque multiplier that prevents the machine from slowing down when slicing through large material and enables it to recover quickly. In addition, an AR 400 bolt-on replaceable liner helps to reduce abrasion on the shell from thrown materials.

The Disc Mulcher BD Pro X is available in a 60-inch. It can material up to 14 inches in diameter and mulch material up to 6 inches. It attaches to large frame skid-steers and compact track loaders and is paired with a 107cc variable displacement bent axis piston motor to match its hydraulic flow of 32-50 GPM.

“This game-changing attachment outpaces, outpowers, and outclasses anything else on the market,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “Because we know time is money and productivity drives profitability, we designed this machine to work as hard as the people who use it.”

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DevelonDEVELON Introduces DD130 Dozer

DEVELON has introduced the DD130, the newest addition to its dozer lineup. It delivers best-in-class horsepower, plus more pushing power, superior traction, leading visibility, and advanced technologies for more productivity.

The new mid-size 145.8 hp DD130 dozer is ideal for construction, road construction, mining and forestry industries to do grading, leveling, site preparation and land clearing.

DEVELON entered the North American dozer market in 2022 with a small-size machine, the DD100; it competes in the 140-hp and under category. The DD130 is the next step up from the DD100; it has many of the same popular features but in the 140-hp and over category.

“Our dozers offer a higher horsepower than other comparable brands,” said Jacob Sherman, product and dealer marketing manager at DEVELON, and are designed with a heavy frame. “This results in more power to the ground and superior tractive effort, allowing our machines to push more material and be more productive on the job site, which helps our customers.”

The DEVELON DD130 features a 6-way power-tilt angle blade to work more efficiently and reduce the number of passes by lifting, tilting and angling the blade to move dirt or other materials precisely. Blade pitch can be adjusted from 52 to 58 degrees to control how steeply it bites into the ground.

The dozer comes standard with the oscillating serrated track system, which ensures consistent, stable ground contact for optimal grading performance and operator comfort, and a reduced-wear undercarriage link design.

A 2D grading system option is available to make precision grading easier, even for novice operators. The operator programs the needed inputs, and the machine controls blade functions — finishing the job faster and with better accuracy.

deniosDENIOS Battery Stations Provide Safe Storage

Lithium-ion batteries require special handling and care. DENIOS, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of storage containers for hazardous materials, has introduced Lithium-Ion Stations.

Designed specifically for storing lithium-ion batteries, they are ideal for storing new, questionable, damaged, defective, or end-of-life lithium-ion batteries typically found in small handheld devices. Available in two standard sizes, they allow the storage and transportation of batteries from 1 KG to 10KG up to 100W. Batteries in that range typically are used in power tools, e-bikes, medical devices, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, forklifts, cars, and more.

With two hours of fire resistance and integrated forklift pockets for easy relocation, these purpose-built containers protect against fire hazards due to thermal runaway, deep discharge, mechanical deformation, or chemical reaction. Each unit includes media and visual identification on all sides to alert emergency personnel of contents and hazards.

The stations protect employees, facilities, and the environment. They follow applicable and EPA regulations.

DENIOS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for occupational environmental protection and workplace safety. For more information visit

mecalacMecalac Offers Compact Wheeled Excavators

Mecalac, a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment for urban environments, offers its award-winning MWR series of wheeled excavators to the North American market.

Consisting of three models — 7MWR, 9MWR and 11MWR — the series features a range of benefits to help meet the needs of operations in the construction, landscaping and forestry industries, as well as municipalities and utility construction.

The MWR Series of wheeled excavators are purpose-built to allow for maximum maneuverability in tight working areas, offering the flexibility and versatility of a skid steer or compact track loader in one machine and delivering higher speed and mobility than tracked excavators.

Peter Bigwood, general manager of Mecalac North America, changing trends “make it easy to recognize that the North American market needs compact equipment and the specific advantages that the wheeled excavator offers.”

“Mecalac has more than 40 years of experience building and fine tuning our wheeled excavators, and we believe the North American market is ready for this new approach to work,” he added.

