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Oregon Logging Conference Set Feb. 22-24 in Eugene

Faith, Family, and Forest Management is the theme of the 86th Annual Oregon Logging Conference, scheduled for February 22-24, in Eugene, Oreon.

The OLC’s board of directors approved the theme – proposed by president Steve henson – earlier this year

Henson explained why he suggested the theme. “Faith, as we live in a broken world and need the grace of God. Family, as it is important to the success of any home, business, or association. And Forest Management, as I believe we are all tired of seeing small towns destroyed, lives destroyed, and our very livelihood threatened by destructive past non-management, hands-off approaches that have created the fuel conditions we have now.”

For more information about next year’s conference or updates, visit the OLC website at

Idaho Logging Association Launches Insurance Plan

Associated Logging Contractors, the trade organization of loggers in Idaho, has launched a medical insurance plan for members.

“At a time when costs seem to be going up in every area, the new ALC Health Plan may decrease costs for many in the logging community,” said Shawn Keogh, executive director of the association.

Many members have not been able to offer health insurance benefits in the past, noted Keogh, and the lack of benefits can pose a challenge to recruiting employees. Offering health insurance may help contractors attract and retain quality workers.

The ALC hopes to enroll 500 people in the first year of the plan.

The ALC also will hold its fifth annual safety conference Nov. 11 at the Moscow Best Western University Inn.

Montana Meeting Set

The Montana Logging Association will hold its winter meeting at Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish Dec. 1-2. Members are eligible for an MLA group rate and can book a reservation by calling (406) 892-2525.

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YouTube Videos Connect with Youths
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Oregon Man Demonstrates Forest Management
Chuck Vance is demonstrating how to manage a family forest and the benefits they accrue.

Pacific Logging Congress Live In-Woods Show
Over 5,500 people, many of them students, attended the Pacific Logging Congress ninth Live In-Woods Show hosted by Weyerhaeuser, and there was plenty to see.

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Guest Column: Factors to Explore When Considering a Grapple Carriage

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U.S. Forest Service wildfire policy merits examination and clarification to meet government’s responsibilities to taxpayers.


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