Each model in the MWR series offers speed in a compact footprint. The speed in combination with versatility provides operations with substantial benefits in productivity and efficiency by significantly reducing travel time on the jobsite and between jobs. A 75-horsepower engine is standard on each model, and lifting capacity ratio is best in class.

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georgia bootGeorgia Boot Adds The LTX Logger

Georgia Boot has expanded its line of Logger boots with the LTX Logger, a waterproof, full-grain leather boot with an AMP LT insole for additional comfort.

Two of the styles feature Ergo-Fit technology, which is designed to match the contours of the foot, providing superior comfort and flexibility while maintaining the protective composite safety toe design.

The Carbo-Tec rubber outsole is heat, chemical, abrasion, and slip-resistant.

Additionally, the LTX Logger meets classifications including: ASTM F2892 Electrical Hazard; ASTM F2413 Protective Toe; and ASTM F2413 Electrical Hazard.

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LoftnessLoftness Unveils Battle Ax Mulching Attachment

Loftness has introduced the Battle Ax Extreme horizontal drum mulcher designed for prime movers up to 375 hp.

The Battle Ax Extreme has a unique rotor that features built-in depth gauges. They function similarly to raker teeth on chainsaws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. The drum mulcher also features the Loftness exclusive two-stage cutting chamber, which is capable of processing material more thoroughly than competitive units by cutting material twice.

The Battle Ax Extreme is equipped with twin hydraulic motors. The variable-displacement piston motors automatically shift the rotor RPM from the highest speed to a lower range for increased torque as needed. The result is less stalling and shorter recovery time, helping operators to concentrate on the job instead of power settings and continuous head repositioning. Power is transferred to the rotor via dual belt drive.

The unit comes with triple carbide teeth, engineered for the most powerful prime movers. They feature an overlapping cap design that helps prevent the tooth mounts from damage if the rotor is driven into rocks. The teeth are mounted with a single bolt for easy replacement.

The Battle Ax Extreme is equipped with a hydraulically actuated door that can trap material in the cutting chamber for further processing or open up for felling trees. The hydraulic cylinder that actuates the door is shielded within the belt cover to help protect it from damage.

Other standard features include machined anti-wrap bearing protection, a tree pusher bar, premium strength steel housing, and steel deflector chains.

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YanmarYanmar Develops New Mini Excavator Models

Yanmar Compact Equipment has developed new generation ViO80 and SV100 mini excavators. The ViO80-7 and SV100-7 feature significant improvements to hydraulic efficiency, cab comfort, and ease of maintenance. The models are the largest in Yanmar’s mini excavator line and ideal for fleets and work in utility, construction, demolition and landscaping applications, to name a few.

“These machines are entirely redesigned with the operator and service departments in mind,” said Buck Storlie, product manager for Yanmar Compact Equipment North America.

One of the biggest differences from previous models are the newly designed cabins. Each is built for comfort and operator experience. The upgraded space includes a new suspension seat, more foot space, ergonomic foot pedals, and a wider cabin for easier entry and exit. Operators can survey the worksite more easily with increased cab glass area. The quieter cab also features automatic air-conditioning and has USB ports for phone charging.

The ViO80-7 features 18 percent more power over its predecessor with its new 67 hp Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The SV100-7 has a 72 hp Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. Both machines provide operators with increased attachment performance with 20 percent more PTO flow rate. Both machines can dig more than 14 feet.

The ViO80-7 features Yanmar’s signature zero tail-swing, and the SV100-7 includes an ultra-tight tail-swing. Both allow efficient work in tight job sites.

Improved engine output and hydraulics allow for more productivity and greater attachment performance yet better fuel economy: 15 percent faster work speed, 25 percent faster travel speed, yet 13 percent less fuel consumption.

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RotochopperRotochopper Holds Demo Day Event

Rotochopper hosted 120 customers and prospects from across North America for its 10th Demo Day event.

The event began with a visit to Rotochopper’s headquarters in St. Martin, Minnesota, that included a facility tour, a presentation on the RotoLink® remote monitoring system and preventative maintenance program. Rotochopper demonstrated the MT 237 trommel screen and its newest machine, the Sarlac Pinch Point Shredder.

The next day began with remarks from Rotochopper CEO Tosh Brinkerhoff. Great Lakes West sales manager Lars Bergan gave attendees information on each machine that was demonstrated. Rotochopper demonstrated the 480R tracked radial conveyor working with the B-66L horizontal grinder, 365 conveyor and FP-66 horizontal grinder grinding and coloring mulch, and MT 175 trommel screen screening topsoil during the first round of demos.

The MC-266 horizontal grinder and B-66 E electric horizontal grinder both ground whole pallets and pallet scraps. Rotochopper also demonstrated the Go-Bagger 250 to bag colored mulch. Other equipment demonstrations included the 95 DK shredder, TS 165 deck screener, Screener Conveyor, and new B-66 LII 1,200 hp horizontal grinder.

Attendees had the opportunity to see Rotochopper’s newest equipment in action at Herman’s Landscape Supplies in Jordan, Minnesota.

“It was energizing to bring this group of industry leaders together from throughout North America as part of our Demo Day,” said Brinkerhoff. “There was great excitement around our new products.”

John DeereJohn Deere Adds Beaver Tooth Option

John Deere introduced the one-piece hardened Beaver saw tooth for John Deere wheel and tracked feller bunchers.

The new Beaver saw tooth design boasts a beveled feature at each tooth tip, which helps improve tooth durability while striking materials other than wood. This feature extends the life of the tooth and also helps increase productivity in rocky conditions where a carbide tooth would not be advisable.

“Our saw teeth models have been rigorously tested on real logging job sites, helping us deliver ideal solutions made to tackle any forestry application head-on,” said William Borrenpohl, John Deere aftermarket product manager. “This remains the case for our new Beaver saw tooth option, which was strategically designed to offer increased durability in the woods.”

The Beaver saw tooth is one of four options available to customers and can be purchased in boxes of 18 or 20 teeth. Designed for maximum durability while lowering operating costs, the full line of John Deere saw teeth are made to help support daily logging operations and applications.

Customers can work with a local dealer, who can recommend the right saw teeth for their logging operation. For more information, visit

Wood-Mizer Launches Battery-Powered Mill

Wood-Mizer has introduced the industry’s first battery-powered portable sawmill. The lithium-ion battery-powered sawmill provides an alternative power choice that is environmentally friendly and delivers consistent, reliable, and high-quality sawing performance.

The battery power option is now available on the popular Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE portable sawmill. The LT15WIDE sawmill currently offers a wide range of gas, diesel and electric power options with battery-power being the latest addition.

All of the sawmill’s functions can be powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are the leading-edge technology in the automotive and outdoor power equipment industries. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, lithium-ion batteries are convenient, lightweight, easy to store, safe, and rechargeable.

Rigorous field testing in locations throughout the world has proven the LT15WIDE battery-powered portable sawmill can saw constantly and consistently for up to eight hours on six batteries depending on wood species, sawing conditions, and amount of time spent in the cut. As the State of Charge (SoC) of the batteries reduced, sawyers reported the sawmill continued to perform at peak levels throughout the eight hours without losing power or performance.

In addition, the patent-pending ‘Smart Feed’ technology ensures the sawmill automatically adjusts to wood species, log size, and blade conditions to provide optimal sawing feed rates and overall performance. The mill also comes with additional technological enhancements.

The base model LT15WIDE battery-powered portable sawmill comes standard with four rechargeable lithium-ion batteries but can run on up to five or six batteries. Each battery weighs about 20 pounds, includes a 1.4 kWh capacity, and is covered by a 5-year warranty. The included six-battery charging base allows sawyers to charge all four batteries in under four hours, five batteries in under five hours, six batteries in under six hours, and it is compatible with a standard single-phase (15 amp) 110 AC wall outlet connection.

The LT15WIDE battery-powered portable sawmill frees sawyers from relying on fluctuating fuel prices, reduces costs and time associated with fuel engine maintenance, and provides a more comfortable operation with reduced noise and odor. For more information visit


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